Child gender identity referrals increase 930% in six years - BBC News
The number of children referred to the NHS with gender identity issues has increased dramatically in recent years, new figures show.

Shocking stats from the UK. The increase has mostly been in the last couple of years too. I don’t think anyone can deny this is nothing but gay conversion therapy under a new name, with GNC children who even just a decade ago would have grown up to be a perfectly normally gay man or lesbian now being pushed into transition.

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Request: Cool With It

Request: YOOOO IT’S SATURDAY! Can I have an imagine where Cas and the Winchesters sister are madly in love/soulmates and he does some romantic cutesy gesture to tell the boys?

Word Count: 930

Aw, this is so cute. Thank you so much<3

“Cas, sweetheart, where are you going?” You ask sleepily as your boyfriend slips out of the bed, shrugging his coat back on. He smiles, leaning down to press a kiss to your forehead.

“I have something to do. I’ll be back soon, okay?”

“M’kay.” You hum, opening one eye to catch a glimpse of him before he disappears with a flurry of wings that nearly throws the blanket away from your body. You smile to yourself, burrowing into the warm space that he occupied just a few minutes ago. Recently, he’s taken to staying by your side throughout the night – it began after he got his grace back, and he’d missed being human and being able to sleep beside you. Now he fills his nights with reading, or listening to your music, or Netflix, always keeping you by his side, usually curled up beside him with your head on his chest.

You stay there comfortably for a little while, before slipping out of bed and into the corridor. You can hear your brothers in the kitchen, talking and making breakfast.

“Morning, guys,” You yawn, heading inside and taking a seat next to Sam at the table, “How’s it going?”

“Good, actually.” Sam hands you the local newspaper, “Nothing that concerns us, I think.”

“Makes a change.” You smile, thanking Dean with a nod for the coffee he places in front of you, “So… a day to ourselves, huh?”

“Looks like it. I mean, we have stuff to do – we’re long overdue a supply run and we have ammo to restock, blades to sharpen, stuff like that.”

“Just a normal day in the Winchester household,” You grin, flicking to the puzzle page of the paper and groaning when you find the crossword already filled in, “No fair, Sammy, it was my turn.”

“You shouldn’t get out of bed so late. You snooze, you lose, kid.” He teases, “Anyway, who were you talking to last night?”

“What do you mean?”

“We both heard voices. Sounded like a guy.” Dean agrees, dropping a plate of pancakes in front of each of you and getting his own, “Care to spill?”

“Oh, yeah, because my love life is so interesting.” You laugh, lying easily, “It was just Netflix.”

They both take the lie pretty easily, and although you feel bad about it, you know it’s for the best right now. Everything has been so up in the air between the Mark and the Darkness and god only knows whatever else you’ve been up against. You don’t know how they’d react to you and Cas being a thing, no matter how serious it may be.

You eat in silence for a little while, and once you’re done you help wash up and head back to your room to get out of your sweatpants-and-shirt pyjama combo. Once you’re in something decent, you head for the library to convene there, likely to argue over tasks for an hour – however, you hear something else there, making you pause and flatten yourself against the wall while you listen in.

“I’d like to speak to you both for a moment.” Cas says softly, and you press a hand over your mouth to keep yourself from saying something – you want to see how this pans out.

“Sure, anything, buddy.” Dean says, and you can almost hear him mentally cracking open a cold one.

“Good, because… it’s about Y/N.”

“Oh, god, what did she do?” Dean casts a glance in your direction. Castiel only smiles affectionately, however – he hasn’t seen you yet, but you’re convinced he knows you’re listening.

“Nothing, nothing. It’s just…” He pauses for breath, obviously floundering, “I love her.”

There’s a moment of silence, where even the creaky pipes and old generator seem to fall quiet to listen for a reaction. The tension is almost palpable, until both of your brothers burst into laughter. Not even polite laughter, but complete belly-laughter, the kind that renders you silent, forming a six-pack and clapping like a seal.

“Tell us something we don’t know.” Sam grins as the laughter finally dies down, “It’s not like either of you are subtle about it.”

“What?” Cas frowns, “How did you-?”

“The moon eyes across the room,” Dean begins, and Sam nods in agreement.

“Always sitting together.”

“You taking rides in the car instead of zapping.”

“Always insisting on pairing up on hunts.”

“Holding hands under the table when you think we’re not watching.”

“Talking until two-am and saying it’s Netflix.”

“You throwing compliments at her like they’re confetti.”

“She’s always interested in everything you have to say.”

“Basically everything you’ve done for the past… six months?”

“She’s even listening in now,” Sam chuckles, “Don’t think we don’t know, Y/N.”

You step out sheepishly, smiling as you head over to the table to stand beside Cas. He smiles slightly, reaching out behind you to take your hand – although the gesture is hidden to Sam and Dean, they know fine and well what you’re doing.

“So… you’re not angry?”

“No.” They say at the same time, still grinning like children, “If Y/N is happy, we’re happy. She knows what she’s doing – even if what she’s doing is sending up to crush some insignificant bug who hurt her.”

“I assure you, I have no intention of ever causing her pain.”

“Then we’re good.” Dean shrugs, as if it’s the simplest thing in the world, “Just… keep it down. And for the sake of all of us, use protection.”

“Gotcha.” You grin, reaching up to kiss Cas on the cheek, “So, what was that about a day to ourselves?”  

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There Are Only 38 Giraffes Left In the Congo

Poachers have taken a toll on an already precarious population.

The poaching crisis in the Democratic Republic of the Congo is affecting more than just elephants. New surveys have revealed that the country’s giraffe population has plunged to just 38, putting the species at immediate risk of extinction there.

The Congo’s giraffes all live within Garamba National Park, a 1,930-square-mile UNESCO World Heritage site. The park, which is run by a nonprofit organization called African Parks, held more than 350 giraffes two decades ago. Most of those animals were killed during the country’s 1998-2003 civil war, leaving just 86 giraffes in the wake of the conflict. Many of those remaining giraffes have now been lost to poachers.

Park officials have warned that if they lose just five more giraffes to poachers, then the population may no longer be sustainable on its own.

“Giraffes, like elephants, rhinos and the like, have been picked off by poachers to feed the illegal wildlife trade and impoverished local people,” said Noëlle Kümpel, co-chair of the SSC Giraffe and Okapi Specialist Group at the International Union for Conservation of Nature. “At the same time, their habitat has been severely and, in many areas, irreparably degraded, leaving very few trees left to sustain even this small population of giraffe.” She said the remaining giraffes—which live in two small herds—have to travel “incredibly long distances” to find food.

The size of the park combined with the giraffes’ constant need to travel makes it hard to monitor and protect the animals. The Giraffe Conservation Foundation will travel to Garamba in the next few weeks to assist African Parks in outfitting 12 of the giraffes with GPS radio collars. Julian Fennessy, the foundation’s executive director, said the collars will “help with ongoing monitoring of the remaining giraffe and guide ranger efforts in their area to fight future potential losses.”

Fennessy has also been advising African Parks on the possibility of building a fence to further protect all of the remaining giraffes.

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