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Sam Sifton of the NY Times recently wrote about New York food staple Russ & Daughters:

Over time the place has become more than simply a store. Russ & Daughters is, for many, a secular synagogue, a temple to the enduring power of food and memory. “I smell Judaism,” a customer once told Niki: brine and yeast and smoke.

But gentiles are welcome, too. As Lenny Bruce said, “If you’re from New York and you’re Catholic, you’re still Jewish.” (He added, “If you’re from Butte, Mont., and you’re Jewish, you’re still goyish.”)

Tonight at 92Y, Leonard Lopate of WNYC sits down with two generations of owners - Mark Russ Federman, Josh Russ Tupper and Niki Russ Federman - to talk about The House that Herring Built.


Lewis Black on gun control: “You don’t get more than one penis, you don’t get more than one gun.”

Black was at 92Y on Monday with Judy Gold.

Snippet from Paul Rudnick’s letter to his younger self as read from The Letter Q: Queer Writers’ Notes to their Younger Selves. Rudnick read his letter, and Sarah Moon, Sarah Moon, Michael Cunningham, Brian Selznick, Doug Wright and Laurie Rubin read theirs, at 92Y on March 18. Watch full video of the event. (Rudnick’s part comes on around the 31 minute mark.)


Congrats to Misty Copeland, who proves at 32 that you are NOT too old to become a principal dancer! Today she was promoted at American Ballet Theatre, making her the company’s first female African American principal dancer in its 75-year history.

Copeland also happens to be the featured guest on our 92Y Talks podcast this week. Listen here!


This is my jams. I recommend you watch the full hour! So much wisdom, humor, heart, inspiration, gratitude, and fun! It goes way beyond her individual songs & records; it delves into a lot of things I hold very dear, and am still learning/experiencing. Props Alanis! You’re one bodacious artist.


Attention Saturday Night Live fans. Last night Seth Meyers sat down with Bill Carter of the New York Times at 92Y to talk about his career and life. In this clip, Seth discusses Monday pitch meetings at SNL (“I don’t think Fred [Armisen] has ever pitched something he has any intention of writing”) and sketch origins… and his mom, Bedford, NH’s most famous French teacher.

Don’t miss: You can watch Wednesday’s sold out talk with David Cross and Michael Cera live online here!


Marina Abramović talks with Sir Norman Rosenthal at 92Y on Jun 26, 2013.

Would you describe yourself as a political artist?

“No, I don’t want to be in any category. I’m not political artist. I’m not a social artist. I’m not this, I’m not that. You know, the art has to have complexity and have many, many layers at the same time. Otherwise there will be just one. If it’s political, it’s like old newspaper; you read today and tomorrow it’s old." 

Skip to the 2:09 mark to watch Marina tell you how to drink a glass of water. Watch the full one hour and 24 minute talk, on our YouTube


In this video released for the first time, David Rakoff delivers a two-minute college commencement speech at 92Y in February 2008 for a talk titled “Don’t Go to College” with Patricia Marx and Frank McCourt. Moderator Roger Rosenblatt instructs them not to use the words challenge, humanity, Johnson or doctor. Rakoff rises to the challenge with his trademark cynicism and brilliance.

“You enter a world that does not care what you think. A world that would rather drink household bleach than discuss with you your senior thesis, Gender Modalities and Queernesses in Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. Did I say drink bleach? I meant drink bleach and set ourselves on fire.”

“…some of you are already on your way having lined up lucrative and rewarding jobs writing for The Simpsons. You enjoy unbridled and uncomplicated physical passion with a beautiful and loving partner. Fuck you.”

“…for the rest, don’t worry this time too shall pass. And until then, lower your expectations. Just keep repeating: Youth is the least interesting thing one can have to bring to the table.”