Early 90′s Achika

I’m a huge fan of Late 80′s early 90′s anime and animation. I”m a child of that time and I like to think that some of that stays with my work, even now.

So I did a b&w version of my little mascot character in a sort of 90′s anime style. Big eyes, painted facial marks, steam punk-ish plate metal armor, torn clothing, runes, elemental weapons, and dirty capes - that’s what I remember from the 90′s LOL

Thanks for viewing *_*




To the anon that asked for pictures of the handcuffs that I wear, here are a few pictures.
And for the record, in case more people ask; No, I do not wear them to intimidate, look cool or for the purpose of possibly arresting someone while at work. I wear them because… You never know when you’ll get the chance to have some fun later in the evening, and it’s just convenient to have them on me in those situations.