95 percent sure he was about to lose it and cry

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Companions react to Sole actually using drugs heavily after blowing up the Institute.

Ada – She would understand completely why they were doing this, after all, when her friends died before Sole came along Ada did wish there was something she could do to numb the pain and the guilt. Although she would be concerned about their health after an extensive period of use and would probably try and approach someone else to try and talk some sense into Sole, considering she’s a robot and not at all in tune with how a human should deal with these troublesome emotions.

Cait – Cait will absolutely kick their ass. They’ve seen what she went through, they’ve seen how hard it was to finally get off the shit, and so to her it would be like a big slap in the face. She of course would understand the immense amount of pain Sole would be going through, after all, destroying the Institute and their son would not be easy for Sole, however if she can stay clean after what she’s been through her entire life…Sole really had no excuse. So she’ll damn well let them know they fucked up real bad. They may be the most important person in her entire life, but that would be all the more reason for them to make sure they look after themselves and even more of a reason as to why Cait would be furious. She would force them to choose, they either go with her back to Vault 95 or they lose her and keep the chems because she would not stay around with someone who could so easily let themselves go like that without any regard as to who else they will be hurting.

Curie – She would get very frustrated with Sole, after all they have been through together, have they learned nothing from her? She would see them as such an important person, both to her and to the numerous other people in the Commonwealth relying on them and as such she would be very disappointed that they could just throw that all away. Of course, she would know and sympathise with what Sole has had to do, knowing that it was a great personal sacrifice – one that most certainly would not come easy – yet to her, it didn’t give them any excuse to go and senselessly throw their lives away. Sole mattered too much to do that, so Curie would make it her personal mission to try and help them deal with their grief and guilt in a less self-destructive manner.

Codsworth – He would be just as heartbroken as Sole when he finds out what they had to do. He would know it was necessary and would be an incredibly hard thing for Sole to have done, but he would not at all support their now heavy reliance upon chems to get through the day. After all, if he should lose what remained of his family, then he would be well and truly left alone in this barren wasteland and that prospect scared the heck out of him. He cared deeply for Sole and so, like Curie, Codsworth would take it upon himself to try and get them to see reason before it is too late. So many people were relying on them, including himself, and if need be he would gently attempt to hint at what Nate/Nora would think of their substance abuse to try and get them to snap out of it.

Danse – He would not tolerate their newfound hobby in the slightest. They were required and relied upon by so many people, including himself, and he would make sure they remember that each time they plunge the needle or take a breath from an inhaler. To some extent, Danse could understand why it was they felt so guilty and depressed, but he saw that as no excuse to simply just throw their life away for some temporary relief that was slowly killing them from the inside out. Tough love would be his game plan and he would not change from that until Sole gets clean.

Deacon – Knowing everything that he did about Sole’s dynamic with the Institute, Deacon wasn’t really surprised when he found out they now rely heavily on chems. He would be somewhat disappointed, but would know that there is always a light at the end of the tunnel and until Sole gets to that point, Deacon would always back them up a hundred percent. He’d drop hints now and then suggesting they get clean, such as “Oh an addictol! Here Sole, I have a feeling that by some uncanny twist of fate I’ll take a hit and become addicted to it. It’s better off in your hands.” If that doesn’t work, he’d directly confront them about it and would try to get them to realise how much everybody cares.

Hancock – This guy right here was probably the one to introduce Sole to chems in the first place and to say he would feel guilty about it when he found out the extent of their addiction would be a huge understatement. It would be because of that why Hancock would make it is personal mission to get Sole clean, even if they told him he was a hypocrite or whatever else they could come up with to try and get him to back off. Sole meant too much to him to simply just let them do it to themselves and if getting them clean costed him their close friendship, he’d do it, knowing that they were too important to too many people to throw their life away like that.

MacCready – He wouldn’t be able to comprehend the pain of losing Duncan, he wouldn’t even want to attempt to try and imagine the amount of hurt that would cause him, so he would understand at first why Sole turned to chems to make it through the day after destroying the Institute and their son. However, after a prolonged period of time and if Sole still hasn’t gotten clean, MacCready would take it upon himself to try and get them to flush it out of their system. It was the least he could do to try and help his closest friend, after all, hanging out in a place like the Third Rail had given him a front row seat as to what chems could do to a person and he definitely would not want that for Sole. If they fought him on the matter, he would get angry and would probably try to enlist the help of other close friends of Sole’s to get them to change their ways before he loses his cool. He’d care too much about them to just stand idly by and watch as they slowly deteriorate.

Nick Valentine – The detective would be disappointed in Sole, thinking that they knew better than to believe chems of all things could solve their problems. He could sympathise with them yes, but that didn’t mean he’d go easy on them. He’d take the role of a father whose just been let down by his kid, tough love and all that in the hopes that they’d wise up and wash their hands of that filth. Nick would not be able to stand by and watch the best damn thing that happened to the Commonwealth crumble under the weight of their guilt. If Sole need a shoulder to cry on, Nick would be there. If Sole needed a kick up the butt to get moving in their life, Nick and his boot would be there. Through thick and thin.

Piper Wright – The reporter would not be very happy with Sole but never would she turn her back to them, even if they became another chem junkie. To her, Sole was one of the best people in the Commonwealth, so selfless and compassionate, and it was only natural for someone who had worked themselves so hard to crumble every now and then. Piper could understand that – especially with what they had to do to the Institute and Shaun – but she would expect them to bounce back and return to who they were before all that happened. If they didn’t, Piper would not rest until her trusty Blue is back and if that requires her to literally force feed them Addictol and Refreshing Beverages every day then that’s what Piper would do.

Preston Garvey – The Minuteman Lieutenant would be all too familiar with finding oneself in that deep, dark pit of self-loathing and guilt and would be one of the few companions to really get where Sole was coming from. What had kept him going was Sole, they had given him hope and a reason to live, to get through it all and so Preston would want to desperately return the favour before Sole gets themselves deeper into their abuse of chems. He would start by keeping them in the one settlement, telling them that he just knows Gunners or the like will attack at any given day. He’d literally say anything to keep them in that settlement with him so he could keep an eye on them. He’d stop the caravans before entering and request that they leave their chems under guard at the gate so Sole can’t further their addiction, making sure that they stock plenty of addictol just in case Sole sobers up enough to take the first step on their own. If not, Preston would be there to guide them every step of the way.