@9542 It’s not about not liking a band and vocalizing it, it’s about how you vocalize it. It’s okay to say ‘I don’t really like this song’ but saying 'OMG this song is so stupid’ is kind of asking for a fight. Especially if it’s a comment on a video that lots of fans watch. To be brutally honest, it’s rather rude to go on a video you know that fans watch just to say you don’t like the band or a song. But in your defense, people on YouTube are so rude, you can’t even say you like a song without someone bitching at you. Which is why I stopped looking at the YouTube comments section all together. I find that most of them are inconsiderate.

9606) I am so sick.

I am so sick of being looked at. I am a transwoman who has not yet come out, but i look like… inbetween. Everyone is staring at me. Everybody. Girls, boys, women, men, they are all staring. I just can´t take it anymore. I want to hide and cry.

Yellow Tulips

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by thelonelywriter

Dean didn’t mean to pass Cas’ flower shop, it was a total accident. It happens that total accidents are possibly not accidents. Because there’s something that Dean and Cas share, something that could bring them together. If only they could get on the same fucking page.

Words: 9606, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

read it on the AO3 at http://ift.tt/2h7ozvG
9606) I've read so many confessions about it and talked with some people, that I came to the conclusion that it can be possible that your mother is guilty of letting you slip into an eating disorder. Don't listen to all the "but it's your mother" shit, someone who bullies you and tells you you should go a couple of days without food does not deserve your respect, no matter how they are related to you.
Step Count Challenge

Starting on December 1, I am starting a step count challenge with some Facebook pals.

First, we are gonna find our average steps for the month. Mine is around 4803, because I suck at getting in extra steps while working an office job.

For week one, we are going to multiply our average by .25 and then add that number to our average, making that our new daily goal for the week. Week two will be by .5, week three will be by .75, and week four will be double our average.

For me, this comes out to:

Week One: 6003
Week Two: 7204
Week Three: 8405
Week Four: 9606

I’m going to try really hard to reach/break these daily goals through the month of December. Anyone else want to join me?