96 hour

Viari crits with the Apocalypse Dagger.

So I just finished a work string, and my biggest stressor was knowing that the next installment of Acquisitions Incorporated was happening and I couldn’t check it out until after the 96 hour stint. 

Got home, finished it, then went on to listen to podcasts of Chris Perkins (fantasy writer and storyteller extraordinaire) and Patrick Rothfuss (fantasy worldbuilding fanatic and character developer senpai) while drawing my favorite moment from the event. You can check it out here if you’re interested.

The DnD Acquisitions Inc shenanigans go way back, and they’re a real hoot if you’d like to check it all out. Chris Perkins is one hell of a DM, it’s a real pleasure seeing him work.

Here’s a picture of my favourite actor: Liam Neeson. 
I made this one in London at the Madame Toussauds. There was an extra Star Wars part which was actually really cool. 
The reason why I’m posting it is I guess quite obvious, isn’t it? 

In the last 96 hours I’ve gotten only 12 hours of sleep and my body is not happy with me and I just saw someone ask another mutual if they were getting sleep and felt like crying because of how sweet it was to check in on them

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chuck was trying really hard to just relax on his day off. he’d been at the fire house for the last 48 hours and that meant he’d get the next 96 hours to himself. in his apartment and his OWN BED. the firefighter was just about to relax in his bed for an early night, much like an old man not a guy of twenty-one, in when he heard it. 


it was like an internal instinct in him, hand rubbing over his face as he slipped on his shoes once the grumbling on the other side of the wall started. his lips spread into a small smile knowing full well most people HATED their fire alarms even if it was gonna save their life. knocking ( with a fist so more of a POUND ) on the next door neighbor’s door, his voice was loud enough to project over the beeping. ‘HEY, you okay in there? i’m your, um, neighbor from next door and a FIREFIGHTER, did ya need some help?