A Grand Scheme For Love Possibly Ruined By The Asshole K-2SO

Cassian Andor/ Reader

Words: 1,952

Summary: A little droid tells you (well, you bribed him) that Cassian has a crush on you. You have just the plan to get Cassian to tell you straight up. 

Prompt: “ Where the reader tries to make cassian jealous by accepting a date right in front of him. So that cassian could admit his feelings or something like that.”

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Author’s notes: Yeah, I feel like the title is a Bit misleading but in fairness this is one of my “quirkier” fics. It’s a bit silly and over the top but like! You’ll have a good time. I’m terrible @ wrting about jealousy bc i feel like it aint healthy pero…im also jealous at times? im a hippocrates. Created a minor OMC, too. I used a Star Wars name generator to come up w/ his name lmaoo

You always had a seeping suspicion that a certain captain had a crush on you.

Captain Cassian Andor. The intelligence officer and one of the best pilots on base has a crush on you.

Asking him directly would lead him to flat out deny your claim. That’s when you decide to approach what seems like one of his only friends on base, his droid, K-2SO.

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From Jabir [رضي الله عنه] who said that the Messenger of Allaah [ﷺ] said:

«لَوْ أَنَّ ابْنَ آدَمَ هَرَبَ مِنْ رِزْقِهِ كَمَا يَهَرَبُ مِنَ الْمَوْتِ؛ لَأَدْرَكَهُ رِزْقُهُ كَمَا يُدْرِكُهُ الْمَوْتُ»

❝If the son of Adam were to flee from his Rizq [provision] just as he flees from death, then his Rizq would catch him up just like death catches up with him.❞

[Sh. Albaani: ‘Hasan’ In Saheehah, (No.952) ]


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We Were Married Last Christmas [Part 4 / 13]

In collaboration with @pleasecallmecaptain for December, we’ll be providing you with a daily drabble series from each of us. I’ll be posting on the odd days until Christmas day!

Pairing: Bucky x OC!Reader

Warnings: Explicit Language

Word Count: 952

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Once Bucky left, you got ready and went into the garage to track down the safe that was mentioned in the mission folder. You shoved aside a dusty and incredibly heavy trunk to find the waist-high locker as promised, it was a dark-grey color and didn’t have a single speck of dust on it, and that meant the safe hadn’t been here for long.

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Straight White Boy Problem #952

Bro: on a scale of 1 to 10, how hot do you think katie is?

me: she’s a 6 but her personality is a 10

Bro: you can’t keep saying all these girls have 10s for personalities

Me: dude…of course i can! Katie, Megan and Rachel are all fun to hang out with bc they have great personalities!

Bro: so what am i? am I a 10?

Me: uhhh…..thats weird im not going to say anything

Bro: well I think you are a 10 because i love hanging out with you dude

Me: bro…..