fluffy vmin things
  • finger hearts and air kisses 
  • playground dates during the day, noraebang dates at night 
  • endless heartfelt compliments
  • taehyung straddling jimin while he’s sleeping and demanding he wake up and give him attention
  • using over the top aegyo to make each other smile
  • derpy couple selcas as their phone wallpapers
  • singing to each other instead of talking
  • taehyung buying snacks he thinks jimin will like
  • jimin resting his head in taehyung’s lap while they talk about their day
  • always hugging, kissing, or touching in some way
  • matching snapbacks, sunglasses, and hoodies
  • jimin murmuring “tae-tae…” while they’re cuddling and tae knowing it means he wants a kiss
  • constantly flirting, esp in public
  • ready to show any willing person pics of each other
  • taehyung blowing on a heap of noodles before feeding them to jimin
  • jimin pulling out his phone and recording tae whenever he starts acting silly, only to join him a few minutes later

taehyung’s letter to jimin~ our 95z ♥