Porsche 911 RSR “Mary Stuart” by Tom Wheatley

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The blog is amazing, and I love all four of you! Can I ask - what do you do for your careers? Do you write or something?

Wow! Uh, well, for me (Raylee).. I don’t write professionally. I actually sell steel. I write for fun, and currently, I am the co-admin of an RP group here on tumblr, if you’re interested in writing with me.

I (Hilary) work at a university library! It’s pretty cool and I do write sometimes in my down time. I was an english major with a writing minor, so writing’s been a hobby for a while! I post the rare fanfic, work on original stories I never quite finish, and am attempting to start an actual legit blog.

Morgan here - I’m actually a 911 dispatcher!  But I did major in writing back in college, so who knows maybe I’ll hit gold some time in the future (I won’t put any money on that, thought).  I currently have quite a few fanfics that are nearly ready to post, and you can check out my ao3 account here!

I (Owl) work at a tech company, actually. I’m a product manager, which essentially means I plan new features and yell at developers. I’m pretty good at both of these things, if I do say so myself. I do write occasionally for my job, but most of my HP-related writing can be found on my personal blog.

Here’s a thing that happened to one of my friends, John C. Miller. I was there.

Basically, we were walking down the sidewalk, talking about something meaningless. I think it had to do with a movie. Then this bus screeches up, stops next to us, and a bunch of people with “Down with John C. Miller, President and CEO of the Denny’s Corporation, he is a capitalist running dog and his wealth must be seized and redistributed to the people” shirts climbed out and started beating him up. I was punched and kicked a bit too, but I managed to avoid brutalization by going for their faces. After figuring out what’s happening, I started attacking them back, getting them off of him. He was quite injured but I called 911 and he made a full recovery at the hospital. I was fine, with only a cut on my arm that they patched up.

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okay but why are you so cute this is a crime senpai i am calling 911-who-dis-cutie immediately

Y-y-you’re c-c-calling the popos on me!? ; ° ; awuh fuck guys I might have to disappear for a while *books a plane ticket to a remote island and packs my luggage with figurines/magazines*


Nothing new today. I was just catching Pokemon for a future mass evolution. Highlights of today were a Dragonair, Dratini and Pikachu catches. Those were cool!

But this gives me the chance to post some interesting screenshots from the past couple of days like that double Dratini spawn! I caught 4 Dratini and a Dragonair that day. And I actually see them quite often lately. No complains, I have to power up my Dragonite to the max.

I never see Pikachu (only ever had 3 Party Pikachu from the event) and when that Jesus Pikachu appeared in the water I had no pokeballs left :/ So, I missed it. But the game said ok, let me repay you with another today. Thanks game.

That Murkrow was fun. Because look at its 911 what’s your emergency CP lol.

Finally, who told you buddy Pokemon don’t walk next to you in game. :P That Skarmory appeared so randomly next to nowhere! It fled.


—– Porsche 904/8 GTS - 1964

Motor: Eight cylinder boxer engine.

Displacement: 1,982 cc

Power: 240 hp

Maximum speed: 275 km/h

With the 904 GTS, Porsche led the field in cutting-edge car body design. The design was based on a box-section space frame and for the first time the body was fabricated entirely from GRP. The resulting structure was light and extremely stable. The 904 GTS was originally powered by the 4 cylinder “Furhmann” engine. Later, some of the cars were fitted with the 6 cylinder engine from the 911 model. This 904 GTS is the only example built with the Porsche 8 cylinder engine, based on F1 technology. —–