Can we talk about expensive acoustic guitars for a minute?

  1. Here is a one of a kind Taylor Custom 7730.  You can see the specs on the sign behind it…
  2. The sign.  To buy this here in Toronto, you also have to pay 13% sales tax…so to take this guitar out the door would cost you $6,327!  You can buy many vintage guitars for less (sometimes MUCH less!) than this.  Worth it or not?
  3. Or for $650 dollars less, there’s this Taylor 914CE with INCREDIBLE inlays.  It’s still expensive, but at least you get some bling for that buck!  
  4. 914CE details.  Wowsers.  Worth it or not?
  5. Autumn rain.  Highway.
  6. Now here is the bargain guitar.  The cheap guitar of the lot!  And by “cheap” I mean ONLY $4,175!  It’s a Martin D-41 (not the fanciest style they make…but close!) and I must say that most Martins are pretty plain…utilitarian…just what’s you’d expect form a no-nonsense, hard-working Teutonic immigrant settling in rural Pennsylvania at the dawn of the Victorian era.  All that to say, when you see a Martin as fancy as a D-41 it’s pretty exciting.  for me anyway.. On this one I almost verge of saying “worth it”!  :D
  7. And here we have the most expensive of the lot!  Just kidding.  Just a couple of (inexpensive) fun Gretsches!  

So, worth it…or not?