We caught up with Malcolm Gladwell in the green room before his recent talk, and asked him for his thoughts on the government shutdown. 

“All I will say this is: There’s a wonderful word in Hindi, called Tamasha. And Tamasha is a situation that is deadly serious to those intimately involved, and farcical and ridiculous to those on the outside. And I think it’s a beautiful word to describe what’s happening now in Washington." 

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Mother Jones’ David Corn recently published an investigative report on the conservative messaging group “Groundswell.” Formed by “a crew of conservative activists and journalists,” Groundswell is a “hush-hush coalition to battle progressives—and Karl Rove,” wrote Mother Jones.  

92Y American Conversation sat down with Corn at The Jefferson Hotel in Washington, D.C. to find out more about his investigation. Watch the video and read more on 92Y On Demand