“The first ever Vidcode Teen Girl Hackathon in partnership with Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls and 92Y took place at the YouTube Space NY on 4/25! 

Here are the videos created by the Smart Girls who attended the Hackathon!

Vidcode teaches teen girls computer science and filmmaking online.We teach JavaScript through digital media projects (music videos, stop motion animation, etc).  Sign up today to host your own Vidcode event or use Vidcode at home!

What’s a Vidcode Teen Girl Hackathon?The teen girl hackathon is a special full day event where teams of girls aged 13-18 create video effects with CODE and launch their own YouTube trailer! Female computer scientists and YouTube creators were teamed up with each group of girls to mentor them throughout the process. Want to try a Vidcode class in NYC? Sign up for the 92Y summer course here.”




“Humor has to surprise us, otherwise it isn’t funny. And it’s a death knell for a writer to be labeled a humorist, because then of course, it’s not a surprise anymore. It’s what’s expected of him.”

-Just one of several morsels of good words from Garrison Keillor

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~ thorin6277

I wanted to share some thoughts.

For years now, Richard has been promoting his work on others’ projects that he is involved in - films, television shows, etc.

Some of the promotion is contractually required or requested by an entity who writes a check to pay Richard for his work, time and attention. So when he goes to a public promotional event (pick almost any in the last 3 - 8 years) he is subject to handlers who are paid to keep things on schedule and meet someone else’s agenda for the promotion of a project that requires even more money to make.

He has been very good about accommodating their agendas, in addition to his own promotion and his needs as a career actor.

What is wonderful here - tonight - is that he has the forum and some power to put the brakes on the “handling” and see fans on his own time.

This is why tonight is such a fantastic night - not just for us, but for him.

~ crystalchandlyre


“If we write about human beings, in the most humanly way we are able to, I think everybody will understand us. I find humanity as one family. People really are very much the same in their reactions, in their feelings. I know the whole world. I can’t find much difference in the way men react to others’ unhappiness, disasters, tragedies, happiness. Writing for one man, you write for everybody.”

Listen to Ryszard Kapuściński on the art of travel writing.


We adore Kiera!