Took a second pass at the finger tattoos for The Dag today, a bit more screen accurate this time.  I can’t seem to get the Sharpie method to work for me, even with an hour or more drying time, it still washes off, so that’s a no go for Dragon Con.  So at this point I’m thinking either a) printing out temp tattoos, or b) finding someone who can do these in henna for me.  Either way, I realized I’d need a crisp, finalized version of each tattoo, so I spent a bit of time putting them together out of basic shapes today.

I’ve looked at every angle I can find of the Dag’s tattoos, including taking my own high-rez screenshots, and there just isn’t a clear shot of all her tattoos.  The thumb, pointer finger, and lower portions of the middle finger and ring finger are as screen-accurate as I can get.  The rest are guesses based on the shapes I could catch and themes I associate with the Dag.  And I couldn’t resist throwing in the It Will Rain In California glyph on the pinky (tho I snapped that photo before I realized I’d forgotten the little triangle), because that part of her hand is never really visible, and the theming felt like a good fit, hehe.  Where the number of dots, etc, wasn’t clear, I defaulted to five, for the five Sisters.

If it’s helpful, feel free to use my template for cosplay or fanart or whatever (non-commercial) purposes.  It’s sized so that printed at 96dpi, the tattoos would fit small-ish hands – but if you print temp tattoos, remember to flip the image horizontally, so it doesn’t end up backwards on your skin.  ;)