Kylo Ren Imagine- The Force


‘Request a kylo where he’s been dating the reader a long time and suddenly she becomes force sensitive?’

You wander the cavernous halls of the Star Killer base in search of something to do. Knowing that it is a bad time to bother Kylo for he is having a meeting with the General and Phasma to discuss their plans for the next few days. Lately you  have felt secluded from anything that goes on here. 

At the end of the hall stands a stormtrooper who looks like they are guarding the door behind them. You walk up to the trooper and engage them in a light conversation, prying for information about what is behind the door.

“Hello Fn-9472.”

“Hello (y/n). What can I help you with?” 

“Oh nothing in particular, just seeing how everything is going today.”

“All is well.”

“Something big about to happen?”

“What do you mean?”

“Well it seems that you are guarding the door. What’s inside.” 

“I don’t have the authority to tell you.”

“But I have the authority to ask Fn-9472.” 

“I was not authorized by Kylo Ren, Captain Phasma, or General Hux to release this information so I am of no help to you.” 

“Considering I am Kylo’s girlfriend, I know you have the authority to tell me.” 

“(y/n) I can’t.” 

“Fn-9472, this is an order!” 

“I am going to have to ask you to leave.” 

The stormtrooper clicks his blaster in place, the sound of it heating up ringing in your ear. Out of fear or anger you raise your hand. Unexpectedly the stormtrooper falls to the ground, his blaster sliding against the floor. You retract your hand and ball your fist, holding it against your chest. Kneeling down next to the stormtrooper you pick up his hand, but when you let go it falls right back to the ground. 

Standing up, you stare down at the figure on the ground. You turn around and dash down the hall, the lights blur above you. Panting all the way, you fling the door open. All eyes are on you as you interrupt the important meeting. It looks as if they were arguing over something from the looks of Hux’s beat red face. None of that was important though.

“Kylo. Kylo. Kylo. Kylo.” you rush into the room. 

You fling yourself in his arms which causes him to lose his balance for a moment. Nudging your head against the bulky fabric covering his chest and curl your arms tightly around his thin torso. Tucking your head under his, he rests his chin on the top of your head and curls his arm around your shaking frame. Your whole body twitches as you cry, letting out all of your mixed emotions. 

“If you could give us a minute.” Kylo signals the others to leave. 

The room clears out leaving just you and Kylo. He can feel the tension radiating off of your body. Knowing you, he can tell how uncomfortable and distressed you are. One of his hands raises up to his head, and you hear the seal break on his mask. His curly locks brush against the top of your head as his hand recoils itself around you. 

“(y/n), what’s wrong.” 

“Kylo, I… And.. Stormtrooper… Wrong… Me.” is all that he can make out of your incoherent babbling. 

“(Y/n) calm down.” his voice bellows in a soft hum. 

His strong hand begins to rub small circles against your back in an attempt to calm you down. Slowly your tears subside. 

“Now tell me what’s wrong?” 

“I don’t even know Kylo! A stormtrooper and I were talking and we got into an argument.” 

“What’s got you so upset?”

“I was so angry at him and I just waived my hand and the next thing I knew he was on the floor and wasn’t getting up. And before you can question me, because I know what you are thinking, I don’t know what is wrong with me.” 

“I can feel it.” 

“Feel what?” you look up at his eyes. 

“A connection. The force is strong.” 

“Me, no that can’t be!” 

You stare at your trembling hands in horror. You never even dreamed of being force sensitive. As a child you would hear stories of the Jedi and the force but you wouldn’t believe them, dismissing them as a mere myth. Kylo sees the intimidation deep in your eyes. He takes a step closer to you and grabs your hand in his. He smiles at how cold your hands are, a quality that will forever be one of his favorites about you. You retract your hand out of fear of hurting him.

“Don’t be afraid (y/n). You have a special gift. I can train you in the ways of the force.” 

“I don’t want to be train. Kylo I’m scared.” 

“I know you are.” 

He goes to reach for you hand once again but you flinch away. Sadness floods his eyes as he looks at you. He has never seen you this unsure, so scared. He grabs your hand again, lacing his long fingers through your own. 

“You aren’t going to hurt me.” 

“But what if I do.” 

“You won’t.”

9472) I realized I was trans when young.

However given the community in which I was raised I supressed the thoughts and feelings till bout twenty. When I came out people said they had figured soon after they met me that I was trans, this response makes me feel like I was late to the party or some such.