The governor just stated if you can’t get out of any mandatory evacuation, whether for fuel or any reason at all, call 1-800-955-5504, right now! The’ll help if you don’t have money, if you have pets, etc. They want you to call NOW because there is time to help you.

(I guess signal boosting this is an upside to being subjected to the weather channel while living utterly landlocked.)

As Irma approaches the U.S, some people still haven’t evacuated yet due to disabilities and/or problems with transportation. For those in Florida who have trouble evacuating, call the number 1-800-955-5504. Please spread this around!!! This can really save a life.

If you are in an evacuation area and do not have the fuel or ability to get out, call 1-800-955-5504

It is a dedicated transportation hotline for Florida residents who are unable to leave on their own. Please reblog for visibility! The storm will start affecting the Keys as early as tomorrow night!

For all Floridians
The governor just stated if you can’t get out of any mandatory evacuation, whether for fuel or any reason at all, call 1-800-955-5504. He said they will do anything in their power to help get anyone in a mandatory evacuation area out. Even if you are elderly, disabled, have pets, have no money, any reason at all they will get you and your loved ones out.
Feel free to share with any an all that may need this info!

To those in the path of Irma

Hotlines (please message me to correct any errors)

  • Disaster Distress Hotline : 1-800-985-5996
  • Florida Emergency Information Hotline: 1-800-343-3557
  • Florida Transportation Hotline (for those who are unable to evacuate during mandatory evacuation) : 1-800-955-5504

•Packing for evacuation

  • roll up your clothes when you pack, this makes the clothes compact and allows you to be able to pack more things into your bag
  • be sure to prepare emergency supplies and basic necessities – water, food (preferably dry canned/ready-to-eat foods like nuts or biscuits), first aid kid, torches with supply of batteries. And for the ladies, bring about 1-2 packs of pads/tampons to last you. You never know when the supplies will run out
  • have with you a battery-opperated radio to keep you informed on the situation


  • evacuate immediately when authorities tell you to do so
  • i’m not really sure if this is needed but Morse Code wld be very useful, especially SOS

•if there is any other things to be added on, please do message me


1000 Feelings For Which There Are No Names Prompt Challenge

This is a prompt challenge @suddenclarityharry had the inspiration for after reading some of the feelings described in the book 1000 Feelings For Which There Are No Names.  Participants pick a random number between 1 and 1000 and have to use the feeling described to write a short fic in a week’s time!  We hope you enjoy reading them as much as we enjoyed writing them.

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The Stereotype

 Requested by anon: Drabble #7 with eric from divergent plsss 

 Pairing: Eric Coulter X Reader

 Word count: 955

 Drabble: Everyone keeps telling me you’re the bad guy.

 Things are different now. That was the first thing they told you when you jumped off the net. A brand new initiation with new possibilities. Thanks to those “possibilities” you’re standing here, in the leader’s office, waiting for Max.

 You’re a very good fighter. The best among the transfers, and better than half of the Dauntless-born. Someone saw something good on you. You hope this person is right.

 “Among all those kids, Four had to choose a little girl.”

 You look at the door behind you to see him. Eric. It makes sense. He’s your instructor and a leader. Max wouldn’t lose his time with the initiates.

 “It’s you, then.” The smile that comes to his lips seems honest and that surprises you. “I’ve seen you fight. You’re good. (Y/N), am I right?”


 “Very good. That’s how it’ll work.” He sits down in his huge chair, making eye contact all the time. You can’t help but feel uncomfortable. “You’ll train with the other initiates until lunch. Then with me until dinner. That means…”

 “I’ll have to train even harder.” You cut him off, shyly avoiding his gaze. Those blue eyes can make you melt, somehow you know that. “Four already told me that.”

 “Great. Meet me here tomorrow after lunch. Don’t be late.” 

 “Maybe this opportunity isn’t a good thing for you.” Clary, your friend who came with you from Erudite is trying to change your mind. For two hours now. “Do you know Keenan? The Dauntless-born with green hair? He told me Eric punched his brother right in the face just because the man didn’t move out his way.”

 “I’ll just move then.” A laugh escapes your lips. “The thing is: I never thought about leadership. Now that I actually have a chance, I’ll fight for it.”

 “Eric is the bad guy, (Y/N). You need to understand that.” Clary makes you stop, right by the dormitory’s door. “He hanged five initiates over the chasm for something like disobeying his orders.”

 “Clar, I’ll be fine. Let’s get some sleep because tomorrow will be a long day.”

 Ignoring her response, you run the bathroom to take a shower before going to sleep.

 “(Y/N), can I talk to you?” Four calls you when you successfully hit your target. You gladly run to meet him, standing away from everyone.

 “What’s up?”

 “Eric.” It’s cute to see that he cares. Four has been a great friend since you came here. “You don’t like following rules, but you have to do what he says.” He takes a look around, probably just checking if the initiates aren’t trying to kill each other. “He’s dangerous. I thought he wouldn’t agree training you so I’d do myself. But for some reason, he wants to keep his eyes on you.”

 “Four, I’m thankful for your friendship and for your help. Clary wants me to give up because you know… It’s Eric. But I can handle it. I can handle him.” You give him a smile, kindly touching his arm. “I promise that I’ll tell you if anything happens.”

 “I’ll be here for you, but I won’t be physically there to help you. You have to keep in mind that Eric is the bad…”

 “(Y/N)!” You turn around quickly to face Eric, staring at you from the other side of the training room. “You’re fighting now.”

 “See you around, Four.”

 You take your time during lunch, enjoying the small talk with the other initiates. Clary keeps giving you tips on “how to deal with Eric Dauntless Leader Coulter”. When Four calls, you say goodbye to your friends, running to the leader’s office.

 Guess what you see when you get there? The worst person of this cruel faction drinking coffee peacefully. You clean your throat after opening the door quietly, not wanting to bother him or something.

 “You’re late.”

 “No, I’m not. Four can prove it.” It comes out before you can think, and the image of your body hanging over the chasm fills your mind.

 “Four. You like him.” It isn’t a question, but you don’t know why Eric is saying this. What Four has to do with this situation?

 “Of course I do. We’re kinda friends.” You sit before him, playing with a black pen, pretending to draw on his desk. “He helps me. He actually helps everyone who needs him.”

 “What about me?”

 It does make you freeze. Eric’s icy eyes are locked on yours. You search on your memories for a reason. Since the first day, you’ve been trying your best and being successful. You know Eric pays a lot of attention to you, but that’s just because you’re good at what you do.

 But that’s weird. What the hell he wants you to say?

 “About you what?” You struggle, trying not to stutter.

 “Four is your friend. What am I?”

 “My leader. My instructor.” You take a deep breath, letting the pen fall from your fingers. “And everyone keeps telling me you’re the bad guy.

 “Do you believe them?” Eric stands up, moving to sit on the chair beside you.

 “I don’t know yet.”

 “If you don’t give up I can show you that I’m more than a stereotype.”

 “Why?” You can’t help but smile. Eric’s very handsome and it makes you blush. Trying to keep your heartbeat steady, you avoid his gaze.

 “Because I kinda like you.” He imitates your tone when you were speaking about Four.

 “Well, I can’t promise you anything.”

 “Good thing I have time.” After giving you a smile that almost makes your heart melt, he goes back to his seat, grabbing a pile of papers. “Today we have paperwork.”

 You’d complain, but somehow you want to spend all the time you can with him.

#955. Instrument/musical ability headcanons:

Lana: Can play piano and guitar well enough to accompany her singing

Impa: Carries a harmonica around with her, plays to pass time between battles. Some of the soldiers have commented on her capability with the instrument.

Agitha: Plays the violin at a beginner level. Apparently the bugs are a supportive audience.

Darunia: Skilled with any percussion instrument.

Ruto: Shows some ability with a harp, but mostly prefers to sing.

Ghirahim: Tone-deaf, cannot play a note on anything.

Zant: Demonstrates a hidden talent for the theremin.

Cia: Has attempted to play every single instrument previously played by any incarnation of Link. So far, the ocarina is the only one she can carry a decent tune on. (and even then, the only reason people say she’s good is to avoid her wrath)

Volga: Actually quite adept with a saxophone.

Wizzro: Usually takes him about an hour before he gets the basics of any given instrument. Unfortunately, that’s about as skilled as he gets.

Midna/Twili Midna: Has attempted to use blades of grass in the vein of Twilight Princess!Link, but can’t really get a good sound out.

Linkle: Can play anything that Link (all incarnations) can, at a fairly similar level.

“The Gabriel/Hawkmoth x Marinette ship makes me so uncomfortable. I hate how people are trying to normalize pedophilia by saying “love can be any age.” No. Stop. And clearly Hawkmoth hates Ladybug and Ladybug hates Hawkmoth. Yes, Marinette looks up to Gabriel, but that is completely different than “love.” Why ship a 40+ year old man with a girl 13-15 years old? It’s disgusting. It’s unhealthy. Sorry not sorry.” 

ATTN: Irma evacuees!

From my aunt:


All Florida people evacuating to the panhandle who can’t find or afford a hotel, Baldwin County (near the Florida/Alabama line) just approved to open up a 44,000 sq ft building (address is 19477 Fairground Rd, Robertsdale AL, 36547. (251)947-3247. It has kitchens, bathrooms and will hold 2000 people comfortably and up to 5000 if needed. They also have outside shelters made for pets etc. They are setting things up and will be open tomorrow for those in need of shelter!

TIP: if you are evacuating, take bed linens and blankets/pillows. If you have to go to a shelter, those things are often not available for everyone.

1-800-955-5504. Hotline just issued. If you need to get out & cannot for whatever reason, money, gas, traffic, etc - Governor says to CALL NOW, DO NOT WAIT, they will come get you!!!

PLEASE copy, paste and share!!