You are the best thing (Eliza X Reader)

Prompt requested by anon: Hi there! Can you please write this prompt for me? Prompt: Eliza x reader are bestfriends (secretly in love) reader gives eliza a horse riding lesson. Cute fluffiness ensues.. sharing the same horse.. going to a beautiful meadow.. and a love confession by eliza. I hope that I’m not asking too much of you, and a big thanks in advance.

A/N: I really enjoyed writing this! My plan was to get this out to you by Valentine’s day, but school was just crazy. But here it is! I sincerely hope you like it! Oh, and I was inspired by the Glee cover of “Mine”. (Mild spoilers)

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Tags: @hopeandlovelastlonger

Time: Hamiltime, before Eliza met Alexander.

Warnings: None! Just fluffiness all the way!

Wordcount: 1,960

“I don’t know… They’re quite big.” The middle sister Schuyler looked at the reigns with scepticism in her eyes as you tried to get her to take them. The horse they were connected to stood calmly and munched at the hay he had been given that morning, barely even noticing that there was actual people standing there.

“He is the nicest horse in the entire stable, I promise you he won’t do anything. And if he does, then remember that I’ll be right behind you.” you tried to reassure her, but she didn’t seem to be completely convinced.

“Alright, if I lead him out of the stables, will you try to take him then?”

Eliza watched the horse with weary eyes before she slowly nodded.

“Okay, but you’ll have to promise me to stay close by at all times!”

“Of course! I promise!” the small victory brought a smile to your lips as you started to lead the horse out of the stable accompanied by Eliza. Your dresses were already stained at the bottom, but neither of you really cared. Or to be precise: You didn’t care, while Eliza was too concerned with the giant animals surrounding her to pay any attention to what her clothing looked like.

As soon as you were outside you basically forced the reigns into Eliza’s hand, making her tense up. The horse watched her with calm eyes, but she still let her gaze fluctuate between you and the horse.

“I don’t think I can do this..” she said with an anxious voice, holding out the reigns for you to take, but you refused.

“It’s going to go fine! He wouldn’t hurt a fly, much less you. He will take care of you, I promise.”

Eliza looked pretty pale, but nodded in understandment.

“Okay, so if you sit behind me you can just hold on to me the entire time. Remember to really hug the horse with your legs, otherwise you might fall off!” you instructed her.

“Hug the horse with my legs?” A redness started to spread across her face, as she realized what that meant.

“Yes! Since we don’t have a saddle, we can’t ride sidesaddle. We have to do it just like the men do. One leg on each side.” You gave her a wink. She looked sceptical.

“No take-backs, remember?” you said and raised an eyebrow at her.

Ever since she found out that you knew how to ride a horse, she had been hounding you about letting her come with you. She wasn’t prepared to actually get up on the horse’s back, though. You had been around horses ever since you were a child, so for you, this was second nature. And besides, seeing Eliza up on a horse would kind of make your dream come true. Two of your favourite things combined.

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