The Perfect Cocktail for Each Zodiac Sign

Have you ever wondered why some people gravitate towards, say, a dirty martini over a gin and tonic? Well, it might have more to do with your astrological sign than your taste buds–according to The Mandarin Oriental, at least.

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The iconic hotel group’s Las Vegas location recently launched their Zodiac Cocktail program, which delivers mouth-watering concoctions inspired by the current sign of the Zodiac. “The program is based on capturing the seasonal offerings during the Zodiac cycle to surprise our guests with unique cocktails,” says Michael LaPenna, the hotel’s Property Mixologist. “With the ever-growing responsiveness of cocktail programs in today’s society, consumers are seeking relatable and personalized services. Our Zodiac program brings the personalized service feel, with the uniqueness of a craft cocktail program.”

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Perhaps the best part of the program is that the property will be serving a Zodiac Cocktail free of charge to each patron who presents proof of his or her birthdate, given that it falls within the proper cycle.

But even if you’re not headed to Sin City anytime soon, you too can impress your friends (or just treat yo’ self) with a Zodiac-themed cocktail. For your entertaining purposes, we’ve included the recipes to each cocktail, ahead.

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Aquarius: Lovers Potion

“An Aquarius loves to have a sense of independence. In ‘Lovers Potion’, we combined the independent, distinctive flavors of passion fruit and pumpkin to make a delicious cocktail.”


1.5 oz passion fruit puree

1 oz pumpkin juice infused with pepper

.5 oz POM juice

.75 oz cranberry/cinnamon syrup

2 oz pear green tea

Mint sprig

Passion fruit caviar pearls


Combine all ingredients in a glass

Top with elderflower tonic

Garnish with passion fruit caviar pearls & mint sprig

Source: InStyle

Pisces: Royal Flush

“Pisces have a wild imagination and great artistic ability. We used our imagination to design a refreshing cocktail, using unique flavors.”


6 raspberries?

¾ oz simple syrup?

¼ oz Chambord?

1 oz Hendrick’s?

½ oz Lillet Blanc?

½ oz Lillet Rouge?

-½ oz fresh lemon juice?

Dash egg whites?


Combine ingredients and shake well

Serve up in a martini glass?

Garnish with a mint leaf

Source: InStyle

Aries: Herbaceous Monk

“Aries, as the first astrological sign, desires to lead the way for others. The essence of this cocktail is led by a velvety texture and subtle bitterness with a bold finish.”


1 oz Leopold’s Navy strength gin

½ oz Green Chartreuse?

½ oz Luxardo Cherry Liqueur?

¾ oz sage & honey syrup

¾ oz lemon juice?

Egg whites?

Dash of Bittercube Bolivar Bitters?

Lemon twist to garnish

Loose leaf tea (preferably rose petal or chamomile buds) for garnish


Combine all ingredients in a glass

Garnish with lemon twist and loose leaf tea (rose petals and chamomile buds)

Source: InStyle

Taurus: Brazilian Delight

A Taurus is focused and stable. The components in the 'Brazilian Delight’ cocktail encompass the best of everything by using the finest ingredients.“


3 large basil leaves

1 ½ oz Grey Goose Le Melon vodka

¼ oz green chartreuse?

½ oz passion fruit puree

½ oz lime juice?

¾ oz simple syrup?

½ oz egg whites?


Combine all ingredients, except the basil leaf

Shake and double strain into a martini glass

Add basil leaf as a garnish

Source: InStyle

Gemini: Werly Cup

"A Gemini tends to have a sense of duality to their nature. Like the Gemini’s personality, the joining of sweet and sour, the simple syrup and lemon juice, creates a sense of duality in the cocktail. This cocktail was also named after our flirty and charismatic Executive Chef David Werly.”


1 cubed strawberry

1 slice cucumber

1 orange slice

2 oz Pimm’s?

1 oz Lemon juice?

1 oz simple syrup

Mint sprig for garnish


Add ice, lightly shake and dump in tall glass

Top with ginger ale?

Garnish with a mint sprig

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Source: InStyle