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What are the things you like the most about Orphan Black? Like, the show in general (?). For example, I like the fact that there is a lot of diversity in it :). Sorry if I say something wrong because I'm not an English speaker so ?? I love your blog very much by the way c:

Oh man what do I like most…[sweats nervously]

Well I love the accurate depiction of science and scientists. As someone who has been immersed in the world of biological research for the pasat 8 years, I am often frustrated by the way scientists are depicted on screen, as well as the inaccuracies these shows and movies can just get away with in regards to science. But on Orphan Black, scientists are seen as real people and not just token nerds (I mean they’re nerdy but they’re more than that), and the science is super real, even though it’s a sci-fi show. (My one criticism of the science world on OB is the complete lack of Asian people because let’s be real here Asian people, especially Chinese people, make up the vast majority of like 95% of labs I’ve ever been in).

I also love love love the women on the show. So often women in media aren’t given the opportunity to be three-dimensional, and if one is then no other female on the show would dare be given that respect. But on OB basically every female character right down to Kira is show as multi-faceted, flawed, with no distinct all-good or all-bad in them. That’s just super realistic and I love it! It also makes watching any other TV show painful because I am so aware of the lack of awesome ladies.

And in connection with that I love how Orphan Black shows that there are many different types of women, and no one type of woman is better than the other. We see Alison who is a typical suburban housewife and we see Sarah who is a con artist and punk rock hoe, yet they are both given equal respect as mothers. We see Cosima who is the typical type of booksmart and we see Mrs. S. who is the most street smart woman ever, and they are both treated with respect in regards to their intelligence, showing us that there are many different types of intelligence and women can exhibit any of those types and be equally respectable.

I just love this show!!!!