[new] acnl forest town masterlist

here it is! the forest town masterlist i told you about. the list will be updated every once in a while with new towns so don’t worry if your town isn’t on the list yet.

all towns are listed in alphabetical order (A-Z-Ö) and be sure to check out all the mayors blogs to give them compliments on their towns!

towns with dream address’:

towns without dream address’:

if you think your town should be on this list then please send either me or leifsflower a message and we’ll be sure to add your town! and also: if it didn’t get added its probably because you have no pics available or it doesnt fit the forest town theme. (if i seem too strict pls let me know!)

and be sure to tell me if your town has gotten a dream address so i can move it to the right spot!

click here for the most recent update!

anonymous asked:

Do you have a top ten favorite towns? c:

i sure do anon!!! (in no order at all, just 10 i thought of on the spot) :

- WILT( 6600-5549-4775 / @pigeoncoffee

- PINECONE ( 6900-5908-9179 / @pookiestumps )

- LIMN ( 5000-3280-3470 / @524am )

- EGGPLANT ( 6800-6316-3255 / @clovoid )

- SHOKOLAD  ( 5600-6038-6391 / @shokolad-town )

- SHELTER ( 6500-5946-7331 / @sprungit )

- WESTEROS ( 7200-2254-4147 / @sprungit )

- NORTH ( 7900-3285-6095 @floatingpresents )

- ELM ISLE ( 5000-5848-0967 / @prolistening )

- LUNA ( 5900-3554-5291 / @prolistening )

9179) In my experience, men tend to be very loud and proud about their transphobia, which makes it easy to know who to avoid.

With women, they often seem pretty accepting, but you’ll learn with their subtle comments what they really think of you (it isn’t positive), and it leaves me to question whether my friends are really friends at all.