Jealous 2~S.S~

Summary: jealous pt2

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Note: so I’m gonna do a part 2 to the about tonight cause I meant to do it long ago…

Stiles POV

It was another boring day Saturday in Beacon Hills, everything had seemed to be calm recently. As if y/n took the supernatural problems with her. She’s been gone for about a month and I feel like shit. Me and Malia are still together I guess. I don’t really talk to her and she doesn’t talk to me. She stopped coming to my room in the middle of the night and I was actually sleeping.

Everyone just seemed to be kinda distant. Lydia didn’t really talk to us, she just studied and tried to find another boyfriend. Kira and Scott are together still. Nothing really affected them. Liam, the freshman is doing okay. He’s way more calm and chill. Derek does whatever while Peter helps.

Life was constantly boring. I spent more time helping my dad out with cases, meaning I mostly filed paperwork and ate food.

“Hey, Dad. I’m gonna go have lunch with Scott and Kira. I’ll be back soon ok?” I announce. I couldn’t stand being in the same room as my dad for more than 5 minutes.

As soon as y/n left he yelled at me. Mainly for hurting y/n and not telling him. He also was upset I was having sex which scared him, but I think he understands I’m a teenager. He told me that keeping secrets, especially ones that big, never end up in a good place.

“Yeah. Ok.”

I grab my jacket and walk to my Jeep. I start the engine and head to town to grab McDonalds or something.

Through this entire thing, no one has mentioned the fact y/n said she loves me. I tried my best to figure out if she really loved me or not. I decided she meant as family, though I wasn’t sure.

I finished my food and headed back to the station. I walked in and sat at my desk. Parrish was staring at me strangely.

“Can I help you? Or do you just want to continue melting my face with your eyes?” I spit at him shaking my head.

He blinked before returning to his work. I chuckled at his behavior. I leaned back in my chair while clacking my pen. I looked over through the window of my dads office. Right as I turned my head she turned hers. She had a smile on her face and was laughing with my dad.

Y/n? Our eyes meet and i fell out of my chair. I scrambled to get up but when I did she was half way out of the door.

“Y/N! WAIT! Please wait” I say chasing her.

She acts like she doesn’t hear me and continues to her car. She gets in and I rush to do the same. I sit next to her as she glares at me.

“Get the hell out of my car” she seethes while staring daggers at me.

“No I will not. We need to talk”

“We don’t need to talk about shit, now get the fuck outta my car or so help me”

“No. we’re not doing this whole using-my-Grand-Priestess-powers-because-I’m-pissed thing”

“You think I’m gonna use my powers cause I’m pissed? Haha no. I’m gonna use my powers cause you’re a paltering, sneaky, fake, egotistical, surreptitious prick. That’s why. Maybe if you told me the truth and didn’t sleep with Malia the Werebitch on SEVERAL occasions and then rub it in my face like some god damn foundation I wouldn’t be so fucking angry. So GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY CAR RIGHT NOW STILINSKI. And don’t make me say your full name.” She gets louder with each word and I see her eyes get blacker and her aura start to show. Her hair had left the ponytail and was in waves down her shoulders and back. Her nails had grown black and became sharp, much like Scott’s but less claw like and more feminine.

I just stared at her for a moment. I couldn’t leave her like this. She was hurting, because of me. I clicked the lock button and buckled up.

“Actually, I’m gonna stay with you. Use my full name if you want.” I say crossing my arms.

“Your choice” she says before shrugging and pulling off at a speed faster than the law allows.

We drove around extremely fast but slowed down once we got into a neighborhood. My neighborhood.

“Ya know Stiles. I spent so long trying to get over you. Once I realized I wasn’t Lydia or Malia I figured you’d never want me. But nothing seemed to work. All the boys I kissed, I just pretended they were you. And times I was out on dates, I pictured what it would be like if you took me on a date. And that killed me. Seeing how happy she made you killed me. I loved you with every magic bone in my body. I would die everyday for you. You want me to use my powers until I can barely breathe or stand. I will. I love you so much. And the fact that you don’t love me. That’s hurts more than anything I’ve experienced in my life, and I mean that truly. Because while I lost my family, I knew I would be okay, because i had you. And now I don’t even have you. And I pray you never feel the way I feel right now. Because stiles stilinski I love you so much.” She let a single tear slip down her cheek before saying something in ancient Celtic and when I blinked i was in my room.

I ran down the stairs and threw open my front door, only to see her car driving away. It hurts so much when she leaves.

But I knew what she was really telling me was to move on. To keep being with Malia, to forget her. How could I though? That girl has been with me through everything.

I walk the couple miles to malias house, I really need to talk to her. I go through the unlocked side door like I have so many times.

“Hey lia, we need to ta-”

I look up and Malia was on top of some kid on our lacrosse team. She had music blasting but I could still faintly her their moans. When she took her shirt off. I ran and turned off the music.

Their heads snapped and they looked at me.

“OH MY GOD STILES!?” Malia screamed not even bothering to cover up.

“Fuck you, we’re done” I spit slamming her door shut again. I heard her open the door, sigh and shut it again.

I was fuming as I walked in no particular place. I just walked. I needed to breath. Okay stiles calm down. Maybe it wasn’t like that, maybe she’s sorry. Who am i kidding. She meant what she did. I looked around and noticed I was a block away from y/ns house. Mine as well.

I walk up and debate actually knocking. I know she knows I’m here. She always got feeling like that. Whenever someone was hurt or near. It was weird, she always told me it was her powers, I think it’s just a fantastic talent. Hell with it, if she knows I’m here than why hasn’t she opened her door with her hand on her hip playfully scowling at me. I decide against waiting for more time and ouch open her front door.

“Y/n. I’m here” I say moving towards the kitchen.

“Why exactly are you here?” She says from right behind me. I jump and spin quickly, only for her to be back to the front of me. I spin back around only to find she was back behind me.

“WOULD YOU QUIT” I yell as she lets out a small giggle.

“Fine. Now what do you want?” Her mood changes almost instantly and she looks angry.

“A friend?”

“Oh is Malia not your friend. Scott’s not you’re friend? Lydia? Liam? Your dad? Literally anyone else besides me?”

“Maila cheated on me and everyone hates me” I say slouching down on her couch.

“Oh my god stiles I’m so sorry. I didn’t know she cheated. When?” She sat beside me

“15 minutes ago?”

“Awe Stiles. I have some left over Chinese in my fridge. You pick a movie and I’ll grab us food.” She quickly stood up on her way to the kitchen. I began following her.

“Y/n, you don’t have to”

“Well I’m going to. So shut the hell up and pick a good movie stilinski.” She says pulling food out of the fridge.

“No. I won’t. Me and you are going to talk. And if you don’t wanna talk then you’re going to listen. Y/n i am so sorry I didn’t tell you about Malia, I just, she was the only girl to ever show me affection and I needed that. I’d never had it and I wanted so bad no matter where it came from. When I found out it was her she told she promised she didn’t know and that she would never do anything like that again.”

“But you see stiles, I wanted to give you affection and love more then anything in the world. All I wanted was you. And Im sorry I didn’t tell you about Malia.” She looked at her floor but I swear I saw a tear.

“What do you mean? You knew she was cheating?” I grow confused at what y/n was saying.

“Yeah. I came back about a week ago. But I knew before then. I was in the store and I saw her. She was buying condoms with some guy we went to high school with, ugh Ricky or something? Anyway I confronted her and she said she want sleeping with him and that he was her cousin. I knew that was a lie because her aura changed and I could just sense it. I’m really sorry”

“That’s not your fault”

“You know they’ve been sleeping together for about a month and a half? Disgusting. That’s why I’m the day of our big fight, I told her what I told her. That once she realizes other people have what she’s looking for. She’ll go to them.”

“How did you know?”

“I’m a witch stiles. I know everything” she says rolling her eyes.

“Do you know what I’m about to do next?”

“How would I-”

I cut her off with my lips. At first she pulled me closer than she pushed me away.

“Stiles no. You’re just upset and I refuse to be a rebound.”

“I thought you knew everything y/n. If you did you’d know that I realized I love you. I was on my way to tell Malia we were over. Because I only want you” I grab her cheeks and kiss her again.

I feel her smile and kiss me back. This is how’s it’s supposed to be.