Before There Was You

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“When I used to look above,  

All I saw was the sky; 
and every song I would sing, 
I sung not knowing why
All I thought and all I felt,
was only just because
never was it ever you–
until it was all there was” 
- Lang Leav, Before There Was You 

It is early dawn when Sasuke is awoken from his sleep. The sky is still dark, the sun not yet ready to rise. Sasuke’s chest hurts and he feels as if he can’t breathe. He lurches upwards and a terrible cough wracks his entire body. His throat burns and he can taste a subtle hint of copper on his tongue. As the coughs subside, he glances down at his lap and is confused to find a handful of petals scattered on his sheets. 

The are a vivid, vibrant orange–a stark contrast to his clean, white sheets. Intrigued, he picks one up and blinks at the soft velvety feel of the petal. And then drops it as if it burns him. It’s real. 

It’s real. 

Petals scatter as another attack hits him and his body is subjected to a series of violent coughs. He feels as if something is lodged in his throat. The lump steadily rises until it comes out as a perfectly formed orange lily. The flower falls apart in the open palms of his hands. Sasuke stares at the petals in disblief. He’s heard of such a disease before. Itachi had mentioned it to him once.

Hanahaki, his brother had called it. A disease born from one-sided love that causes flowers to grow in the infected’s lungs. Yes, Sasuke understood that much. He just couldn’t understand why. It was impossible. Impossible because he’s sure there is no one to have such feelings for. Impossible because love has nothing to do with becoming a strong ninja like Itachi. Impossible because he would have never allowed himself to fall unknowingly. 

Sasuke decides to ignore it in hopes that, like a cold, it will go away in time. 

It happens again a few weeks later during a mission but this time Sasuke understands. He understands and it fucking terrifies him. 

The realization comes as he and Naruto are training. They’re climbing trees and taunting each other as normal. The taunting, the teasing, the arguing–Sasuke has become attuned to it all. It becomes a sense of familiarity that Sasuke indulges in. In the darkest and most secret parts of himself, Sasuke even admits to enjoying it. Not that he’d ever voice that aloud. 

They’re laying on the ground, panting, dirty, and sweaty. Sasuke’s never felt more content and comfortable. He should feel tired–and he does to some extent–but he’s also never felt more alive. He stares through the gaps of the trees and sees a night sky scattered with billions of shimmering stars and a crescent moon. A moment passes in silence before he decides to speak up, “You ready to head home?”


The enthusiastic reply makes Sasuke’s smile just a little bigger. It’s when Sasuke turns to look at Naruto that the revelation comes to him. It slams into him, punches him in the gut and nearly knocks the air out of his lungs. Naruto is before him, bathed in the silverly light of the moon. Beneath the moonlight, Naruto emanates a gentle glow but its the eyes that draw Sasuke. In the sun, Naruto’s eyes sparkle like the sea but here, now, under the blanket of of billions of stars, Sasuke thinks they reflect galaxies. 

The stars have never looked so beautiful. 

And Sasuke is completely and utterly terrified.

It is later in the night that Sasuke finds himself hunched over a small pond. Petals float upon the clear surface; blue ones to join the orange petals. Sasuke grimaces as he takes in the sight of his reflection in the water. He doesn’t recognize himself. His emotionless mask he spent fifteen years perfecting is long gone and in its place he sees only fear, frustration, and confusion. His body feels heavy suddenly and he wants to tell himself that it’s because of the training session earlier but he knows that isn’t the case.

For the rest of the mission, Sasuke is forced to excuse himself periodically. No one knows what’s causing him to act so strangely and Naruto is even more perplexed as he stares at the trail of orange and blue flowers that seems to follow Sasuke. 

The attacks come regularly now and Sasuke can do nothing but hide and he hates himself for it. He has never been one to be cowardly but he also can’t bring himself to face Naruto. 

Sasuke wasn’t good at dealing with emotions. Never has been. As an Uchiha, he was warned that emotions could be deadly, dangerous, and destructive. And oh, how right those teachings were. He just wished he had been a little more prepared to deal with them. He felt like he was dying, the disease eating him from the inside out. He finds himself frequently coughing up fully formed flowers these days and Sasuke feels like he suffocating. 


Sasuke asks himself this question daily. Why did it have to be Naruto of all people? Why did it have to be anyone at all? He had been so careful, so guarded at all times so as not to fall victim to such frivolous, distracting emotions. He doesn’t understand. Naruto is his opposite. His is loud, brash, bright, and warm. He saw the good in everyone, even ones that hurt him. Sasuke is cold, quiet, and cynical. He isn’t social and he is hardly the friendliest person. 

Sure, that seemed to attract the fangirls that envisioned him as some ‘mysterious emo bad boy’ but Sasuke knew he wasn’t anything like that. He was just…really awkward with talking to people. He didn’t get along with most people and really did not give a shit about most things. But the fangirls had already so long ago constructed an image of him that he couldn’t quite break away from. They believe in what they think he is rather that who he is. But he’s certain that if they got close enough to see who he is at the core, they would no longer be so disillusioned. 

Sakura finds him the next time he has an attack. She finds Sasuke hunched over a trashcan having a coughing fit. She places a careful hand on his shoulder and Sasuke flinches. He’s ready to snap at her but he sees a flicker of understanding in her eyes and reluctantly allows her to lead him to the park. They sit on the bench for a long while in awkward silence, or at least it’s awkward for Sasuke. Sakura seems relaxed though. 

They weren’t particularly close despite being on the same team but Sasuke can at least consider Sakura one of the few people he can tolerate to be around now that she’s grown out of her ‘sappy crush’ phase on him. 

“You should tell him.”

The statement catches Sasuke off guard. His eyes widen for a fraction of a second before he forces himself to keep his expression neutral. He turns to tell her to butt out, that she doesn’t understand, but he sees in her eyes that she does and he presses his lips shut. Sakura sighs and brushes a strand of pink hair behind her ear, “It isn’t good to keep it bottled up. It gets worse that way.”

Ah, Sasuke understands now. He realizes Sakura understands him in this one aspect because she has suffered the same, “What color were your flowers?” He asks quietly. 

Sakura smiles and she gets this far away look in her eyes and Sasuke wonders what she’s thinking about, “They were yellow cosmos.”

Sasuke frowns. Well, that was unexpected. 

“I thought it was you at first but I realized cosmos don’t match you,” Sakura giggles suddenly, “I guess we both have our dumb blondes to deal with.”

Dumb blondes? Oh, Sasuke realizes who Sakura is referring to. He’s mildly surprised but he supposes it isn’t so farfetched. Love was unpredictable, after all. Sasuke leans back against the bench and looks up at the expansive blue sky and he suddenly feels like he can’t breathe again. He closes his eyes to shut out the blue and reminds himself to breathe, “Mine are orange lilies and blue hydrangeas.”

“I know,” Sakura says softly, “They’re beautiful, Sasuke.”

Yes, Sasuke agrees, they are

It was only a matter of time before that beauty killed him. 

Weeks later, Sasuke finds petals scattered along the sidewalk. They aren’t from himself, he knows that much. The petals are pure white and they carry a sweet but subtle scent. Curious, he decides to follow the trail that soon lead him to a familiar looking swing with an even more familiar looking boy sitting on it. 

The sound of retching reaches Sasuke’s ears and he freezes in his spot. He watches as Naruto’s body shakes and trembles, watches as white petals fall freely from his mouth, only to be carried away by the wind. The entire grassy area around the swing is covered in these delicate white petals, some fluttering and dancing around Naruto in the wind.

Sasuke feels a familiar ache in his chest at the realization that Naruto has found someone to love. And it hurts, it hurts, it hurts. There’s a fluttering sensation within him that’s working its way up is throat and Sasuke makes to run away before he can expose himself. 

The lump, bigger than it usually is, forces its way up his throat and Sasuke can’t stop himself from gagging. His knees buckle as a handful blue petals fall from his mouth, mixing with the white. 


The sound of his name strikes him like lightning and Sasuke finds himself paralyzed. He had been avoiding Naruto for weeks due to his condition. He hadn’t heard Naruto sat his name, hadn’t seen Naruto in what feels like forever. He suddenly feels powerless and vulnerable before Naruto now. And Sasuke is not used to feeling like this.

Then again, he had never felt many things before Naruto. 

“You’ve been avoiding me.” It isn’t a question and Sasuke knows Naruto isn’t stupid despite how often he gets called that by teaching, peers, and Sasuke himself. Naruto is more perceptive of people than most and more intelligent than others think, more than how Naruto lets on.

“I’ve been busy,” Sasuke manages to say.


What? The spell seems to break and Sasuke stands and spin around to glare at Naruto only to back away when he realizes how close Naruto is to him. He stumbles backwards and clenches his hands into fists, his nails biting into his palms, “How would you know, dead last? You don’t know everything that goes on in my life.”

“Something happened,” Naruto says it like its fact, “I did something or fucked up somehow, right?”

“Don’t be stupid–”

“Don’t,” Naruto grits his teeth, “I-if I’ve done something, tell me. I can take you teasing me. I can take you being angry at me. Hell, I can take you hating me. But I can’t–please don’t pretend like I don’t exist.”


“You’re such a bastard, you know that?” Naruto kneels down to pick up a handful of petals, “This is all your fault.”

“What the hell are you–”

“You couldn’t just remain the frigid bastard with an icicle shoved up his ass. You actually had to turn out to be nice and fun and amazing! I mean, what the hell! I wasn’t supposed to like you. You were supposed to be nothing more than a stuck up princess and–”

Sasuke blinks. Only half listening to Naruto’s rant and half stuck on the ‘like you’ part of his speech. Sasuke finds his body moving on its own as he moves forward and kneels in front of Naruto. He takes Naruto’s hand, causing Naruto to drop the petals, “Wh-what are you–”

“What did you say?”

“Huh?” Naruto frowns, “You were supposed to be a stuck up princess–”

“No, before that.”

“What are you–oh,” Naruto blushes when he realizes what Sasuke meant and Sasuke’s heart starts to beat faster. Naruto bites his lip and looks everywhere except for Sasuke. He isn’t even able to make eye contact.

“Tell me,” Sasuke pleads gently, “please.”

Naruto sighs and locks eyes with Sasuke, a spark of determination in those turbulent blue eyes, “I-I like you. There! I said it! You better not make fun of me, bastard, I swear, I’ll kick your ass and—Oof!”

Naruto isn’t given a chance to finish his threat because he finds himself being pulled into Sasuke’s arms into what seems to be a hug. Only it’s kind of awkward, Naruto’s face is squished against Sasuke’s shoulder and his knees kind of hurt from being on the ground for so long. Sasuke doesn’t seem to mind the uncomfortable position, though. 

Surrounded by dozens of colorful petals, Sasuke feels complete and the lump in his throat goes away. He feels calmer than he did before now. Naruto clears his throat and pulls back slightly, “Um…Sasuke, does this mean you feel the same way?”

Sasuke chukles and simply presses his forehead against Naruto’s. It’s the most intimate Sasuke has ever allowed himself to be with a person but it feels right, “Hn, Usuratonkachi.”

“Wh-what! You jerk–”

“Yeah, I like you, too, idiot.”

Results of the Exo Bias Age Experiment

Sample Size: 970 points
Age range: 13-38

Data Point Distribution - Age Groups

  • 13-15:  62
  • 16:  81
  • 17:  119
  • 18:  135
  • 19:  133
  • 20:  114
  • 21:  95
  • 22:  83
  • 23:  41
  • 24:  39
  • 25:  25
  • 26-29:  41
  • 30+:  12

Data Point Distribution - Per Member

  • Baekhyun: 135
  • Chanyeol: 128
  • DO: 122
  • Kai: 114
  • Xiumin: 113
  • Sehun: 88
  • Chen: 80
  • Lay: 80
  • Suho: 53
  • Tao: 25
  • Luhan: 20
  • Kris: 12

Age Data per Age per Member:

The darker the red the more data was in that category

Individual Member Statistics (ot9)

*Due to very small numbers, Kris, Tao, and Luhan will get a separate evaluation at the end*

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‘A Dream Come True and a Career Curtailed:

The True-Life Fairy Tale of Adriana Caselotti, the Voice of Snow White’

by Brian Sibley, via Independent.co.uk

If the animated princess in the fairy tale represented a child-like innocence and naive goodness Adriana Caselotti - even well into her old age - still embodied those qualities. In our more cynical age, there were those who dismissed her as eccentric, or, worse, as plain batty. But she preserved and defended the image of the character she helped to create and took great joy in being loved for what was a unique contribution to cinema history.

She was 18 years old when Walt Disney embarked on a revolutionary project: the world’s first feature-length animated film, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Not only had no one attempted such a film, but no one knew whether audiences would sit through a 90-minute “cartoon”. However, Disney believed that as long as his artists could create characters with believable personalities, the film would succeed.

The search for someone to speak and sing for Snow White began in 1934 when Disney’s casting director, Roy Scott, sought the advice of Guido Caselotti, a Los Angeles singing teacher. His younger daughter, Adriana, picked up the telephone extension while they were speaking and heard Scott asking her father if he knew of a little girl who could speak as a child and yet could sing operatic-style songs.

The eavesdropper immediately interrupted the conversation with a request that she might try out for the part, followed by a demonstration of her best coloratura trills. She was the first person to be auditioned for the role.

Since the part was intended for a 14-year-old, Adriana Caselotti knocked two years off her age and told Disney’s musical director, Frank Churchill, that she was only 16. When she sight-read Churchill’s song Someday My Prince Will Come, Walt Disney (who was listening behind a screen, so as to concentrate on the voice without being distracted by the singer’s appearance) felt sure that he had found his Snow White. That said, no fewer than 148 other hopefuls were auditioned!

It was a remarkable vocal performance: her singing was exquisite and her rendition of the dialogue was full of naivete, gentleness and compassion. She was paid $20 a day for her work on Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, and her total earnings for the film were just $970, although the film went on to earn millions of dollars for Disney. It was only when, uninvited, she managed to sneak into the film’s rapturously-received premiere, in December 1937, that she realized she had taken part in something that was destined for enduring fame. However, none of the actors who spoke for the characters was credited on the film.

For Adriana Caselotti, being Snow White was a once-in-a-lifetime job; in different circumstances it might have brought her great stardom. Jack Benny wanted her as a guest star on his radio show, but Disney vetoed the appearance, writing, “I’m sorry, but that voice can’t be used anywhere. I don’t want to spoil the illusion of Snow White.” And, whilst Caselotti always hoped that Disney would find her another screen role, he wisely knew that the voice of Snow White was unique and should never be used again. Her only other cinematic contribution, for which she was paid $100, was to sing the falsetto line “Wherefore Art Thou, Romeo", in the Tin Man’s song in The Wizard of Oz.

Later, Disney sent her on film-promotion tours, dressed as Snow White and accompanied by Pinto Colvig, who spoke for the dwarfs Sleepy and Grumpy. Adriana Caselotti confided to me that on one tour she and Colvig had a fling - the idea of a romance between Snow White and Grumpy is certainly an intriguing one.

In 1938, Caselotti and the actor who voiced Prince Charming unsuccessfully sued Disney and RCA (for $200,000 and $100,000, respectively) for a share of soundtrack-record profits. After this episode, though, she appeared to have been fairly loyal to Disney for the rest of her life.

Gracious and generous-hearted, Caselotti lived out the role of Snow White for the rest of her life: singing Whistle While You Work to strangers in the street, allowing herself to be photographed in the famous costume and permitting the public cataloging of her marriages to four Prince Charmings.

But despite making only one movie, Adriana Caselotti nevertheless secured for herself a kind of immortality. The last time I left her, she remarked that Snow White would never die; then, with a laugh, she added: “And when I’m in that coffin, d'you know what you’ll hear? Someday My Prince Will Come, because you see my voice will live for ever.”

Adriana Caselotti, actress: born in Bridgeport, Connecticut on May 6, 1916; died in Los Angeles January 18, 1997. R.I.P. Adriana!

“Just how obscure is that job crystal in lore terms?”: a heirarchy

All of the soul crystals still require from the user hard work, and experience in the discipline, to activate:

The wisdom in a soul crystal, however, is not so easily drawn forth - an untrained neophyte cannot simply pick up one of these gems and expect his mind to be flooded with the knowledge of advanced spellcraft or combat techniques. Without first attaining sufficient proficiency and tempering one’s soul to mirror the maturity of the crystal’s contributors, a prospective student will be denied even the slightest glimpse of enlightenment. Thus, as is the case with the more contemporary disciplines, the key to mastering the secrets of a soul crystal lies in diligent study and training.

Below I will attempt to detail how tough the crystals are to come by, and some of the challenges in obtaining and retaining them. I wrote it based on impressions from the lore book, and the quests up to level 40 or so.

Make sure to read the notes for corrections and expansions, as I’m sure people will have some to add!

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Bad Boy (Part 3).

Pairing: Bucky Barnes/Reader.

Warnings: SMUT. Excessive use of pet names, talk about gangs and hospitals, mentions of illegal fighting, Steve screaming at Bucky’s door.

Word Count: 970.

Rating: 18+


I guess this is turning into a series, then. I tag my wives @sexylibrarian1 and @thecrownedrose​ also @ryverpenrad @supernatural-girl97@brokenanxiety​ and @palaiasaurus64​ who asked to be tagged. Hope you enjoy it.

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talking about randl with people who know nothing about randl happens to elicit the same response: “these dudes are weird, and a lil stupid.” but past the initial stage of weirdness and stupidity is always, unfailingly…


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“they’re not….”

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they’re not gay???????

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and it’s always truly, truly amusing, until i also realize: “yo.. but like…. they got a point……..,,.”

Is That One Yours?

Prompt: Thanks to his larger than life personality, Anthony had no problems with getting along with your large Filipino family.

Pairing: Anthony Ramos x reader

Words: 970

Translations of key words/phrases in Tagalog:

Salamat po - Thank you (formal)

Magandang gabi po - Good evening (formal)

Tito - Uncle

Tita - Aunt

Gago - Crazy

A/N: Day 4 of the hamwriter’s marathon. So far, this is the hardest to write! The prompt was to “Celebrate your culture and where you are!” Well, since I am Filipino and live in the states, I decided to write about it (lmao wow, that was beautifully written, wasn’t it?) Thanks to @nesthemonster, who helped me with the idea (love you)! Anywho, hopefully you guys get a glimpse to what I have to endure being in a large Filipino family. I fucking love it. But at the same time, hate it.

Salamat po.”

“Magandang gabi po.”

You hide your grin behind your hand, watching as Anthony paced back and forth in your hotel room, reading the notecards in his hands.

“Your pronunciation isn’t too bad,” you say.

He looks up, beaming. “This is going to be so easy, Y/N. Your family is going to love me.”

You walk up to him and adjust his bowtie, a pretty plum color that matched your dress. Today was your Tito and Tita’s wedding anniversary and you decided to finally introduce your long-time boyfriend to the rest of your family. Family was a very loose term, considering that for Filipino people, any friend of the family was considered a part of it. While you may have thirty “Titas” attending tonight, in actuality, you only had five that were related by blood. But that didn’t stop any of them from prying into your personal life and giving you advice that you didn’t want or need.

“Ant,” you croon, wrapping your arms around his neck lovingly, “my parents already love you and that’s all that matters.”

He smiles, his arms coming down to the middle of your back to embrace you, and gives you a quick kiss. “I know, but I want to make sure everyone likes me. I want to impress them.”

“Yes, because that’s very hard to do,” you say, giggling.

“You know all about that, don’t you?” He smirks.

You flush and pry yourself away from your arms. “Alright, let’s go, gago.”

“Is that one yours?”

You groan when you see Anthony with the Titas, mimicking the simple footwork of a line dance. Your Mother, knowing that he loved dancing and being in the center of attention, dragged him over to learn line dancing, an art that your clumsy and uncoordinated self had never learned to do. He was a natural (of course he was), and his hair, which was down during the reception, was now pulled into a bun as he partied on the dance floor.

He starts to add his own touch to the dance moves, causing the Titas around him to laugh and cheer him on. To your mortification, when he began to dab, the older women began to copy him too.

“Unfortunately,” you grunt, sipping your glass of wine.

You weren’t kidding when you said that Anthony didn’t need to try hard for your family to like him. After the nosy stares and the constant introductions of Anthony to your family members (and the awkward moment where one of your male cousins tried to hit on him), the minute they saw his plate stacked high with Filipino food, he was welcomed with open arms.

You mentally giggle, remembering how the hushed whispers in Tagalog of how the “American” boy would react to the catered Filipino food were silenced when he took a heaping scoop of each dish. A Tito from the table clapped his back and proceeded to tell him what each dish contained and then shared anecdotes of his life in the Philippines. Your Father, who was seated at the table with your Mother, gave Anthony a beer in hopes of helping him stay awake through it all - Tito Boy was notorious for his long, drawn out stories.

You lost track of how long you were watching him dance, but when he stood beside one of the uncles to sing karaoke, you lose it. You leave your table and head to the front of the room, phone in hand. You record him butchering the Tagalog song and set a reminder to post it on social media later tonight. His fans would go nuts. After the song ended, he completely took over, singing and dancing to his groupies (the Titas he danced with) and encouraging other people to join him on the stage.

You shake your head, but couldn’t help but smile at the fool that you were dating. Your heart felt full, knowing that your family accepted and loved him.

Hours later, Anthony plops down to the empty seat beside you, wiping away the sweat on his forehead.

“Yo, your family knows sure how to party, Y/N.” he laughs.

You push his hands away and use a napkin to pat the sweat from his skin. “You had way too much fun tonight, Ant.”

He shakes Tito Boy’s hand and then kisses his wife on the cheek as they bid you two farewell. “Of course, it was a party! What was I going to do, sit around and watch people? Like you?” he teases.

“Remind me why I’m dating you again?” you pout, crossing your arms across your chest.

“Aww, don’t be like that, baby,” he coos, reaching over to pull you onto his lap, “you know I’m teasing.”

You continue to frown, pretending to be annoyed. When he brushes his fingers along your sides, tickling you, you crack, laughing and wiggling to get away from his exploring fingers.

When you finally catch your breath, you sigh and look down at Anthony, your chest tightening when you see the adoring look on his face.  “Love you,” you mumble, leaning down to press a soft kiss on his lips.

“Love you too, baby,” he whispers, arms tightening around your waist.

“Everyone loved you tonight,” you say after more of the family members approached you to say goodbye, smiling when they were shocked and impressed with Anthony’s “Magandang gabi po.”

“Good. Hopefully, they’ll all be there for our wedding anniversary party too.”

You pause, heart skipping a beat, and give him a long look. “How can we do that when we’re not married?”

“Not married yet,” he corrects, his hazel eyes twinkling in mischief.

You pepper quick kisses on his freckles. “You sound so sure of yourself, Anthony.”

“You said it yourself – I’m a pretty likable guy – I think I’ll find a way to convince you to marry me.”

You laugh and give him another sweet kiss, giggling when you feel him smile against your lips.

You didn’t need convincing – your heart was already his.

mythical-rhink  asked:

I love those speculative illustrations of them in the tub! If you were so inclined I'd love to see a few more outlines of different positions that are less plausible but entertaining nonetheless... :) Like since we can't see Rhett's hands in the first pic, maybe they're on Link's legs... or when Link is nearly submerged, maybe Rhett's on his knees so his position is even more suggestive?


I tried my best :D

Things got a little bit out of hand here…