98 steps

more vaguely strifehart @liverpepper doodles! I had feels for cloud and his geostigma and his state of semi-permanent exhaustion…

  1. babby cloud? by accident! probably suffering a particularly bad bout, poor kid.

  2. more of cloud being tired because I managed to de-age him magnificently in (1) and that was not my intent :’D

  3. chocobo hair strong! but honestly I just noticed how flow-y this outfit is so I wanted to draw it and then Leon got cuddly or something idek they’re cute

Gabriel Reyes and the Deathly Blossoms

Hi my name is Gabriel Reaper Reyes and I have a long ebony black cloak with a skull-mask (that’s how I got my name) with red accents and …

  1. Style is everything when you play Reaper. So the first step is shutting your PC or console off and going to your next hot topic. Buy so many black shirts, accessories, and  black leather belts that you can be mistaken for a Final Fantasy character. Listen, you only wear black and sometimes very dark grey.
  2. Now you gotta get into the right spirit. Read ‘My Immortal’ before every match and send a prayer to your one and only goddess and savior Ebony Dark’ness Dementia Raven Way and hope for her guidance.
  3. Now that you got the style and the spirit down we come to the actual gameplay. As Reaper you are  tankbuster, which means if there is a tank on the enemy team you are going to get them…Or you could chase that full hp Tracer around that you can barely hit. That works as well. Lucio can deal with the Roadhog.
  4. You are a hitscan so you have to deal with the Pharah, no excuses. Look straight up in the air and aim at her when she’s flying  at max height. She will lose around 3 hp after you reloaded 2 times. You’re going to get her eventually.
  5. Shadow Step allows you to reach almost every area! Just be careful that you don’t reapersition (ha) right into Widow’s Kiss
  6. Spam ‘Hello’ before the match starts until you get the creepy ‘Hi’
  7. To get the most out of your ult you should drop down from above.     Step 1:Teleport to an elevated area when your ult is around 97% and then jump down only to realize that once you’re in the middle of the enemy team, it’s at 98. Step 2: Die.
  8. Say ‘DEATH COMES’ or ‘DEATH WALKS AMONG YOU’ while imitating his voice. Do it for Ebony.
  9. Overestimated the lenght of Wraith-Form or underestimated its coldown? And you are in the middle of the enemy team and you don’t have ult ready? Say ‘Hi’, hope it’s the creepy one, and that they let you live. (Spoilers - they won’t)
  10. Everything gets better with DEATH METAL