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Life on earth, as magnificent and versatile as it is, is seemingly tame compared to the weird and wonderful creatures that once existed. All categories of life have reached unimaginable sizes, here are just a selection of prehistoric record breakers!

The biggest shark known to have existed, ruling over the oceans as recently as up to a million years ago. A length of almost 20 metres and weighing in at an estimated 48 tonnes, Megalodon could deliver a crucifying bite of up to 110,000N. It is no surprise that the Megalodon was dubbed the “whale killing shark”.

Our early ancestors would have been quite familiar with Megatherium as they existed up to 8000 years ago, they were in fact the largest sloths to have existed. Sloths have a reputation as being lazy, slow and docile, but Megatherium was a 6 metre long, 4 tonne monster with a killer instinct and knife-like claws. Megatherium’s discovery came before that of the dinosaurs. Skeletons of these prehistoric beasts were a delight to the Victorian public and paved the way for the science of palaeontology.

Literally meaning “large turtle”, Archelon certainly was just that. Existing during the cretaceous, the time of the dinosaurs, Archelon could reach 4.5 metres long and may have lived to over 100 years old. Archelon could not compete with other cretaceous beings in speed and agility, but its blade-like beak was able to slice through flesh and crush though the toughest ammonite shells. Unfortunately Archelon appears to have been a popular snack for other marine dwellers, skeletons are frequently missing flippers or heads and covered in slashes.

When the dinosaurs reign ended, a new era saw the rise of new super-predators, one was Titanoboa, the largest snake ever with a body up to 13 metres long, standing a metre off the ground and weighing up to 2500 pounds. Titanoboa was 30% longer than even todays largest species. Scientists believe this humongous snake hunted like its modern relatives, the boa constrictors, by winding around prey and suffocating them.

Owner of the largest antlers of any animal, up to 3 metres wide, the Irish Elk gets its name from its frequent discoveries in Irish peat bogs. Existing up to 10,000 years ago, these would have been a common sight in grasslands for our ancestors. Many fossils indicate the animals died of starvation which is why the antlers are thought to have been part of elaborate mating contests between males, often resulting in one being fatally injured and unable to feed itself.

A distant relative of the elephants and mammoths, Deinotherium was more sinister, its name translates to “terrible beast”, they would have most likely caused trouble for our ancient ancestors around 1.5 million years ago. Deinotherium is actually considered to be the second largest land mammal of all time, behind Paraceratherium and is iconic in appearance due to its sharp, downward facing tusks.

Known as the short faced bear, they were the biggest bears on record and one of the largest mammal carnivores to have existed. Whilst their skull was short, they were packed with piercing teeth that could deliver a bone crushing bite. Existing up to 11,000 years ago, out ancestors would have stayed well clear of this 900 kilogram predator, with slender limbs and knife-like claws, Arctodus was deadly.

One of the most infamous fossil discoveries in history, Sarcosuchus was the largest crocodile to walk the Earth up to 112 million years ago, this was a crocodile capable of killing dinosaurs. Sarcosuchus was twice as long as a saltwater crocodile, that’s 11-12 metres long and could reach over 8 tonnes. Its jaw was packed full of 66 teeth either side of its jaw and would have clamped down on prey that wandered too near.

One of the largest lifeforms that has ever stood on the Earth, Argentinosaurus could grow up to 30 metres long with its hind limbs standing 4.5 metres off the ground. They existed between 97-94 million years ago and at adulthood would have been virtually indestructible to predators. Its weight is estimated at a staggering 80-100 tonnes. There hasn’t been another land mammal on the same scale as Argentinosaurus since and it’s unlikely there ever will be.

The largest discovered therapod ever, a group that includes Allosaurus and Tryrannosaurus. Spinosaurus remained an enigma to scientists for decades, the only discovered specimen was sadly destroyed during World War 2 and was not rediscovered until the 21st century. Spinosaurus is thought to have reached up to 16 metres long and weighed in around 12 tonnes, that is almost double the weight of a T-rex!


Throwback (1/?): Team USA wins the 2015 u18 IIHF World Junior Championship (click for HQ)

  • someone: so you like that show the 100, what's it about?
  • me in my head: *has a 15 page essay prepared on the themes of death, hope, love, loss, leadership and politics, trust, character development, the grey scale of morality, the representation of marginalized groups & one thousand other topics*
  • me out loud: so 97 years ago earth was pretty much destroyed by nuclear bombs and
She is easily and by far the most extraordinary person the human race has ever produced. Whatever thing men call great, look for it in Joan of Arc, and there you will find it

Mark Twain

On this day, 97 years ago, Joan of Arc was canonized as a saint. 


I’m 123 pounds now as compared to 97 almost 2 years ago, I was really unhealthy and not eating but I’m really proud of myself now that I’m on medicine to help my eating problem looking back on these pictures makes me sad

I wish that some people would *support* Louis by retweeting supportive tweets from his mum, instead of some random tweet to Harry that happened 97 years ago.

mimpo23  asked:

Hey, do you remember in season 4 episode 5 Abby and Jackson discuss the origin of nightblood? And I don't know if I'm wrong but in that scene I remember Jackson saying that it's original use was for prisoners that were supposed to go to space or something? Could they be the people that were on the weird space ship in the finale? ... Nonetheless I'm so excited for meta station....

Yes! That is 100% who they are! It’s the Eligius Mining Company which Jackson mentions specifically in that scene where he’s talking to Abby while Raven is floating; that’s who Becca invented Nightblood for, so they could survive the radiation of long-term space journeys.  What isn’t clear yet, and what I’m SUPER excited to learn, is whether

A) the ship is full of the original prisoners who were put into cryosleep for their long-term journey sometime before the apocalypse 97 years ago, and they’re just now returning to Earth and might have GENUINELY NO IDEA that the planet has been burned up twice since they left, in which case they would be understandably freaked the fuck out and would be like a possibly more violent and terrifying version of the original Delinquents;


B) the ship is full of the descendants of the prisoners who couldn’t get back to earth or were lost in space for some length of time after their mining mission 97 years ago was completed, in which case they would have developed on at least some level their own kind of established society with laws and children and a governing structure to keep from all-out rioting, but it would be a society entirely descended from a forced-labor camp, as opposed to a society descended from the “Unity Day” myth, making them a possibly more violent and terrifying version of the Ark.

In either scenario, one question I’m fascinated by is: Do they know the Ark exists, and that there’s people on it?  There are any number of ways they could have arrived where they arrived coming into orbit at an angle where they might not have seen the Go-Sci ring, but it’s equally possible that they landed there and boarded it and maybe some part of the space storyline will involve the Space Kids having to deal with the prisoners; do they invade the Ark to try and raid it for supplies or fuel?  Are the kids taken prisoner aboard the ship, or still on the Ark?  Does the rocket still work?  Will Bellamy pull a Season 2 Kane and pop up in the shrubbery with a rifle when Clarke and the audience least expect it to save her from danger?  (Or, perhaps more hilariously, will Murphy?)

There’s also an open question here about Bill Cadogan; the Second Dawn logo appears very similar to the triangular logo on Becca’s microscopes, which begs the question of whether Cadogan in some way is connected to Eligius as well.  A lot of people have been speculating about this and I honestly can’t recall at this point whether anyone has established a canon connection yet, or whether we’re all still just guessing, but it’s certainly possible that, for example, Cadogan could have been a shareholder in Eligius Mining and that someone on the ship (which, presumably, has staff and guards and administrators as well as prisoners) might know where the bunker is. 

Another thought I had immediately upon seeing “mining company” so shortly after hearing Clarke tell Radio!Bellamy that the bunker is buried in rubble was, “My, what a convenient bunch of people to land on earth with the exact skill set needed to help free the remaining 1200 members of the human race, except that they are almost 100% going to think Clarke is an enemy at first and she’s going to have to somehow persuade them to help her, in a race against time to free Bunkerkru before they run out of oxygen and food, which Octavia is probably down there having to ration just like they did on the Ark because they’re now a year past the limits of their resources.”



97 years ago today - R.I.P. Grand Duchess Elizabeth Feodorovna, Grand Duke Sergei Mikhailovich, Princes Ioann Constantinovich, Constantin Constantinovich, Igor Constantinovich, Vladimir Pavlovich Paley, Sister Barbara Yakovleva, and Secretary Fyodor Remez (not pictured).

This killing of the Romanov family is lesser known than their more famous relatives who were murdered just the day before. The elder sister of recently deceased Empress Alexandra, Grand Duchess Elizabeth Feodorovna, was among the group of victims who were thrown down a mine shaft near a town called Alapayevsk. After that, hand grenades were hurled down the shaft. For all victims except one, it was either a slow or quick death obtained by the injuries of the fall or by grenades. The survivors’ singing of an Orthodox hymn (led by Grand Duchess Elizabeth) were reportedly heard by the killers, who again threw another grenade down the shaft in an attempt to silent them. When the singing resumed, unnerving the killers, the shaft was lit aflame which ultimately killed all of them. Their bodies, which were still inside the shaft, were discovered by the White Army in early October.

Warfstache’s Family Part 1

The Beginnings of Warfstache’s Family.

~~Present Day; The Year 2017~~

Once upon a time there was a man, a beautiful, gorgeous, sexy, God-like man who- Yeah, Alright that man was me. My name is Wilford Warfstache and I am your Host for this story. Don’t worry about where the actual Host is- I mean, It’s not his story. It’s mine. I’m here to tell you the story of how I came to create my own mob. Now where to begin….Oh I know! Let’s start with the murder of a man named Tom….

~~Approximately 97 Years ago;1920~~

“Come on, Wil-! You- You don’t have to do this, You really don’t- I mean- We’ve been business partners for- for years- you can trust me Wil!” I remember him pleading, Wade. I remember Wade pleading for his life, kneeling at my feet with the barrel of my gun against his head, It’s a shame I didn’t believe him. A real shame, For him that is.

Wilford smiled, a smile so sweet it was sickening. “You’re right- Of course you’re right Wade~ But….I really can’t let you live, After all, The only time two can keep a secret is if one of them is dead~” There was a look in Wilford’s eyes, and if you had to ask anyone what it was? They’d undeniably say ’Madness.’

“You swore on your life you wouldn’t speak of our business Wade. You swore on your life. You didn’t keep your word, and now? Now you can’t keep your life.”

“Say ‘Hi’ to Dark in hell for me, won’t you?”

I remember him begging, begging for his life- I don’t remember what he said, It’s not important, as I had already made up my mind. I remember the look on his face, The betrayal, The pain, The F e a r, When I shot him point blank. It was…Beautiful, The way his blood painted the ground beneath him, Just…Beautiful. It’s a shame no one else was there to ever see it- Oops, Spoke too soon~

As a deafening bang echoed through the manor, Wilford heard a small sound behind him. A gasp; Most people wouldn’t notice it…But then again; he’s not most people, is he? “Oh- Tom, I wasn’t expecting you so soon, couldn’t you wait your turn?” The entity sounded…playful, nothing like he had just murdered a man- No, a friend in cold-blood, nothing like he was about to do it again; Then again- Why would he? When he’s done this countless times at this point, why let it bother him? After all, would you be bothered killing a annoying, disgusting bug? Wilford certainly didn’t think so.

———–Tom’s POV———

I was only there to pick up a delivery- I was going to head straight home afterwards, It was just supposed to be a simple delivery….but, when I got there- I heard shouting. I heard….everything; and in that moment- when that….M o n s t e r slowly turned towards me, I saw madness in his eyes and blood on his hands and I knew- I knew, I wasn’t making it home in time to say goodnight to my children. I wasn’t making it home ever- I just wish…I had said 'I love yo-’



Wilford sniffed, How annoying. Now he had to dispose of two bodies tonight. Maybe he should have killed Tom first…? Wilford hummed to himself and shook his head. “No, I made the right decision. I definitely should have killed Wade first… but, now I have a problem. How the hell should I get rid of both of them on such short notice..? Oh! I know, maybe I could contact Author? He probably wouldn’t mind helping…but then again…” The entity groaned and shook his head- Things were getting too complicated for him to do alone- even with Author it’s going to be too much…maybe he should try something different…? Maybe he should gain some allies. Yes. That’s what I want, and I know just who to start with…

But first- to get rid of these pests; And I still don’t know how the hell I’m gonna pull this off! I probably should’ve planned ahead more…

(Make sure to let me know if you wish for me to continue, and if you like this, please reblog and leave feedback. Thank you.)

The Former Animator

The sound of hooves on the studio’s floorboards was a bit loud. A centaur (this one being half deer instead of half horse) with dirt brown hair and eyes looked around the studio. The last they had been in here was 97 years ago. At that time this place was closed and the Joey Drew Studio logo removed.

Why was it open? “Alice? Boris? Bendy?” He heard a frustrated voice respond. “IT’S NOT ALICE ANYMORE! IT’S MELISSA.” The angel came around the corner to see the centaur. She stared. He removed his mouth mask. “Do you remember me?” Her eyes started tearing up and she ran over and hugged him. “I… I can’t believe it… I missed you so much! Henry so much has changed since you left.” He smiled. “I can tell. So how’s Bendy and Boris?” She looked up at him. “I think you mean Beth and Barry.” He laughed. She was right. A lot had changed.

After an hour or so of catching up, it was time for the centaur to leave. Melissa grabbed his arm. “Please don’t leave. Please stay with us.” He thought about. He smiled. “Welp. I guess I gotta go.” The centaur walked out the studio and then came back in. Melissa was confused. The centaur shouted, “I’m home!” Melissa understood now and hugged him. Henry was now here to stay.


 March 1917 saw the beginning of political change in Russia with the Abdication of Nicholas II, bringing the Romanov dynasty to an end after three centuries of absolute power. Nicholas, his family and attendants were kept under house arrest. First at the Alexander Palace, then at the governors mansion in Tobolsk and Finally in Yekaterinburg. In last 78 days of their lives, the family was kept in complete isolation in the Ipatiev house.

On this day, 97 years ago, the Last Imperial family of Russia was brutally murdered in the cellar of the Ipatiev house during the early hours of the morning. The Last Emperor, Nicholas II; his beloved wife, Alexandra Feodorovna, and their five children Olga, Tatiana, Maria, Anastasia and Alexei along with their devoted and loyal attendants where all murdered. None of them survived the shooting.