Klance fanfic reclist (oneshots-2)

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you mark everything i do (oneshot - 5904 words) by steelthighsvoideyes - Keith and Lance get each other’s paladin symbols tattooed over their hearts.

Mr. Flirt (oneshot - 3703 words) by somethingaboutamoose - The team constantly interferes with Lance’s flirting, so he redirects his pickup lines to Keith.

something a loser would say (oneshot - 2353 words) by princei - During a game of hide-and-seek, Lance and Keith share a hiding spot.

First Day of My Life (oneshot - 9445 words) by eso (cazzy) - College AU ft. bedsharing.

“Platonic” Antagonism, or, the Unfortunate Versatility of the English Language (oneshot - 6207 words) by obstinateRixatrix - Lance teases Keith about having a crush on him.

Should I Stand up on Fear (and Tell You How I Feel) (oneshot - 10130 words) by Lulatic - Keith’s afraid of deep water, and Lance doesn’t realize.  Also has a sequel.

five times someone didn’t know keith and lance were dating, and one time everyone did (oneshot - 4319 words) by Shorty - What It Says On The Tin.

Days Like Today (oneshot - 3159 words) by literal_trashbaby - Lance has a bad day, and Keith notices.

Today and everyday (oneshot - 2707 words) by itried - Keith tries to propose to Lance.

Below Zero (oneshot - 8875 words) by Stitchlips - Trapped on an ice planet, Keith and Lance try to survive.

Riptide (oneshot - 11913 words) by songsofthespring - Keith is a photographer, and Lance is a surfer.

Voltrain (oneshot - 7066 words) by arialsal - Petstore AU.

you meme a lot to me (oneshot - 1878 words) by kraykei - Keith’s boyfriend is affectionate on social media.

Summer Campfires and Moonlit Lakes (oneshot - 7336 words) by 5557 - Camp counselor AU.

If I Don’t Have You, You Know I’d Go Crazy Without You (oneshot - 5677 words) by bettiqua - In order for he and Lance to escape from a Galran prison, Keith’s plan is to kill someone. (warning: unhealthy relationship)

how will you know it’s good (because you never do) (oneshot - 4913 words) by mayerwien - Keith and Lance clarify some details regarding their relationship; part of a series.

A Touch of Christmas (oneshot - 8709 words) by princedeadend - Thanks to Lance, Keith grows accustomed to physical contact.

you raise me up (oneshot - 15146 words) by rhapsodyinpink - Lance invites Keith to dance with him at Lance’s sister’s wedding.

For the Soul (oneshot - 4835 words) by kali_asleep - When Lance gets sick, Keith tries to help.

you never stood a chance (oneshot - 12221 words) by kagshina - Lance accidentally sends Keith an embarrassing snapchat.

Take Me Away (oneshot - 9396 words) by Kaorusan241 - Lance is an astronomy student with a grudge, and Keith works at a takeout place.

just like that (oneshot - 9691 words) by varelsen - Lance comes to terms with being bi.

Final Destination (oneshot - 15435 words) by KaSaPe - Keith is stuck sitting next to a stranger [Lance] on a plane for 7 hours.

Would You Like Fries With That? (oneshot - 15980 words) by DeerstalkerDeathFrisbee - High school AU; Keith works the midnight shift at Burger King, and Lance isn’t doing well in English class.

Honeymooning (oneshot - 3002 words) by Methoxyethane - Hunk somehow keeps getting caught in the middle of romantic moments between Keith and Lance; part of a series.

Lance is the trophy (oneshot - 5783 words) by Queerswimming - Keith can’t handle people flirting with Lance, and he also can’t back down from a challenge.

suave and charming as heck (oneshot - 5316 words) by Lance_WhyUAlwaysLion - Lance thinks he’s a pro at flirting until someone flirts back.

so how do we win? (oneshot - 9398 words) by bwyn - Asexual office romance.

Not According to Plan (oneshot - 8221 words) by CrossMyDNA - After ending their friends-with-benefits relationship, Keith and Lance go on a date.

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9396) So, one of my instructors at school found out I'm trans, she immediately asked my pronouns and preferred name.

She ordered me a new name tag with it on there and I am so thankful to have her support. This will be good for me :). Especially since I can’t really present at home, at least I have this outlet at school.