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Wide-Open Throttle Wednesdays: “What’s your favorite Porsche?” Written by Paolo Manalo

This week on Wide-Open Throttle Wednesdays, I come clean about a conflicting issue that I’ve always had when it came to Porsche’s. I shed light on the one Porsche that always stood out to me, despite to many that it goes against what a “True Porsche” is. Regardless, this one speaks volumes to me, and it will always be at the back of my mind as one of the cars that I would love to own. It is the infamous Porsche 928 GTS.

One day, as I was discussing cars with my father (as I usually do), we ended up on the topic of Porsche’s. Specifically the 911 versus the 928. Growing up in the 80’s, my father was exposed to the craze of the Front-Engined Porsche. He told me that a co-worker of his bought a 944 because he always wanted one since he was a kid. After a year of ownership, he became unsatisfied with the car, and sold it due to the excessive repair bills. Although using the same layout as the 944 (Front-Engine/Rear Drive), the 928 shared the same fate of problems with the 944 in terms of reliability.   

Once considered Superior to the 911, the 928 to many people at Porsche was supposed to be the 911’s replacement. Luckily, there were many Old-Testament/Die-Hard traditional people within Porsche to convince the board of directors otherwise. Plagued with many reliability problems over it’s production span unlike the 911, they stopped making these around 1995 (when I was born!). With my logic, I think Porsche at least made an effort to make the last iterations of the 928 worth owning, and this is where the 928 GTS comes in. 

The GTS iteration is basically the best of everything that Porsche could offer. It’s essentially a car where everything is thrown in the sink, meaning:

  • More performance (more power, better handling, better ride) 
  • Extra luxuries used from standard models (Full-Leather Interior, Garage-Door Opener, etc) 
  • The most up-to-date automotive technology (at that time)

Despite seeing a 930 Turbo on multiple occasions, seeing a late model 928 S4 (specifically a GTS) just makes it more interesting, since they didn’t make a lot of them. Sure, a 930 Turbo is arguably the most iconic Porsche, but the 928 S4 to me is still worth considering since it WAS considered Superior to the 911.

The 928 GTS speaks to me in a way that the 930 Turbo can’t. Despite not utilizing the rear-engine layout or the air-cooled engine, here’s why I love this car so much:

  • V8 + Rear-Wheel Drive = Pure Awesomeness
  • The Exhaust Note (Uhh)
  • The “Dog-Leg” Manual Transmission (look it up)
  • The Styling (which still looks contemporary for an 15yr+ car)

Even though that this car has a tainted reputation for being probably the most unreliable Porsche ever made, I would still buy one of these. When I do have the money, I will be able to maintain one of these bad boys. Like all Porsche’s, they beg to be driven on a regular basis. 

The Porsche 928 GTS. Despite all the history, There is No Substitute.

Engine: 5.4L DOHC 32-Valve V8
Displacement: 5397cc
Transmission: 5-Speed “Dog-Leg” Manual/4-Speed Automatic
345 HP@ 5700 rpm
Torque: 369 lb-ft @ 4250 rpm
Max RPM (Redline): 6600 rpm
0-60 mph: 5.1 seconds
Top Speed: 170 mph (273.59km/h)

Over & Out ~ Paolo Manalo