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Answers to questions:

1. Which grade has been your favorite in school so far?

uh probably beginning of 8th grade

2. Which person would make the greatest difference in your life if you didn’t know them?

well there’s a lot of people so I can’t really just choose one. sorry guys

3. What’s a story that you will want to tell your kid one day?

nothing has happened in my life so far that I think would be life altering to my kid?
4. Favorite tv show?

law and order SVU all the way

5. What’s the best part about yourself in your opinion?
my eyes. they may be fucking gigantic but whatever I’ve learned to appreciate them

6. Last time you cried and why?
2 nights ago. lol who knows

7. Who is your best friend of each gender? 

I have a few girls and I mean I guess my boyfriend would have to be my guy bestfriend.
8. Favorite Actor/Actress?
obsessed with mila Kunis I want to be her. uh Shia lebouf. don’t judge me

9. Last person you kissed?

my boyfriend
10. Any scars/tattoos? If so, what are they from/for?

a few scars but hey, I survived.
11. Do you love me? :)

1. has there been anyone lately that has came into your life and impacted it greatly, good or bad?

2. Do you prefer big eyes to small eyes or small eyes to big eyes?

3. have you lost anyone recently?

4. biggest regret?

5.if you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?

6. how many relationships have you been in and how long did they last?

7. biggest pet peeve?

8. favorite food?

9. ever had an eating disorder?

10. do you have any grudges towards anybody? if so, let’s hear em.

11. wheres the weirdest place, in your opinion, to lose your virginity?

11-year-old boy convicted of killing 8-year-old girl

WHITE PINE, Tenn. - An 11-year-old boy in Tennessee has been found guilty of murdering an 8-year-old girl after she and her sister refused to let him see their puppies.

WATE-TV (http://bit.ly/1KtuoNA ) reports that Jefferson County Juvenile Court judge Dennis “Will” Roach II this week found the boy guilty of first-degree murder and sentenced him to state custody until he turns 19. The Associated Press does not generally identify juveniles accused of crimes.

In his order, which WATE posted online, Roach said the state should use all reasonable resources to determine why the boy shot the girl, and he should be treated and rehabilitated so this never happens again.

“A child who commits first-degree murder cannot be willy-nilly turned loose into society,” Roach wrote.

The boy is currently in detention and being evaluated as to where he should be placed, said Rob Johnson, a spokesman for the Department of Children’s Services. “Like any other child who comes into custody, he would need a thorough assessment and evaluation to determine the best placement,” Johnson said. “At this time, it would likely be at an intensive treatment program at one of our private providers.” The boy has five siblings — three brothers and two sisters — who have been placed with relatives and the state, Johnson said.

The boy and 8-year-old McKayla Dyer lived in the same mobile home park in White Pine, Tennessee, about 40 miles outside of Knoxville. McKayla, her 11-year-old sister and another girl, also 11, were playing outside and talking to the boy while he was sitting at his bedroom window on Oct. 3, 2015. He asked the sisters to go get their puppies, the judge’s order says, and when they refused he went and got a 12-gauge shotgun and a BB gun and told the girls he had guns. According to the judge’s description of the events, McKayla laughed at him and responded that the guns weren’t real.

The boy “then made certain the gun was loaded, cocked the hammer on the gun and shot the victim just above the heart at a downward trajectory,” the judge wrote.

The girl fell backward, “quickly lost consciousness, and was later confirmed dead,” the judge wrote, adding that three witnesses saw McKayla within one minute after she was shot.

“The mother of the child knelt on the ground and picked her up, placing her child in her arms as she passed away.”

The boy had been trained in firearm safety and had hunted with his father and grandfather, the judge noted.

McDonald's might fix the biggest problem with all-day breakfast

(McDonalds’ Facebook)
McDonald’s is testing an expanded all-day breakfast menu that includes McGriddle sandwiches, Candice Choi of the Associated Press reports.

Adding to the all-day menu’s offerings would fix customers’ No. 1 complaint about the expanded breakfast hours: that the menu is too limited outside typical breakfast time.

“Many customers are frustrated about the limited menu,” one franchisee wrote in response to a recent survey by Nomura analyst Mark Kalinowski. “I am in a McMuffin market that was almost evenly split, and I have customers furious that they cannot get biscuits. They feel that it is a sham or false advertising.”

Another franchisee wrote: “Advertising … leads consumers to believe that we have all breakfast items all day, and disappoints them when they cannot get all items when they come in. Customers say they are being misled.”

A third complained about “explaining to irate customers why the breakfast menu is so limited.”

Expanding the menu has the potential to make a big impact on the chain’s sales. McDonald’s executives said all-day breakfast was a major driver behind the company’s 5.7% uptick in US same-store sales, or sales at stores open at least a year, in the most recent quarter.

But it also has the potential to complicate kitchen operations.

(Hollis Johnson)
Several franchisees complained that it was slowing down service during lunchtime hours.

One franchisee wrote in the survey by Kalinowski that all-day breakfast was “killing service and causing chaos in the kitchens during the non-breakfast times.” The person added: “It has also caused management turnover, and crew turnover out of frustration. Employee morale is down because of it.”

So far, the all-day menu — which launched in October — has been limited to a couple of breakfast sandwiches, pancakes, and sides.

Restaurants serve either McMuffin or biscuit sandwiches — not both — depending on local preferences. McGriddles and bagels aren’t served, and hash browns, a McDonald’s breakfast staple, aren’t available at 10% of restaurants because they are made with the same fryers as the french fries.

NOW WATCH: We tried the new value menus at McDonald’s, Burger King, and Wendy’s — and the winner is clear

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Russian Dep Foreign Minister to discuss Syria with U.N. envoy, U.S. delegation - RIA

MOSCOW, Feb 1 (Reuters) - Russia’s Deputy Foreign Minister Gennady Gatilov will discuss the Syria peace talks with the United Nation’s special envoy Staffan de Mistura and the U.S. delegation in Geneva on Monday, RIA news agency cited Gatilov as saying. (Reporting by Lidia Kelly and Jack Stubbs; Editing by Dmitry Solovyov)

Mata impressed by 'unbelievable' Martial

Juan Mata says he has been impressed by Anthony Martial and feels he has been “unbelievable” since joining Manchester United.

The former Monaco forward, who joined United in a big-money deal in September, provided two assists as United triumphed 3-1 over Derby County in the FA Cup fourth round on Friday.

Martial has scored eight goals in 28 matches for United in all competitions and Mata is confident the Frenchman can continue to improve.

“I’ve been really impressed with him," Mata told MUTV. "He’s a very good player. He has a lot of good things and can beat almost anyone one-on-one.

"He can do great crosses like we saw when he passed back to me for the goal and I really enjoy playing alongside him, because he’s a very good player.

"He has incredible potential. I think he has to keep calm, which I think he is. He has to show what he has shown in almost every game, and for me he is an unbelievable player.”

Mata made sure of progression by netting United’s third at the iPro Stadium and believes Louis van Gaal’s men – often criticised for their lack of attacking ambition this season – are moving in the right direction.

READ MORE  | Van Gaal: Martial can become a great

“I think we did what we have to do every game – we were quicker, we created chances and tried to play in a positive way,” he added.

“It’s not easy to come here and play football, especially in the first half because they pressed a lot, but I think in the first 30 to 35 minutes we were very good.

"In the second half, we controlled the game, they didn’t create almost any chances and we scored two more goals.

"We kept doing what we had to do: quick passing, trying to get forward, playing in the holes, and trying to turn and play forward, and I think we did quite well and that’s why we won.

"When you play for Manchester United there’s pressure on every game, you have to win every game and I think we managed the pressure, we played good football, and now we’re looking forward to the next game on Tuesday in the Premier League.”

«45 ans» : impériale Charlotte Rampling ****


D'habitude, on ne fête pas ses 45 ans de mariage. Mais pour Kate et Geoff Mercer, la situation est un peu particulière : cinq ans auparavant, Geoff a subi un pontage qui n'autorisait guère les festivités. Le moment est donc venu, mais un détail enraie cette belle harmonie sentimentale. Geoff reçoit une lettre l'informant qu'on a retrouvé, dans la faille d'un glacier, le corps de la femme qu'il a aimée cinquante ans avant. Et cela vient empoisonner l'atmosphère…

Adapté d'une nouvelle de l'écrivain britannique David Constantine, « 45 Ans », qui emmène Charlotte Rampling aux Oscars, en lice pour la meilleure actrice, est un film spécial seniors joué avec naturel. Un beau long-métrage sur l'état de la vie quand elle a fait son chemin. Si le personnage de Kate — impériale Rampling — est si fort, c'est par cette sensation d'étreinte intime, de saisissement implacable et sournois qui lui révèle une forme de défaite. Qu'elle ait été amoureuse, sans doute. Mais a-t-elle pour autant été heureuse ? La fin reste ouverte et rejaillit, comme une éclaboussure, sur l'imaginaire du spectateur.

Drame psychologique britannique d'Andrew Haigh, avec Charlotte Rampling, Tom Courtenay, Geraldine James…
Durée : 1 h 35.

La bande-annonce

45 ans

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