Fun fact: according to MTA statistics, the average weekday ridership at the city’s five busiest subway stations (Times Square, Grand Central Terminal, Herald Square, 34th Street/Penn Station and Union Square) totals about 653,000 people. That’s more than the populations of either Wyoming or Vermont.

(via Where The (Potential) Voters Are: Subway Edition | Transportation Nation)

Voto Latino

I went to a Voto Latino event at my school, where Rosario Dawson and Wilmer Valderrama were present. It was meant to encourage people to register to vote, an emphasis on the Latino population. I honestly only went to see Rosario Dawson, but it was actually pretty inspirational.

I was already registered to vote, and intended on voting, but now I’m motivated to get my fellow Latinos to do the same. We make up a large part of this country, and should take this opportunity to make our voices heard and shape our future.

Side Note: Rosario D. And Wilmer V. are great speakers, and I was excited to hear about their personal journey and thoughts on the Latino vote.