lee taemin, it’s honestly amazing to see how much you’ve grown these past few years. your singing and dancing have improved greatly, you no longer blink constantly, you’re more lively and spirited on and off stage, you depend less on key and onew, etc. you’ve truly grown into a young man (although you’ll forever and always the adorable maknae of shinee). happy 20th (international 19th) birthday!

p.s: puberty has truly done you well (;

120718 Taemin’s birthday message on SHINee’s official board

To all the fans, thank you for wishing me a happy birthday every year like this.

I want to wish everyone a happy birthday too, wah..

I always love you and please spend my birthday beside me for the next hundred years and ten thousand years^^

Translated by kimchi hana @ shineee.net


I never thought that you would have such a deep affection on me because you were the lovable innocent maknae with a lot of aegyo and I would always go like “aaaaaww let me squeeze your cheeks because you’re so adorably cute”. You were extremely endearing in Hello Baby and it opened up my eyes about how caring you actually are. I remember while I was watching your first performance on Immortal Song 2 it clicked me! You’d changed completely from the innocent boy to this mature man and you sweept off my feet right away <333 I seriously think I have fallen too hard for you~

I love your passion for dance, your angelic singing voice, your high notes that always blows me away, your killer smile that melts my heart, your astonishing fair skin, your innocent and childlike laughter, your strong and masculine hands, your gaze while performing you know how to kill your fangirls, your transformation from cute aegyo to sexy beast, your eargerness to always wants to improve yourself to the better, your endearing love and caring for your hyungs, your bubbly and cheerful personality, your pure and innocent heart, your cute mistakes on stage and at interviews, your stare blank when you’re totally lost in your own world, I could go on and on and on and on…

I wish from the bottom of my heart that you will succeed your goals and stay as happy as you are. Stay who you are and continue to be the Taemin who we love <333 I’ll be beyond happy to see you smile while doing what you love the next many years! Promise me to always stay healthy and don’t overwork yourself. Once again happy birthday and I hope you’ll celebrate this special day with your family, friends and the shinee members. Thank you for always brighten up my day Taeminah~ You’re a man of versatile talents and hands up for that baby boo^^

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