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This is my jams. I recommend you watch the full hour! So much wisdom, humor, heart, inspiration, gratitude, and fun! It goes way beyond her individual songs & records; it delves into a lot of things I hold very dear, and am still learning/experiencing. Props Alanis! You’re one bodacious artist.

We Pick Pop Culture’s 5 Best Time Travelers

We’ve all wished we had the power to time travel. Whether it was to correct a mistake (“Why did I say that?!”) or simply to experience another era (“Poodle skirts are so fetch!”), the mystical ability has eluded us. Luckily, we’ve been able to live vicariously through some of our favorite fictional characters. As we gear up for our advanced screening of Starz’ new series Outlander and talk with the series cast and author on July 28, we got to thinking of some of pop culture’s greatest time travelers. Read on to see who we picked, and if you disagree with us, beam yourself back to before you read this post.

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Diane Keaton & Pharrell Williams

5 Things We Learned About Diane Keaton

Hollywood icon Diane Keaton took to our stage last night to read from her latest book, Let’s Just Say It Wasn’t Pretty. The always pretty and stylish actress also took questions from the audience, and wasn’t afraid to get saucy with the crowd. Here are 5 things we learned from the Academy Award winner.

  • Keaton claims Pharrell stole her hat. The actress asserted that his now famous cap that showed up at the Oscars and Grammys was no doubt inspired by her own taste in chapeaus.
  • She loved getting slapped around by Al Pacino in The Godfather. Remember that scene in Part II? “He really slapped me! It was amazing and it really worked. I loved it.”
  • The no. 1 thing Keaton looks for in a man is a penis. Hey, that’s what she said.
  • She has photos of attractive men pinned to a wall in her home. Not surprisingly, she’s also a huge fan of Pinterest.
  • Of all her characters, the one Keaton likes the most is Erica Barry from Something’s Gotta Give.

We have our first major Oscar contender of the year! Boyhood is getting rave reviews. Before the film hit theaters, director Richard Linklater came to 92Y to discuss his latest project with Indiewire’s Eric Kohn and the film’s young star Ellar Coltrane. In this clip from the event, Linklater describes the challenges of making the movie, which was filmed over the course of 12 years with the same cast.

Have you seen Boyhood yet? What did you think?

5 Things We Learned About Bill Cunningham Last Night

Let’s all just agree that Bill Cunningham is magical. The legendary fashion photographer kicked off the 92Y Talks season on September 3, interviewed by Fern Mallis as part of her Fashion Icons series.

The 85 year old dropped more pearls of wisdom and hilarious stories than our sold-out house could keep up with, traversing from delightful animation to tearing up about sensitive topics. Here are five things we learned from the New York Times photographer (although there were a lot more than five).

  1. He’ll wear a helmet “when it’s a law.” Cunningham is known for traveling exclusively by bicycle and doesn’t wear head protection.
  2. Growing up, Cunningham’s family didn’t have fashion magazines in the house. “I never knew they existed!” Cunningham said.
  3. Cunningham dyed Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis’ red Dior suit black for JFK’s funeral. When Mallis commented about how incredible the story was, Cunningham replied, “It wasn’t amazing, it was practical!”
  4. Cunningham’s first editor at Women’s Wear Daily called him “a hopelessly functioning illiterate.” This one elicited big laughs from the crowd.
  5. The photographer, famous for his snapshots of street fashion, resents when people call his shooting tactics sneaky. “I’m trying to be discreet. I don’t want to frighten women on the street,” Cunningham said.
  6. (OK, here’s one more!) He refuses to give his photo files to museums or historical societies because he’s “terrorized” by the notion of unflattering shots of someone being published. “You take lots of bad pictures. You don’t publish them, for heavens sake!”