1. Dan and Phil spend New Year’s up north and are both kissed by the same dog at midnight

2. Dan and Phil hear about the rumors of Phil having a secret wife who’s pregnant and they play along calling her Janice and Stephanie

3. They continuously complain about gas leaks and how awful their apartment is

4. Dan and Phil spend Phil’s 30th up north on IOM

5. Pastel Edits IRL

6. Phil goes to the gym and is terrified by the trainer

7. It becomes obvious that dnp are moving

8. Dan and Phil go to Singapore and Australia 

9. Dan and Phil move out of the old London flat

10. The finale of Dan and Phil Crafts including a shirtless Phil

11. Easter baking in Pastel outfits

12. Dan rebrands

13. They attend Playlist Live!

14. Dan goes to the Bahamas and the Phandom is lost until he explains (aka the craziest and best drama on Tumblr all year) 

15. Dan stays in Florida with the Lesters for like 2 weeks

16. Dan curls Phil’s hair

17. It’s obvious they share a room due to the fact Phil’s room is a closet

18. They attend VidCon even though they missed their flight

19. They go on several movie dates throughout the year

20.  They hang out with Anthony and go disco skating

21. Dan makes a video opening up about depression becoming a new ambassador for Young Minds

22. They make a calendar with dogs

23. They dogbait all year

24. They release a board game on October 19th of all days

25. Spooky Week

26. Halloween Baking proving they are one person 

27. They begin live streaming somewhat regularly on the gaming channel

28. Phil does a “boyfriend picks my outfit” video disguised as “viewers” pick my outfit with Dan off camera giving commentary

29. PINOF 9

30. 2nd year of gamingmas starts

31. Not My Arms challenge

32. Dan does this thing for YouTube

33. Dan and Phil go to a Winter Wonderland with Sophie and PJ and go down a slide together

34. Star Wars premiere

35. charades

36. Fireboy and Watergirl aka the series that killed us all

37. Dan sings All I Want For Christmas is You by Phil’s request as that is Phil’s favorite Christmas song

38. They have a real tree this year (RIP rave tree)

39. Dan and Phil sing baby it’s cold outside

40. Dan went up north for at least a day or two to spend time with Phil and the Lesters

41. They announce a world tour 

They said this year would be “chill” THAT’S A LOAD OF BULLSHIT!!!! we still have like a week left… We know PINOF bloopers are coming along with one last gaming video. What else can happen in the next week? 

I’m probably missing quite a few… This year was wild.