94 block


“It was almost my bday and I want 2 get myself somethin nice” haul 💅💅💅
Lmfao with the VS Angel makeup bags it was fuckin hilarious I just took them from the display and calmly walked out 😂


✨Pink Angel oversized trio - $69
✨Eau De Toilette x3 (Love Spell, Sheer Love, Pure Seduction) - $220
✨Gold Passport holder - $89
✨Pink Foldover wallet with card case (genuine leather) - $175
✨Beauty Rush shimmer lip gloss (indulgence) - $13.55
💎Total $563💎


✨Bobbi Brown creamy under eye concealer duo - $52
✨Stila stay all day liquid eyeliner - $33
💎Total $85💎


✨Black cat eye sunglasses - $70
✨Ivory gold bar sunglasses - $70
✨Soft gold pearl Bobby pins - $15
✨Soft gold metal clip set - $25
✨Soft gold minimalist rings x2 - $50
✨Black gold plated hair ties - $13
💎Total $243💎


✨Ponte flare skirt (navy) - $40
✨Denim flare skirt (black) - $50
✨ No.70 Light purple socks - $10
💎Total $100💎


✨Metal rollerball pen x2 - $30
✨Rollerball pen Kontor (soft pink & soft blue x3 - $60
✨Everyday gel pen - $4
💎Total $94💎


✨Sennheiser noise blocking ear phones - $70
✨Forever New gold plated bar earrings - $20
✨Cotton On Body low cut grey socks x2 - $10
✨Bottled water - $4
✨Guess light rose wallet $89
✨Zara russet socks - $16
✨H&M Ruffle collar shirt - $15
✨H&M Cream ribbed turtle neck - $15
💎Total $239💎

✨💎 OVERALL TOTAL $1,324 💎✨

Total total from 1 / 4 / 16 is now $6,901.35 hellaaaa 💖💖💖

anonymous asked:

this is going to be a little personal so you don't have to answer it but - i move to the bay in 96 and was in los altos. i know i was younger then, but i didn't think palo alto was all that bad back then. where the heck were you? the danger of palo alto in the 90s is news.

My parents lived in East Palo Alto from 1985-94, a couple blocks where the IKEA is now.  EPA was at it’s worst crime-wise during the late eighties and early nineties, but things had gotten drastically better by the late nineties, which is probably why you don’t remember it much.  The area is still somewhat sketchy and prone to very sectionalized gang violence but WAAAAY better than it used to be. Even at it’s worst, EPA was no LA or Detroit, and 98% of the people you’d meet were perfectly fine, but the gangs in the area were really prone to gun violence and turf wars.  Today it’s actually a pretty nice place, apparently.

The thing that actually got my parents to move was 1. better jobs for both of them, but more curiously 2. harassment by my babysitter’s stalker, of all things.


The Minneapolis and Baton Rouge #BlackLivesMatter protests brought cities to a screeching halt

On Saturday night, Interstate 94 in Minnesota was blocked off by Black Lives Matter protestors in response to the murder of Philando Castile. In Baton Rouge, according to Black Lives Matter members present, the protestors’ peace wasn’t matched by law enforcement.


We’re occupying the
4th precinct police station over North Mpls until they release the surveillance cam videos and answer to demands. Jamar Clark was unjustly killed: he was handcuffed and facedown and shot by the cops in front of his neighborhood community. They deserve to know the answers. Last night I was among the 8 juveniles and 43 total people arrested and held for blocking I-94 traffic in protest of this racist murder. The family deserves an investigation. Black people deserve justice. #Justice4Jamar #BlackLivesMatter