962 c

Heiji’s failed confessions compilation

Greetings shippers! Anyone else super pumped for Conan Movie 21: Crimson Love Letter and super jealous of anyone living in Japan right now (cause honestly when is the international release date, huh)? One vote from me.

Anyhow, since I have many things to procrastinate on and a lot of time to feel sorry for myself for waiting for fictional couples to get on with it, here is the count of every FAILED Confession by our favourite Detective of the West! … And some of my comments, but who cares about them!!! 

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GERLOC ; ?? CE - c. 962 CE
   Geirlaug, Adela, Adèle

Daughter of Rollo, progenitor of the line that would lead directly to English monarchy, and Poppa of Bayaux. Gerloc, or Geirlaug, was baptised as Adela in 912. It is likely this was purely political given the existance and prominance of her Norse name. 

In 935, she married William Towhead, the future Count of Poitou and Duke of Aquitaine. The couple had two children. Their daughter, Adelaide, married Hugh Capet, who was later elected King of the Franks. This began the dynasty that would rule France until 1328, with direct sucession, father-to-son for thirteen generations.