95th rifles

A Battle of Waterloo period Model 1805 Baker Rifle being fired in slow motion
Slow motion film of a reproduction Model 1805 Baker Rifle of the Battle of Waterloo period being fired at the Royal Armouries Museum. The effects of the proj...

This is such a well-produced video demonstrating the extraordinary effects that come from firing a flintlock firearm. Good work Royal Armouries and boy I do like firing these weapons.

Cool painting I came across of the 95th Rifles. One of the most distinguished Regiments in the British Army it fought in the Napoleonic Wars from Copenhagen to Waterloo and earned many battle honors. They wore green coats in an army of red and this lead to their nickname of “Green jackets”. The famous Baker rifle and the sword bayonet were there weapon and they were the elite soldiers of their day and were some of the best British soldiers during the Napoleonic Wars.


Australian re-enactors test the accuracy of the Baker Rifle.


I piss myself everytime I see this… What a fun time :) Never be tired, dehydrated and drunk and watch Shaun of the Dead!


I’ll make a man out of you from Mulan to Richard Sharpe and the 95th rifles

Sean Bean Wants to do Musicals?

But he bloody won’t! He will don his Rifleman’s jacket, pick up his Baker rifle and Heavy Cavalry Sabre, get Daragh O'Malley and the rest of the chosen men back together and rain hell down upon the French!

He didn’t kill and loot the body of the Tippoo Sultan save the life of Lord Wellington, capture an Imperial Eagle, successfully assault the breach at Badajoz and drive off the French Imperial Guard at Waterloo, just to prance around and sing on stage!


@falltvseasonsherlock is running Miniseries March this month and here’s my contribution for week 1!

1994 was an interesting year for me: GCSE exams and bonding with my mother over the hawtness of Sharpe on the telly (the original being Sean Bean, of course).

Pretty sure there are a lot of us who would love to see Rupert Graves swaggering about in a 95th Rifles uniform :D

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What is your favorite instance of a real-life gun in fiction? Personally, I love just the decked-out walther p38 from the man from UNCLE.

Can’t decide, so I have couple

I love Have Gun Will Travel, a classic but gritty western from the late 50’s and early 60’s.  His guns are neat too.

The Paladin Custom Colt Single Action Army with elongated barrel, perfectly balanced, a special rifling twist for superior accuracy, and one ounce trigger (which is actually impossible).

Paladin also carried a concealed derringer just in case…

Shoutout also to the Matthew Quiqley Sharps in .45-110 from Quigley Down Under.

And then of course there is the British Flintlock Baker rifle used by the 95th rifles in the Sharps Rifles series,

as well as the badass Nock Volley Gun carried by badass Sgt. Maj. Harper.