It’s time for another episode of.. The (lost) Basement Tapes moments..  ;)

Eric is filming Dylan in his bedroom at 9351 Cougar Road…

Unfortunately for VoDkA, fashion malfunctions begin to occur…………………………………………………..

Dylan is wearing black BDU’s, a black t-shirt with “Wrath” in red print across the front.  

      He attaches black suspenders to his pants & also attaches a tan ammo type pouch to his belt or suspenders and a green canvas pouch to his right shin.

         He then removes some items from an open small suitcase/hard sided briefcase on the floor.

        He takes a sawed off shotgun and places it into a cargo pocket on his pants & then attaches it with webbing so that it stays in place.

        He has the Tec 9 on a sling over his shoulder.

He comments about his “50 round clip” and mentions smugly:

“you will find Brandon Larson head on my knife.”

The boys talk about writing poems “in (Judy) Kelly’s class today”and how ridiculous it was. 

They start talking then about the double-barrel shotgun.

 “Thanks, Mr. Stevens. [to Eric]
         He knew I was fucking buying it..”

Dylan gets dressed, pulling on a black trenchcoat.

     ~long pause~

“…I’m fat on this side,” he says.

and starts talking about how he looks 

“fat with all the stuff on.”

Dylan tries to toss the TEC-9 into his hand from where it’s hanging on the sling but his coat prevents the move.


        “I’ll have to take the coat off.”  he decides.

Dylan complains then about how he doesn’t want to take off the coat.

 “I like my coat.” he laments.

The boys begin discussing how

“fucking snow is gay” 

“hope the shit clears out by Tuesday, actually Sunday.” they say.

Eric: “ I need dry weather for my fires.”

9351) I'm very interested in fashion and models, etc, but I never compared myself to their bodies when my ED began. It was only when the people around me thought I was comparing my body to models that I started seeing them as "thinspo." It was the people around me who made me so conscious of my body compared to runway models, not the magazines. I know it's not the case for everyone who likes fashion/models/clothes but I wish people would stop assuming that all ED sufferers look up to these types of media.