Captive Prince fic rec

1. Hazmesentir - After the Bells (Words: 6068)

An epilogue following the events of Kings Rising. Damen and Laurent have the talk.

2. Josselin - An Arranged Marriage (Words: 17785)

An arranged marriage AU.

3. Relenafanel - Fear Not the Thorns (Words: 4982)

Flower shop AU / modern setting.

4. Josselin - Escape (Words: 21845 Chapters: 15/15)

Amnesia AU.

5. ViridianChick - The Viper Among Wolves (Words: 16153 Chapters:16/16)

AU. Upon his eighteenth birthday, Prince Laurent of Vere is stripped of his title and sent to Akielos as a pleasure slave.

6. Fahye - Captive Prince Tumblr ficlets (Words: 9299 Chapters:14/?)

These are short but brilliant.

You have to admit, these two are so cute together. And yes, Oliver shares a great deal of history with both Laurel and Sara, but who’s always there for him when he needs her? Felicity. Who helps to snap him out of some of his darkest days? Felicity. Who’s shown him complete honesty when he’s surrounded by secrets and lies? Felicity. Anyone else detecting some sort of pattern here?
—  TVrage

Went to visit some friends in Upstate NY this weekend, their Barn Light brought in some interesting moths.

Top: Eudryas grata / Beautiful Wood-Nymph (9301)

Middle: Hypoprepia fucosa / Painted Lichen Moth (8090) & Eudryas unio / Pearly Wood-Nymph (9299)

Bottom: Possible Feltia subgothica / Subgothic Dart (10674) & Antepione thisoaria / Variable Antepione (6987) summer male