That little rock.

American Samoa will always be my home. Although it is such a small island, the environment and people I was surrounded with made my life there convenient and most memorable. I guess it’s time to grow up and face the world out there. Life will be a bitch, I know this, but with the people I love supporting me, what can’t I do.
As I sat in the plane staring out at that small airport, I began to realize how much Samoa has become a part of me. I literally sat there anticipating as the plane cruised through that runway and as it left the ground. As it did, the exact thought on my head was “Wow, I’m really leaving”. That five hour flight seemed like it was more, much more. All I thought about during that flight were my Girlfriend, my Family and my Friends. Really started to miss them as the pilot announced our arrival in Hawaii.
On a flip-side, I was excited to get off that plane and see my sister, Batman! Who, by the way, I can’t thank enough for taking care of me. As soon as I got my luggage and walked out that door, not even a minute, she came towards me and gave me a big hug. Then she started to make fun of me cause I was limping :P. We only had about a couple of hours together before she had to drop me back off to the airport for my flight to Manila. We got to her house, took flight, called Whitneeeeey, and we spent a couple of hours together, making the most of it. As time closed in, it was time to drop me off at the airport again. As we rushed through traffic, I arrived at an ever so busy airport. Got inside and waited for check in, but I couldn’t. Apparently, I was late for check in, so I missed my flight! Yay! One more day with Batman! Arielle and Whitney picked me back up from the airport and we spent the night together. I won’t forget that chair, you guys, smh. The following morning, I wake up a little bit after 12. Me, Arielle and Rey decided to go get a battery for Arielle’s phone (hope it’s fixed by the time you’re reading this). It was my last night in Hawaii, so Me and Arielle went out with Rey and his friends to dinner and some pool afterwards. Met some of their friends, and they were pretty koo. So many Asians though O_o Afterwards we ate and went home. I tried staying up my last night, but looking at Arielle sleep was too inviting. Woke up before anyone, and as I watched Arielle sleep, she constantly curled her toes and rubbed her feet together, weird :P. Ah! Sad moment again! Last few hours with her and Rey. As I checked in at the airport, couldn’t help but look back at her again and again. Err! But we’ll see each other again :) And as I’m writing this on the plane right now, I totally forgot my damn chocolates at her house, fail! Lol.
Now I’m sitting on this plane with an hour to go on my flight. My flight has been very very convenient. One particular steward was really nice to me. Gave me extra drinks and food. Lol!.
Well, I’ve been here, in the Philippines, fer about almost a month now. I don’t feel any different. I’ve started school, met a few new friends. It’s the same routine back home. School then home, except the occasional invites to go out. It’s basically a bigger island, easy to get lost. Im enjoyin my stay here, family makes it easy. But I really miss Samoa and I can’t wait to go back next summer. Well, til then :P

I posted a picture of some customized Vans a few months ago and received heaps of likes and re-blogs. In the caption, I said I would obtain my own pair by the end of the year. Well, here’s a quick sample of my new Nikes - The Samoan Edition! XD (Mens Size 15) 


FOR SALE! If anybody is interested, both pairs of brand new Vans are on sale! The first picture is a Kids Size 4, the second picture is a pair of Mens Size 12 Vans. All offers will receive a reply back. Putting this on Tumblr before I sell it somewhere else (if I don’t receive any decent offers). Feel free to send requests, or contact me if you have any questions. Thanks! :)

One of my favorite hobbies is collecting POLYNESIAN athletes memorabilia. I’ve always been an avid card collector, so here’s a sample of some of my favorites. I’ve also managed to meet up with quite a number of these past and present athletes and have them hand sign their cards as well! POLY PRIDE!


Gangnum Style - American Samoa Parody

THIS WILL MAKE YOUR DAY!!! haha Samoans doing what we do best! :D


This poetry piece was filmed at my beach in American Samoa. I posted the poem on Tumblr a while back, now here’s an actual video. Wrote 90% of it while doing my laundry.  Feel free to critique it and let me know. Enjoy! =)

“My People” - by 96799.tumblr.com 


They call me a bush cutter.

Just another coconut picker.

I’m easily recognized

Because my thighs are thicker.

Than average.

I used to be known by the majority of white people as a savage.

Because my tan lines and piercing brown eyes

Cannot define the divide between my Caucasian and island side.

Honestly… I’m tired of labels. 

The words we use determine what we see.

I find it interesting, 

That people aren’t really listening. 

And sadly… they never will. 

Because we live in a wrong full of hypocrites. 

So quick to judge, so quick to assume.

Presume, that they’re almost always right,

Never giving you the benefit of the doubt.

Because… seeing is believing.

How can a person truly be

Himself or herself.

When assumptions are made before 

We even open up our mouth to speak.

Colors still determine social, political, economic wellbeing.

Even though we’ve finally had a black president,

To this day, people still question if he’s an actual resident.

Every one of you listening to what I have to say,

Is different in so many ways

From your skin tones

Down to the covers of your iPhones.

Yet labeling the masses

Me, you, him and her, 

We’re categorized in different racial classes.

My brown skinned complexion,

Does nothing in my favor because…

Your impression is that I’m white. 

Huh… To Me?

I’m more then what people have called me.

I proudly stand for the minority of Polynesians. 

Samoan, Tokelauan, Tongan, Australian, Caucasian  blood, running through my veins.

Tracing the lineage back to my roots,

I was raised surrounded by coconut trees.

Yet our history is still a mystery.. online. And even in person.

Whats worse is that 9/10 

US Citizens, 

Don’t even know WHO we are.

Don’t even know WHERE we are on the map.

What we represent.

The true heart of the Pacific. 

Samoa exports the highest amount of military soldiers, college and NFL football players PER CAPITA.

Yet if you’re lucky, in your history book, about us, you’ll find a chapter. 

Nowadays, most islanders are automatically labeled as…

High school dropouts, minimum wage workers, and gang bangers 

Many which people say will never make it Walmart, 7/11 and fast food workers,  football, volleyball & rugby players.

Sure, we may have a more than few,

But we shouldn’t be so quick to assume.

Because we’ve come so far,

With tons of battle scars.

So in the end….

Our ethnicity should never limit, who, we are.