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98 - calum 🤔

‘Read my fucking lips’ w Calum

This was fun to write! I got two 98’s, one requested with Ashton and one with Calum and I decided to do Calum because nearly all the prompts in my inbox are Ashton rn. Thanks for the request!!

It wasn’t meant to go this far.

Yet here you sit, face to face with your LEAST favorite (understatement) one of your cousin Ashton’s friends in situation that overall would be comical if it wasn’t happening to YOU.

The events leading up to this disastrous date are hazy now but you vaguely remember a bet and a couple ‘I triple dog dare you’s’ from Michael that at the time seemed like such a challenge you couldn’t bare to resist.

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The Senate passed a bill recently strengthening sanctions against Russia. It passed with a vote of 98-2. That’s extraordinary. 

Clearly, It’s a thing that should happen. Getting 98 Senators in a line is no mean feat. It’s a good bill, it’s got bipartisan support, and was chiefly crafted by Bob Corker, a Republican from Tennessee.

So what is the House, under Paul Ryan, doing? 

Stalling it, citing a procedural issue. That sounds reasonable. 


The White House wants to ask for a different, softer bill, that allows POTUS greater latitude in dealing with Russia as he sees fit. (X)

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What's wrong with porn?

Nothing lol. I just see all these cute gifs of gay couples and it triggers the hopeless romantic in me but then I realize there’s a 98% the gifs are from porn and my hopes and dreams are crushed cause they’re getting paid to kiss and do shit and it’s not like the gifs are of actual gay couples. 


Quirks: The idiosyncrasies of DBK : 
The Chemical Brother’s T-shirts

“Dig Your Own Hole” t-shirt

This is a promotional tee for The Chemical Brother’s album titled by the same name and released 1997.

Dylan can be seen wearing this shirt:

• At Devon’s 16th birthday party

• Dylan’s ‘98 Junior class photo

• Filming the Pulp Fiction” video shoot w/ Dustin Gorton

• Sitting behind Blackjack’s talking

• Walking down steps on building unknown

It is presumed that this shirt was sold at TCB’s Dig Your Own Hole Tour ‘97 (and that Dylan attended - probably with his best friend, Zack, and purchased both the ‘Dig Your Own Hole’ and “Setting Sun” prom t-shirts at the April 29 1997 concert held at the Ogden Theatre in Denver, CO.) 

On 7 April 1997 The Chemical Brothers released their second album,
‘Dig Your Own Hole’ which is classified as genre style: Big beat,  electronica and psychedelia

Listen to the Full Album on youtube:

Index of ALL of Dylan’s (publicly known)  t-shirts

It’s June 10th 2017

Here’s a good Dan song to listen to today: Minecraft Is For Everyone by Starbomb

Here’s a good Grumps episode to watch today:
Bloodborne The Old Hunters: Top Notch Teamwork - Part 98

Here’s a cool Dan fact for you today:
Here are Danny’s opinions on M. Night Shyamalan’s movies in order: The Sixth Sense and Unbreakable- so good, Signs- okayish, The Village- garbage, Lady in the Water- “That’s where we really started to go off the deep end”, The Last Airbender- “I’d pretty much rather-” Arin interrupts him and they never get back but I think it’s safe to say that wasn’t going to be a very nice thing he was going to end that with.

Here’s a good picture of Dan to look at today:

I hate distinctions between “amateur” and “professional” media because they so often rely on the question of whether or how much someone is getting paid or if the creative work is your job, vs a hobby or a side gig. These are stupid ways to think about being an artist. As far as I’m concerned, if you’re putting in hours on a major creative work—a run of a webcomic, a standup act, a podcast—you are goddamn professional. So this comparison is a little weird and sort of beside the point, but hell if the Bright Sessions finale and the Wolf 359 premiere weren’t both better than 98% of what’s currently on television backed by fancy studios and bajillions of dollars. 

#SaveHannibal Countdown: Mizumono

We’re 98 days from Bryan’s two years ultimatum now, counting down for S4 news!

Today is S02 E13 Mizumono three years anniversary!

To celebrate, reblog this and add your favorite Mizumono scene pic, meme, quote, gif etc. - or your own fanwork.

My favorite moment (well, it’s not that short, but…) my favorite moment (among others) is whole this “We couldn’t leave without you“ thing.

Hannibal truly opened to Will, he allowed him to get closer than anyone else has ever got… He even offered Will a redemption without killing anyone when he realized that Freddie is still alive! But Will couldn’t leave his old life for the new one, yet.

And so his betrayal felt even worse… Just look at Hannibal’s face. In the end, he cried - and there was no one for who he should pretending; this time his tears were genuine.

Did you, Will? You should’ve known earlier…

So, because Will hurt him emotionally in a way no other person in the world could, Hannibal decided to hurt Will physically and make him feel his own pain.

Then, poor Abbie… Hannibal liked her, for sure! But he saved her mainly for Will. Without Will she would have died in the kitchen in Minessota, under her father’s knife. But Hannibal saved her for Will back then and he did it again when everyone thought she had been killed. She was a gift to Will, something what he could have if he would decide to go with Hannibal. But he didn’t want it, so Abigail died in the kitchen, under her father’s knife…

And right here, the dream about murder family was washed away with rain and tears…

It’s never easy to choose a scene, Hannibal is simply full of perfection! So I hope you will point out some other scenes here with me ;-)

Also, see you next week - we’ll countdown with S3 episodes!

#SaveHannibal Countdown: Kaiseki - Sakizuki - Hassun - Takiawase - Mukozuke - Futamono - Yakimono - Su-zakana - Shiizakana - Naka-Choko - Ko No Mono -Tome-wan - Mizumono - SEASON 3 - 2 years anniversaries

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Im constantly suffering thinking of the years spock lived without jim because he outlived him old married spirk becomes sad so quickly when i think about spock alone without his th'y'la for 50 years

not even 50. it’s 98 or 99 years. i calculated that for myself just yesterday using Memory Alpha’s dates and i literally almost cried because they honestly mean so much to me, as a gay person, as a science-fiction lover, and as a fanfic writer too, and i wanted them to have a happy ending.

But, also yesterday, I thought up what might happen when they finally do reunite in whatever the Star Trek universe’s afterlife is.

Jim gives Spock the best hug he’s ever gotten, and they’re roughly the same age as they were on the Enterprise and they’re wearing their horrible uniforms again and Spock’s a science officer and Jim is an ordinary captain and they just. hold each other. for the longest time.

Jim says, “I love you.” And then he says, with that smile we all love, “You took your time, didn’t you? I’ve been waiting here since 2293.” And Spock starts crying, they both start crying, and then they spend the rest of their afterlives stalking their AOS counterparts invisibly and yelling at them to just kiss already

i’ve seen maybe five posts lately along the lines of “dear asexuals: you can’t just expect people to stay in a sexless relationship!!!! some people NEED sex and if you can’t give it to them then they have every right to leave you”, as well as one particularly poisonous one which stated that pressuring people to be in sexless relationships was “abusive” 

i’m sorry, but…why are you saying this as though it’s news? as though it’s not something that ace people struggle with every day of our lives? as though we’re not consumed by anxiety every time we enter into a relationship because there’s a 98% chance that the other person will just ditch us as soon as they figure out sex isn’t on the cards? when you make posts like this, all you’re really doing is rubbing salt in the wound. scrolling down the ace tag only to be slapped in the face by a post telling me - in the most harsh and aggressive way possible - that my potential partners have every right to abandon me just for being myself is a horrible experience, and really rubs in the self-blame i experience after every failed relationship, every person that refuses to have anything to do with me after i explain that i can’t give them what they want. 

it’s true: no one has an obligation to stay in a relationship that doesn’t satisfy them. but why bother making a post abut it and then sticking it in the “asexual” tag - which, by the way, is meant to be a safe space - for a bunch of vulnerable people to see and be hurt by? what are you trying to achieve? 

Hello my lovelies! I currently hit 500 followers and I’m so shook. I never thought that I would even reach such a large number. I figured since I hit 500 followers, I should do my first official Follow Forever!(♥→o←♥)

I can’t believe i even hit such a large number. I remember getting 20 followers and cried because that was so much for me?? And now with 500 of you lovelies, I’m just so happy. I made this blog back on the 15th of March, 2015 with my shit posts and gifs. My first ever reblog was a VIXX meme (I’m saying this bc I’m literally staring at my archives). Words can’t explain how happy I am to hit 500+ followers! ʕ*ノᴥノʔ

I’m just going to be tagging the blogs I follow, my mutuals, and my fav blogs overall in this post (in alphabetical order of course~) under the “keep reading” because I don’t want to make this post as long as it is already, but like I said, I’m thankful for all of my followers, and it makes me so happy knowing I have your support! I’m sorry for those of you who I don’t follow back, but I still see you in my notifications and you guys make my heart so happy!

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2nd Image Uncovered:

“After receiving the first image from the organization known as “The Spirit of 1029”, strange things have been happening here at Oddworld Inhabitants. We’ve had our first glimpse of the threat to the Mudokons, and it doesn’t appear that things are any better for them now. Last week, The Spirit of 1029 reached out to us again with another message. It simply said, “Our agent has delivered another transmission. We will verify its origins and pass it on.” They sent us the first image we’d already cleaned up, but this time there were strange scribbles, arrows and codes all over the photograph, along with the Spirit of 1029 logo. 

 The clues eventually led to a website with a grid containing a scrambled image of the 1029 logo. The grid was never solved, but some strange, garbled and disturbing messages were hidden in the source code. Eventually the Spirit of 1029 tweeted us another clue in the form of a cipher – then the community got to work and very quickly found a second website. This second website contained fragments of images and the community began trying to collect all the fragments to make the full picture when something strange happened: the website apparently went dark, and shortly afterwards began to show strange, cryptic messages, which included “Asset 98: Terminated” and “See ya around, 1029!” At the same time, Ed sent a terrified, desperate message for help, and we assumed the worst. Meanwhile, The Spirit of 1029 made contact again. “We can’t reach Asset 98 but we do still have his clear transmissions. Prove you’re worthy. Show us that you’re able. Send us the grid. You found the grid, the letters and the numbers. Tell us how they fit together. Prove you’re no longer slaves to the machines.” Thankfully the next day Ed let us know he was still alive, but his friend, Asset 98, wasn’t so lucky. 

 “…he never came back. I could hear him screaming all night… helpless. they took him… he was my friend. how did they know?” The community are still working together to solve the grid, but they pieced together the image fragments to make a full photo, which we proceeded to clean up. With the loss of Asset 98 and what we found when we cleaned up the image we can no longer ignore the plight of the Mudokons. Something terrible is going on. We know they are dying – we watched as Asset 98 lost his life. We won’t sit and wait anymore. We will find the truth and be their voice. We will not let Asset 98’s death be for nothing.”