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Just so Rankin knows, no one thinks he and Sophie are a thing in real life. And maybe if Sam and Caitriona had acted the way they do now three years ago, no one would have ever entertained the thought that they might be a couple, either.

How are you so sure that Rik Rankin is wrong? Just because some feel that way, how can you be certain that No-one does? He’s got quite a following, I wouldn’t be so sure!!!

Regarding Sam and Cait, maybe so. But the Dos Santos video has been out a long time. And hind-sight is 20/20. I can’t see how there’s any excuse any more. The truth has been front and center for some time. I can understand the initial confusion. I was sure they were an item, myself. At first. But you are ignoring an awful lot of counter evidence, available from the get-go. From the 92nd St Y premier. Just because shippers wish something is true, doesn’t make it so. And to insist after sooooo much counter evidence available for YEARS now- well, the conclusions about that kind of shipper behavior are pretty apt in my book.

Why are you trying to blame Sam and Caitriona for trying to sell the show, as they were probably instructed to do. That they did it too well? That they are too good at acting? You want bad actors on Outlander? I wouldn’t watch that.

I assume you are a shipper. Own your judgement error. Put the blame where it belongs


Richard Armitage as Swann and Lara Hillier as Odette in a scene from Di Trevis’s Pinter/PROUST at 92nd St Y, New York City, January 16, 2014


Little Humans goes on sale on October 7th, which is ONE WEEK from today. Little Humans is also known colloquially as “The HONY Kids’ Book,” and “The HONY Book For Adults Who Prefer Kids’ Books.” All the best kid portraits from the last few years are in there, along with– if you’ll allow me to quote the marketing department – “a heartwarming ode to little humans everywhere.” Little Humans is less than $10 online, and should be shipping any day now from online retailers. 

AMAZON: http://amzn.to/WPMamU
BARNES AND NOBLE: http://bit.ly/1eawvWE
INDIEBOUND: http://bit.ly/1zA0Sw6


For everyone who lives around NYC, or plans to be in New York during October, a few public events which have been scheduled locally around the book launch:

I’m going to be giving a speech on October 7th at the 92nd St. Y, which is officially billed as a “Launch Event for Little Humans,” but seeing that I have an hour to talk, will most likely take the form of a general discussion about the history and process behind HONY. I enjoy telling HONY’s history and demonstrating the work, so we’ll have fun. This event is ticketed– it’s $40 I think, which is a bit rich, but 100% of the money goes to support the Y’s community programs. (And some of the ticket price can be put toward a purchase of Little Humans.) Unfortunately I just learned that most of the tickets were sold before I could make the announcement, and there are only about 300 left. Those tickets are available here: http://bit.ly/1xB60S5

A free, more ‘easily attendable’ event will be the book signing at Union Square Barnes and Noble on October 11th, which begins at 2 PM. This event was a lot of fun last year with the launch of the adult book. Since this is a children’s book, we’ll keep it fun and playful. We scheduled it on the weekend so you can bring the kids and dogs, though I’m not sure dogs are allowed in the bookstore, so you may want to disguise them as kids. For those of you with tickets to Comic Con, I will also be speaking there at on October 12th at 3:15 PM. Then October 18th, at 4:00 PM, I’ll be doing a talk/signing at Powerhouse Arena in Brooklyn. Last year, the final Powerhouse signing was the most unhurried and intimate event, though this year it might not be because I just said it would be. We also scheduled that signing during the weekend, because it would be awesome to have little humans at the Little Humans book signing.

Whew! That post took two cups of coffee.


Leonard Cohen at 92Y, 1966.