9/27/16 4.12 miles
I could’ve done a boring plain 4 mile loop, but…
YTD: 970.60 miles
AVG: 3.5815/day
270 days in a row

I’ve got 6 on the schedule for tomorrow. Do I run the same old boring 6 mile route (that I recently re-discovered and have run a couple times in the last week or so), or do I do 3 loops of my Pokéroute? Decisions, decisions…

Today I caught a Squirtle, a Tauros, and some common ones. A Magicarp ran away. I gave up on a couple that would’ve made me miss a Pokéstop. I missed one at the southwest corner that might have been new to me; I didn’t get a good look because I was running at the time, but there were two there - I tried to click on the new one but got a Pidgey or something instead. My Growlithe found a few candies. (I collected enough candy for my Ponyta buddy and evolved it to a Rapidash yesterday, so switched my buddy to a Growlithe).

tapiriik.com has been having trouble syncing my data from Garmin Connect to my other accounts (Runkeeper, Smashrun, Strava, etc) lately. I’m sure it’s Garmin’s fault - they messed with their passwords/authentication a week or so ago.

Yesterday my daughter informed me that some classmate was pinching her butt in line for lunch. And one of the other parents emailed the class list asking if any other kids mentioned the teacher yelling at the kids (so bad the next door teacher had to come in and ask her to quiet down).

Hoo boy.

Kids aren’t always the most reliable source of information, so who knows how accurate the report is.