964 porsche


RWB Kashiwa visit

Me, Alex and Hiro spent a bit of time at the RWB HQ in Kashiwa the other day. Got to catch up with Nakai-san while he took a short break at home in Japan between world trips. Was great to have a look around the workshop to see what he’s been working on recently. As you can see, Adriana was looking a bit naked. The bodykit was being tested on another car which is in the process of getting Nakai-san’s latest  ‘Heavenly Wide’ flare treatment.

Also enjoyed cruising with Hiro on the way home with his low Roadster, which is almost identical to my old one! Got me feeling a bit nostalgic.



Alex and Hiro on Insta: @4lexkyo  @_frosh._


Dynamics and Lightweighting Study, 2017, by Singer Vehicle Design and Williams Advanced Engineering. A project based on a Porsche 964 series 911 powered by a 500hp four-valve, four-camshaft naturally aspirated 4.0-liter flat-six engine developed by Williams Advanced Engineering. Use of magnesium, titanium, carbon-fibre and “other advanced materials” have reduced minimum vehicle weight to 990kg. Other details include the new underbody and surface aerodynamic enhancements. Singer plan to build 75 cars at a dedicated Singer facility housed on the Williams campus near Oxford in the UK