359 The Thinker

The lifelong mission of a 359 is to unite opposition, find compromise, and create workable solutions in otherwise conflicting and disagreeable situations. With both 3 and 9 orienting themselves to the outside world, and 5 seeking security within, the 359 type is particularly well suited to finding previously unseen middle ground between two polar opposites. 3 seeks to impress, and 9 seeks to calm, and with the push from 5 to always try to understand, this type is never satisfied leaving a question unconsidered. This type can also become too withdrawn at times, pulling away from the outside world and seeking comfort within the fantasy of trying understand everything. 359s can also sometimes withhold from those they are closest to as a form of trying to maintain control, rather than letting their 9 guide them in cooperation and mediation.

(description by @naughty-nanny)