459 The Contemplative

459 is one of the most socially withdrawn tritypes. This type needs to be able to take the time to be alone with their thoughts and feelings to sort through and better understand the outside world. 4 brings an emotional intensity as well as a rejection of pressures go conform itself to the world. 5 brings a depth of knowledge and a hunger for more that is hard to satisfy. Combined with 9’s preference for withholding judgement, this makes the 459 both a deep thinker and a deep feeler. 459s can be at risk of becoming too withdrawn from the world to the detriment of their own happiness when they begin to expect others to always reach out for them without ever reaching themselves.

(description by @naughty-nanny)




School Grade: Junior high school

This character was formerly written 觸, a combination of 角 horn and 蜀 caterpillar. Here 蜀 is a phonetic element expressing “make contact,” while lending its own connotations of a bug clinging to a leaf. Originally 觸 referred to “horns making contact” with something, i.e. “goring.” In Japanese, this led to the current meanings of “make contact” in a broader sense, including “feel” and “touch.” In the modern form, 虫 insect has replaced 蜀 caterpillar.