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What do you find attractive about sungyeol from a physical aspect?

Well first off the thing I like the most in guys are broad shoulders and a toned back. I literally searched for a guy in school who I saw walking down the stairs. I didn’t see his face but the sight of his shoulders in a somewhat tight grey shirt were enough for me. As Sungyeol doesn’t have that much fat it must be pretty hard for him to gain muscle as well. Which indicates that his frame in general already allows him to have broad shoulders 

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Second, as I am Dutch and surrounded by guys with an average of 6ft, height isn’t that special to me. But the lankiness and the flailing arms and the way stylists accentuate his height is very handsome to me. With legs for days♥


Third I didn’t know how much I loved a gummy smile but he changed my mind by a lot. 

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Fourth he has a constellation of moles which are such cute details 


And last he has these dreaming eyes. You can already see it a bit in the photo above but this one is my favourite:



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