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Answers to questions:

1. Which grade has been your favorite in school so far?

uh probably beginning of 8th grade

2. Which person would make the greatest difference in your life if you didn’t know them?

well there’s a lot of people so I can’t really just choose one. sorry guys

3. What’s a story that you will want to tell your kid one day?

nothing has happened in my life so far that I think would be life altering to my kid?
4. Favorite tv show?

law and order SVU all the way

5. What’s the best part about yourself in your opinion?
my eyes. they may be fucking gigantic but whatever I’ve learned to appreciate them

6. Last time you cried and why?
2 nights ago. lol who knows

7. Who is your best friend of each gender? 

I have a few girls and I mean I guess my boyfriend would have to be my guy bestfriend.
8. Favorite Actor/Actress?
obsessed with mila Kunis I want to be her. uh Shia lebouf. don’t judge me

9. Last person you kissed?

my boyfriend
10. Any scars/tattoos? If so, what are they from/for?

a few scars but hey, I survived.
11. Do you love me? :)

1. has there been anyone lately that has came into your life and impacted it greatly, good or bad?

2. Do you prefer big eyes to small eyes or small eyes to big eyes?

3. have you lost anyone recently?

4. biggest regret?

5.if you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?

6. how many relationships have you been in and how long did they last?

7. biggest pet peeve?

8. favorite food?

9. ever had an eating disorder?

10. do you have any grudges towards anybody? if so, let’s hear em.

11. wheres the weirdest place, in your opinion, to lose your virginity?

Australian comedian perfectly sums up why other countries think US gun laws are crazy

Today in Moneta, Virginia, local news reporter Alison Parker and cameraman Adam Ward were shot and killed on live TV while broadcasting from a shopping center. The suspected gunman has been identified as Vester Flanagan, a former employee of the news station. Flanagan reportedly shot himself after being pursued by police.

Every shooting is its own private tragedy for the victims and their families. But events like this are also part of a much bigger problem. The United States has far more gun violence than the rest of the developed world. To Americans, that can seem like a regrettable but unavoidable fact of life. But to much of the rest of the world, the US attitude toward gun control seems absolutely crazy.

Australian comedian Jim Jefferies was the victim of a home invasion once. He was tied up and beaten, and his girlfriend was threatened with rape. So you might think he’d sympathize with the idea that Americans want guns to protect their families. Quite the opposite — he does an excellent job of summing up why so many foreigners are baffled by America’s gun culture:

In Australia, we had the biggest massacre on Earth, and the Australian government went: “That’s it! NO MORE GUNS.” And we all went, “Yeah, all right then, that seems fair enough, really.”

Now in America, you had the Sandy Hook massacre, where little tiny children died. And your government went, “Maybe … we’ll get rid of the big guns?” And 50 percent of you went, “FUCK YOU, DON’T TAKE MY GUNS.”

He continues with a blistering smackdown of the idea that Americans seek guns to keep their families safe:

You have guns because you like guns! That’s why you go to gun conventions; that’s why you read gun magazines! None of you give a shit about home security. None of you go to home security conventions. None of you read Padlock Monthly. None of you have a Facebook picture of you behind a secure door.

He doesn’t see at all how a gun would have helped him when his home was broken into. “I was naked at the time. I wasn’t wearing my holster.” How exactly would a gun have protected him? he asks. Was he supposed to be crouched at his windowsill, gun cocked, waiting on high alert for intruders?

By the way. Most people who are breaking into your house just want your fucking TV! You think that people are coming to murder your family? How many fucking enemies do you have?

Watch: America’s biggest gun problem is the one we don’t talk about

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