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On the left is me at the start of 2014 weighing 96Kg and then me on the right at the start of 2015 weighing 70Kg. I’m about 177cm and I’m 17 years of age. The biggest thing from losing all this weight that I have learned is most of your weight loss really does come from what you eat you don’t need to do hours of exercise (I only do 20 minutes a day) you just have to eat healthy and that really helped me with my weight loss journey.


Nothing like some progress photos to make you feel proud and accomplished!  

Face pic is me at 130kgs+ (and heaviest) on the left and 100kgs on the right!

Front pic is me at 130kgs+ (and heaviest) on the left and 96kgs on the right!

Side pic is at 115kgs+ on the left and 96kgs on the right!  I don’t have a side on pic at my heaviest.

I realised some things today

- Giving my all in a 60 minute Zumba class no longer exhausts me but is still a hell of a lot of fun! 

- I have come a REALLY long way.

- I might almost be able to call myself fit.

- Health and fitness has become a really important part of my life.

- I am really really happy and I’m never going back!

scalywildwest submitted:

I’m quite a big guy, I’m 6 foot 5 and I started off at 112kg (245lbs)I lost about 16kg (about 35lbs) and ended up at 96kg(212lbs) in the space of 4 months :) I stopped eating crap and did a lot more exercise, I went running about 5 times a week and made sure I drank more than 2 litres of water a day ! 

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December 2013 to Now :)
I was about 105kg in the first and 96kg in the second.

I honestly do not feel the difference until I see photos side by side. It’s really freaky. I look down at myself and all I see is where I’m fat. I hate my big boobs and my lower tummy but these photos inspire me to keep going. That what I’ve done has worked and it wasn’t all for nothing.


Hsu Shu-Ching (-53kg, Chinese Taipei) snatching 96kg/211lb and CJing 125kg/275lb at the 2015 WWC where she won her first senior world title. She also holds the senior world record in the total with 233kg.

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anonymous asked:

Sono sempre stata sovrappeso, fin da bambina... ma ora peso 96kg su 1.73... mi sento uno schifo.

Tesoro mi dispiace tanto e, seppur in contesti diversi, capisco come ti senti. Però niente è perduto e nessuna situazione è irreversibile. Ci sono un sacco di medici e di specialisti davvero in gamba che riescono a impostare percorsi dietetici semplicissimi e facili da seguire che ti riportano al tuo peso ideale. Spesso sono affiancati anche da psicologi che aiutano nel percorso. Prova a informarti nella tua città

Loredana Toma (-58kg, Romania) showing off some amazing bottom position on a 96kg/212lb snatch at the 2014 Europeans. She took 2nd and she’s still just 18.

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