9366) My one friend, she's always been polite and has gendered correctly, but the other day I had a sloppy day because I was feeling ill and I didn't bother dressing up.

Then she asked “So did you go back to being a guy?” She didn’t mean it maliciously so I don’t resent her for it but she also didn’t seem to understand that no, I’m still the same woman I was before, just not in a skirt. It’s not like cis women become men when they have sloppy days.

Allen Hospital opens special care room for sexual assault victims
By Christinia Crippes

One of the 32 emergency department rooms at Allen Hospital is unlike the others.

A locked door with a small frosted window separates the room from the rest of the department rather than a glass sliding door, which is the first clue that it’s unique. Once inside, the soft colors – mostly pale blue and lilac – and vibrant nature scenes featured throughout the room give a calming, comforting vibe.

But despite its beauty, the special care room is one that no should have to spend any time in.

The tucked-away but not hidden special care room has been serving sexual assault victims for about the last month, but it officially opened with an open house Thursday.

“I think it’s something that people feel uncomfortable talking about or are afraid to talk about, and I think that when we start talking about it, it’s going to make things a lot easier and better for them (sexual assault survivors),” said Rachael Lindaman, a sexual assault nurse examiner, or SANE, at the hospital.

The trees of Lake Kaindy, Kazakhstan

Lake Kaindy (Kazakh: Қайыңды көлі, Qayındı köli) is 400 metres long and reaches depths near 30 metres in some areas. It is 129 km ESE of the city of Almaty, Kazakhstan and is 2,000 metres above sea level. The lake is very young; it formed after the 1911 Kebin earthquake triggered a limestone landslide which blocked the gorge and flooded the trees. The trees you see in the photo are dried-out trunks of submerged Picea schrenkiana and are not yet decayed.


Photo credit: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/c/c2/IMG_9366-Kaindy-e.jpg
Read more: http://www.kazakhstandiscovery.com/kaindy.html#ixzz1z5gdTMbL;
See more photos (and Russians fishing) here: http://englishrussia.com/2010/03/02/ice-diving-in-kazakhstan/

Angelina Jolie’s lawyer has given us a reason for her split from Brad Pitt, and we’re bummed

Angelina Jolie’s lawyer has given us a reason for her split from Brad Pitt, and we’re bummed

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Today’s been a day for heartbreak. Many of us woke up this morning to learn that long-term power couple (and honestly, #RelationshipGoals), Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have separated. Angelina filed papers Monday afternoon for a divorce, signifying the end of a decade-long love story. The two had only been married for two years, but had been together for almost TEN — and have six children together!

Immediately following this news, Brad released a statement to People explaining that while it’s, yes, a sad time, what “matters most now is the well being of our kids,” and we couldn’t agree more. It’s hard enough dealing with divorce, and now try dealing with it while you’re in the public’s eye. We’re sending nothing but love and support to Pax, Maddox, Zahara, Shiloh, Vivienne, and Knox Jolie-Pitt .

It also kinda sounds like the split was over these six kids. Angelina’s lawyer has commented that the split is simply “for the health of the family.”

No matter what, family should always come first, and keeping everyone happy, safe, and healthy is the main priority. So we’re glad to see that both Angelina and Brad appear to be putting their family first, even though it means it’s ending in heartbreak.

Jun Sato/Getty Images

We’ll probably never know the real and true reason behind the split, and that’s okay. They’re allowed to keep their private life private, and we respect that. But that’s not going to stop us from sending so much love their way right now


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This is the fastest VW Beetle in the world

(Speed Bug.VW)
The original Volkswagen Beetle was always surprisingly quick, for a diminutive two-door with a sub-100-horsepower engine — 60 mph to 70 mph. The New Beetle, which arrived in the late 1990s, dramatically upped that, to around 130 mph from a modern four-cylinder motor that lived under the front hood and was liquid-cooled, not chilled by air like its grandfather.

But who knew that the Beetle had so much more to give, speed-wise?

On Monday, VW revealed a stunning milestone in a statement:

Volkswagen of America, Inc., … announced that its specially tuned Volkswagen Beetle LSR, powered by a 2.0-liter turbocharged, direct-injection four-cylinder TSI gasoline engine, has achieved 205.122 mph over a flying mile—the fastest speed ever recorded for a Beetle. The car was driven by Automobile magazine contributing Editor Preston Lerner on the famed Bonneville Salt Flats in Wendover, Utah, at the Utah Salt Flats Racing Association (USFRA) 2016 World of Speed event.

(The Salt Flats.VW)

The Bonneville Salt Flats is a legendary land-speed landscape. The surface is starkly uniform and vast, providing correctly equipped cars with an ideal canvas for painting a legacy in velocity.

It was, of course, no ordinary Beetle. 

“The suspension was lowered, special Salt Flat wheels and tires fitted, a limited-slip differential added to aid traction, and the interior was stripped and outfitted with full safety equipment, such as a rollcage, racing seat and harness, and a fire suppression system,” VW said in a statement. “Plus, to help slow the car down, the Beetle was fitted with a pair of parachutes.”

You won’t be able to threaten 200 miles per hour, but you can buy an R-Line Beetle for about $26,000, outfitted with a 210-horsepower engine that will get you to an electronically restricted 130 mph and rocket you from 0 to 60 mph in 6.6 seconds, according to VW. 

(That’s right.VW)

NOW WATCH: Reports say Volkswagen has agreed to buy back 500,000 cars — see if your car may be eligible

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Chinese, Russian navies depart for joint drill at sea

Beijing, Sep 15 (IANS) Chinese and Russian fleets sailed out of a port in Zhanjiang in China’s Guangdong province on Thursday to pre-determined waters for a joint naval drill.

The “Joint Sea 2016” drill, started on September 12 and will run until September 19, in three phases: preparation at port, exercise at sea and summary, Xinhua news agency reported.

China and Russia will present a total of 13 surface ships, two submarines, 11 fixed-wing aircraft, 10 ship-borne helicopters and amphibious armoured equipment as well as 256 marines in the drill.

In the preparation phase, participants from both sides carried out map deduction and discussion and marines from the two militaries conducted joint training.

The two sides will also undertake joint air defence, anti-submarine operations, coordinated three-dimensional island seizing, search and rescue, landing and examining, and weapon use.

The coordinated three-dimensional island seizing activity is jointly operated by the two militaries for the first time.

“The exercise shows a high level of mutual trust between the two navies,” said Zhang Junshe, a military expert.