95th rifles

A Battle of Waterloo period Model 1805 Baker Rifle being fired in slow motion
Slow motion film of a reproduction Model 1805 Baker Rifle of the Battle of Waterloo period being fired at the Royal Armouries Museum. The effects of the proj...

This is such a well-produced video demonstrating the extraordinary effects that come from firing a flintlock firearm. Good work Royal Armouries and boy I do like firing these weapons.


I’ll make a man out of you from Mulan to Richard Sharpe and the 95th rifles

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You like Bernard Cornwell!?!? I'm doing a homebrew IG regiment based on the 95th Rifles! You're gonna love this.

Absolutely! I read Sharpe aged 11 and it had a huge effect on me. My Masters/current PhD is mostly in Early Modern British military history partly because of him. 

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What is your favorite instance of a real-life gun in fiction? Personally, I love just the decked-out walther p38 from the man from UNCLE.

Can’t decide, so I have couple

I love Have Gun Will Travel, a classic but gritty western from the late 50’s and early 60’s.  His guns are neat too.

The Paladin Custom Colt Single Action Army with elongated barrel, perfectly balanced, a special rifling twist for superior accuracy, and one ounce trigger (which is actually impossible).

Paladin also carried a concealed derringer just in case…

Shoutout also to the Matthew Quiqley Sharps in .45-110 from Quigley Down Under.

And then of course there is the British Flintlock Baker rifle used by the 95th rifles in the Sharps Rifles series,

as well as the badass Nock Volley Gun carried by badass Sgt. Maj. Harper.

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I've been digging around online for "oldest veterans" photos and found some of Grand Armee soldiers and some Americans from the War of Independence but I couldn't find any of British soldiers before Crimea. Have you run across any from earlier?

Yes in fact, I do believe I can be of some help. Below we have;

A Peninsula War veteran and his wife

Waterloo veterans

A 95th Rifles veteran

A certain Duke of Wellington…

And my favourite veteran photo; a Confederate veteran standing in front of a fighter jet in the 1950s. In fairness he may have been a fraud (censuses say he was born in 1860), but none the less, this is a man who was around for smoothbore muskets and cannons, and is now in front of a jet…