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This vacation double standard, a coded dog whistle for ‘lazy black guy’, is the core of GOP populism.

$40,000,000/month for the four years = $1,920,000,000.

That’s TWO BILLION vs $87 million. The GOP silence is deafening.

Donald and Melania are grifters.

Late Night Coffee Run

“Okieriete Onaodowan x Reader

Note: As I wrote this to me it just seemed more and more like a cheesy romantic comedy. 

Request: Anonymous asked: Can I request something with Oak? I don’t care if there’s smut or not I just need more Oak fics in my life! 

Word Count: 2,920 (my longest fic yet, I got a little carried away with this one but Oak deserves it)

Originally posted by lcrdhenry

Oak: It’s 2am Y/N.

If you were being completely honest with yourself that was pretty much the response you were expecting to get when you texted your boyfriend and asked him to meet you at an all night coffee shop.

Y/N: Yes but I’m already here so you have to come meet me.

You know that no matter how much he protests and tells you that he’s too tired, he wouldn’t let you just sit in a coffee shop alone at 2am. He knows that you could probably take care of yourself if something happened to you but he also likes to be there just to make sure, he likes to protect you.

Oak: Fine but you owe me for this.

You laugh quietly to yourself, not wanting to look crazy to the few other people scattered around the small coffee shop as you sit alone and laugh to yourself. You can imagine him perfectly now, still half asleep as he stumbles around his dark apartment to find clothes to pull on.

Y/N: Love you xx

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920 words (3076 total) on a short, supernatural horror story that is currently called Ravenswood.

So I’m already at the total number of words I thought I’d be at when this was done, and I feel like I’m actually about 1/3 of the way through. So it’s still a short story, but a longer one than I thought it would be.

I like this line I wrote today, that helped me define an important aspect of the main character: He prepared to face the memories he had spent two decades trying to bury in a landfill of empty bottles.

anonymous asked:

Hello I was wondering if you find similar fix like More than Biology with like bamf omega stiles going against the rules the angst could stay but without it is good too?

Made a list of Bamf!Omega!Stiles fics for you bb, hope you enjoy!  :D  -Emmy

Originally posted by find-a-reaction-gif

Swords & Curly Fries by wolfs_are_cool2 

(2,920 I Not Rated I WIP)  *sterek, stiles/theo, kitsune!stiles

Theo didn’t really like his job. He liked being out in the field where he could face the  grimm head on and y'know, kill things. When he got assigned to Beacon, He didn’t think he would be stuck being a class aid. But maybe a certain kitsune could make his job a lot better.
the one where Stiles is the BAMF omega all the alphas want, and Theo likes watching Stiles through his dorm window.
It’s not weird.

When the Moon Rises by lizc 

(4,116 I Mature I WIP)  *teacher!derek, werewolf!stiles

Stiles is a lonely highschool Stiboy and Derek is an attractive English teacher with an appreciation of moles and hazel eyes. When Stiles leaves abruptly during freshman year, Derek can’t help but wonder where the beautiful boy went. Three years later, a familiar face arrives back in Beacon Hills.


AU where Stiles is a lonely high schooler and leaves, comes back, and shocks everyone, including his then and now English teacher Derek Hale.

Suns of Beacon, Moon of Triskele by LLN3dseestheLight 

(10,852 I Explicit I WIP)  *sterek, historical AU, sci fi au

On the eve of the engagement feast of the newly crowned King of Beacon, Scott McCall of the House of True and the Lady Allison Argent. Allison was granted a boon as is custom on Beacon. She asked for the banishment of Omega Prince Nyctimus Stilinski, (other wise know as Stiles)Son of the House of Sheriff and Lord Nogitsune, from the planet of Beacon.

This was shocking to the court for all new that the prince was suppose to bond with the king to create an heir for the throne. Stiles though had been more than willing to step aside for Scott to marry Allison, but knew that the king’s and his child would be the heir…as Stiles father had planed years ago. Stiles knew there was only one place he could go…Planet Triskele. The prince knew he would be welcomed by Queen Talia Hale because of past deeds of valor he had done for her world. What the Prince didn’t know was how the Queen’s son, Derek Hale, would react to seeing him again.
Or…the Sci-Fi/Historical Omega-verse story you didn’t know you needed!

They’ll Never Own Me by opallynch 

(14,385 I Explicit I WIP)  *sterek, werewolves are known

“Come. With. Me.” Well, apparently he isn’t familiar with the concept of asking. There goes Stiles’ fantasy about guy with a perfect body and the ability to form questions. Damn it.

Not-so-perfect guy is clearly tired of not asking him so nicely and takes Stiles’ arm and starts pulling him in the direction of an exit.

“What the fuck, man?” His grip is strong enough to prevent Stiles from getting away, but not strong enough to hurt him. In spite of a lack of any chance of retrieving his freedom, he still tries to wrench himself free and shouts at the guy. Stiles catches some man’s attention and gestures at the hand on his arm. The man only mouths “good job” and gives him thumbs up.

For fucks sake.

Pride and Werewolves by Benaya 

(18,313 I Not Rated I Complete)   *sterek, steo, steter, stackson

Pride & prejudice teen wolf style

Destruction in Their Wake by SterekHalelinski 

(50,753 I Explicit I WIP)  *sterek, Supernatural crossover, magic!Stiles, major character death

Stiles has magic, the inheritance of his mother’s cursed bloodline.  Being an empath is one of his many abilities—he can “read” soulmarks and can, if given the opportunity, tell more than just who someone is going to end up with.  He can glimpse into parts of their future; how they meet, and even as far as how they die.  It all just depends on how long he’s afforded contact with one of the matching marks.  Stiles read his once, against his mother’s warnings, and he now carries a heavy burden with him always.  


The Teen Wolf and Supernatural crossover that nobody asked for.


One serious mess of a fic.

You Don’t Always Get What You Want by deadly_nightshade, Nerdy_fangirl_57 

(56,479 I Mature I WIP)   *sterek, high school au

Stiles doesn’t understand what he could have done to deserve this. Not only has the entire student body been out to get him since he first stepped foot into Beacon Hills High, but now he has to endure the constant bullying without his best friend Scott by his side. All in all school is survivable, even with all the harassment. That is until he finds out that Derek Hale, basketball superstar and Stiles’ most persistent bully, is apparently his soulmate. Fan-fucking-tastic.

Derek can’t believe this. It has to be a joke, it has to, because there is no way in hell that a freak like Stilinski could ever be his soulmate. He despises him more than anyone in the universe. So what if Derek thinks he has a cute nose, no one needs to know. Besides it doesn’t matter anyway, he still hates Stilinski with every fiber of his being, his cute nose doesn’t change a thing.

(Inspired by Blue Monday written by ExpectNothingGainEverything)

Bruises and Bitemarks by oblivions172 

(89,897 I Explicit I WIP)   *sterek

Biologically, Stiles is weak. When he presented as an omega, he knew that to be the truth but that never stopped him from running his mouth as a defense mechanism. However, it could only save him so many times before he ended up pissing off the wrong person. After he’s attacked in the parking lot outside of school, Stiles realizes he can no longer protect himself with just pure wit and sarcasm. When the attack lands him in the hospital, his dad forces him to pick between two options, report the alphas who attacked him or join a kickboxing gym run by omega rights activist and alpha, Derek Hale, a man Stiles has been in love with for many years.

My Best Friends Wedding

A/N: So this is the first thing I’ve written in YEARS. It’s probably not the best imagine out there but I had this idea and I just really wanted to see if I could play it out in words, I think it kind of worked? It’s sort of cheesy and fluffy so yeah. Let me know what you think! Also I’m really bad at titles, I know.

Warnings: Language, smut

Word Count: 3,920

Originally posted by stvlinski

               You sat there staring at the empty altar in front of you, tapping your foot, anxiously waiting for the ceremony to start. Your best friend was getting married and you were going to be front row as he vowed to spend the rest of his life with a girl you hardly knew. Not that you weren’t happy for him, you were, you just wish you knew more about the girl he was planning on spending the rest of his life with. The two of you had been best friends since you started walking, there was hardly a time you weren’t together, even to this day, you couldn’t go more than a couple days without seeing each other. You knew everything about each other, things no one else would or could ever know; never in a million years did you think he would be the one getting married first. You sighed and turned in your seat watching friends and family members slowly fill in the aisle behind you all chatting amongst themselves. Glancing down at your phone you realized there was still twenty minutes before the ceremony was supposed to start and decided you would take the opportunity to check in on your best friend one last time before his life changed forever.

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Pick up the pace.

This is my entry for @hasta-impalasta‘s 1k  celebration challenge, #Hasta-Impalasta 1k celebration. My song was For your entertainment by Adam Lambert. This is NSFW also my first smut so I am sorry.

This was beta’d by @babypieandwhiskey, thank you so much for doing that. Plus @impala-dreamer, @inmysparetime0 and @babypieandwhiskey were cheering me on to finish this when I thought of giving up. So thank you guys :) 

If I have tagged you wrongly and you don’t wish to be tagged please inform me asap so I can remove you asap, I have just used the lists provided by @mrswhozeewhatsis and spn fanfic pond.

Summary: SMUT, pure smut, no real plot, I used the song as the idea to base it off and I used song lyrics as the title and throughout the fic. The song lyrics are marked by being in bold.

Word count: 920.

Warnings: Light bondage, rough sex, spanking, blindfold, hair pulling, feathers, swearing.

Originally posted by marienightandday

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