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Scrap Metal

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Posted: 2015-03-23 9:18am

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I put a small pile scrap metal at curb at 2323 Blackmore Drive, Glendale, CA 91206.

I will remove ad when it is gone.

  • do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers

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posted: 2015-03-23 9:18am

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Entry 22 - Renting vs. Owning

**The home that I can purchase with my salary**

**The apartment that I can be renting**

  • 1. Detail a location (city, state) where you would like to reside for a majority of your career.
    • Glendale, CA 
  • 2. Find one home that you feel you would be able to actually afford to Purchase (the purchase price is up to you, but be realistic) and detail the following:
    • a. How did you find this property? (URL, webpage, listing – show details)
    • b. What is your purchase price?
      • $385,000
    • c. Down payment (assume 10% - a one time cost)
      • $77,000 (Actual down payment 20%) 
    • d. Total estimated closing costs for your loan (assume 3% - one time cost)
      • $11,550
    • e. Total monthly mortgage payment:
      • Principal and Interest payment is $1,439 per month (assume an interest rate of 4.00% for 30 years).
      • Property Taxes are $3,840 per year, or $320 per month.
      • Homeowners Insurance is $1,152 per year, or $96 per month.
    • f. Estimate you total monthly utility expenses for: electricity, water, garbage, and natural gas
      • $250
  • 3. Find a similar home near the same location that you would possibly like to Rent and detail the following: 
    • a. How did you find this property? (URL, webpage, listing – show details)
    • b. Monthly rent:
      • $2035
    • c. Security deposit (one time fee)
      • Does not say
    • d. Total monthly utility expenses: electricity, water, garbage, and natural gas
      • Average $200/month
    • e. Renters insurance cost per year is $144 or $12 monthly. 
    • f. Restrictions of the property (pet owners, smokers, etc.)
      • Doesn’t have any restrictions except:
        • Only 2 pets are allowed w/ fee
        • $35 per month for each pet
        • Certain breed restrictions apply
  • 4.  Finally, discuss the advantages and disadvantages of both renting vs. buying and how these might affect your renting or purchasing decisions.
    • Advantages of renting:
      • Utility costs are lower
      • Lowering housing costs
      • Useful if you are moving constantly 
      • The landlord is responsible for all maintenance and repair work
    • Disadvantages of renting:
      • No tax incentives
      • No fixed housing costs
      • Restricted freedom (ex. pet ownership)
    • Advantages of buying:
      • Homes can increase in value/a good investment 
      • Costs are stable 
      • Privacy
      • Pride in ownership 
      • Tax deduction
    • Disadvantages of buying: 
      • Long term financial commitment 
      • Responsible for all maintenance
      • Requires a down payment, closing costs, and moving expenses,  unlike renting