911 call

  • Ravenclaw: I want takeout.
  • Slytherin: Me too... I'm not calling.
  • Ravenclaw: Me neither.
  • Slytherin: So now what?
  • Ravenclaw: We starve.
  • Gryffindor: You two are pathetic.
Wayne Harris 911 Call
Wayne Harris 911 Call

Wayne: My son is Eric Harris, and I’m afraid he might be involved in the Shooting at Columbine High School

Dispatcher: Involved how?

Wayne: Uh he’s a member of what they’re calling The Trench Coat Mafia 

Dispatcher: Have you spoken with your son today Mr Harris? 

Wayne: No I haven’t! Have they picked up anybody yet or..?

Dispatcher: Their still looking for suspects..Your son is with who, what gang?

Wayne: Well they’re calling them the Trench Coat Mafia.. I just heard that term on TV

literally every time i’ve had a mouth full of food in the past few days i’ve without fail thought about “I’m baby. Call 911” and nearly inhaled my meal trying not to laugh


I was going to make this in story format but I liked the idea of a 911 call transcript more. And it’s a faster read so that’s a plus ;)

Btw I wrote “order class” when I meant order classification so don’t judge 

Transcript of the 911 call when Travis Alexanders Body was discovered

Unidentified female: Oh my god!

911 Operator: 911 emergency

Unidentified female: Yes?

911 operator: Whats going on?

Unidentified female: What?

911 operator: Whats going on?

Unidentified female: A friend of ours is dead in his bedroom. We hadn’t heard from him in a while. We think he’s dead. His roommate just went in there and said there’s lots of blood. I didn’t go in, but I can give you the phone to someone who went in there.

911 Operator: Yes, please, can you?

Unidentified male: Hello

911 operator: Hi. So whats going on?

Unidentified male: He’s– he’s dead. He’s in his bedroom, in the shower

911 operator: Ok. How did this happen? Do you have any idea?

Unidentified male: No. We have no idea. Everyone’s been wondering about him for a few days.

911 operator: Ok, well, she said that there’s blood. So is any coming from his head? Did he cut…

Unidentified male: No, it’s all over the place.

911 operator: Is there any weapons around?

Unidentified male: I dont know. Not that I saw

911 Operator: How many people are in the house?

Unidentified male: There— how many of us are in the house right now, just the five of us? Five of us.

911 Operator: Ok, I need you all outside.

Unidentified male: Ok outside, Ok we’re going outside.

911 Operator: Has he been threatened by anyone recently?

Unidentified female: Yes, he has. He has an ex girlfriend that has been bothering him. Following him and slashing tires and things like that.

911 operator: And do you know the ex girlfriends name?

Unidentified female: Jodi, I dont know her last name but

911 operator: Does anyone know her last name?

Unidentified female: Does anyone know Jodi’s last name? Taylor might, the best friend, but he’s not here. He’s on his way here.

(The police show up and the call ends shortly after)


Transcript of the 911 call made by 13 year old Kaylan Bailey in an attempt to get help for her cousin, Veronica Moser-Sullivan, during the shooting at the Century 16 Movie Theater on July 20th 2012. Unfortunately, Veronica did not survive and was the youngest to die in the attack. She was just 6 years old.

Dispatch - (Inaudible)… Emergency?

Kaylan - (Inaudible)… There’s been shooting… There’s a shooting at…

Dispatch - Okay, is that the Century 16 theater shooting?

Kaylan - Yes, yes!

Dispatch - Do you know anybody whose been shot?

Kaylan - Yes I do! You got to send somebody!

Dispatch - Okay. Whose been shot?

Kaylan - (Crying)

Dispatch - Who do you know that’s been shot?

Kaylan - Umm my co… My cousins.

Dispatch - Okay. Where are they right now?

Kaylan - They’re… They are on the floor. (Inaudible)

Dispatch - Are they breathing?

Kaylan - No! (Crying) Help me!

Dispatch - Mam, do you know if they’re breathing and do you know if they’re conscious?

Kaylan - One of them is not breathing.

Dispatch - Neither one of them are breathing?

Kaylan - One of them is.

Dispatch - Okay the one that’s not breathing, I want you to go up to him… Is he laying on the ground?

Kaylan - Yeah.

Dispatch - Okay, is he on the floor and on a flat surface?

Kaylan - Yeah, on a flat surface.

Dispatch - Okay, remove anything from under his head and kneel by his side.

Kaylan - What?

Dispatch - Kneel by his side and remove anything that’s under his head.

Kaylan - I… I can’t get in between the chairs.

Dispatch - Okay. What theater are you in?

Kaylan - Uhhh… I don’t know. Number 9. I’m in number 9!

Dispatch - Okay do you see any officers near you?

Kaylan - No, there’s not. None.

Dispatch - Okay I need you to go to your cousin that’s not breathing and go by their side and kneel.

Kaylan - Okay.

Dispatch - Place your hand on the forehead and the fingertips of your other hand under the chin.

Kaylan - (Crying)

Dispatch - Press down his forehead and lift up under his chin until his head tilts back and the chin points up.

Kaylan - I can’t hear you, the movie is too loud!

Dispatch - Okay, I need you to look into his mouth. Do you see anything in his mouth?

Kaylan - Do I see anything on the ground?

Dispatch - I his mouth.

Kaylan - I’m sorry. I can’t hear you, I’m so sorry.

Dispatch - Okay, Mam. That’s okay. Can you (Inaudible) in his mouth and see if he’s breathing?

Kaylan - No. She’s not. I already said that she’s not.

Dispatch - Okay, you said he’s not moving and he is not breathing, correct?

Kaylan - This is correct.

Dispatch - Okay, we need to start chest compressions. I’m going to walk you through the steps, are you ready?

Kaylan - What?

Dispatch - We need you to start chest compressions, I will walk you through the steps. We need to start CPR.

Kaylan - (Crying) I can’t hear you!

Dispatch - Mam, we need to start CPR.

Kaylan - But I can’t…

Dispatch - I can tell you how to do it, okay? I’m going to walk you through the steps.

Kaylan - What?

Dispatch - I’m going to walk you through the steps of CPR.

Kaylan - I can’t hear you.

Dispatch - Okay, is there an officer next to you?

Kaylan - (Crying)

Dispatch - Mam, can you hear me?

Kaylan - Yes.

Dispatch - We need to start CPR on your cousin, okay?

Kaylan - I can’t hear you. (Crying)

Dispatch - I can tell you how to perform the CPR but I need you to listen, okay?

Kaylan - Uh huh. (Crying)

*Voice in background* (Is somebody there?) *Inaudible sounds*

Dispatch - Mam?… Mam? Can you hear me, Mam?

*Inaudible sounds*

Dispatch - I have help on the way but I need you to listen to me, okay?

Kaylan - Okay. (Inaudible)

Dispatch - Kneel next to your cousin (Inaudible) that is not breathing.

Kaylan - (Inaudible)

Dispatch - Mam?

Kaylan - (Inaudible)

Dispatch - Mam?

Kaylan - (Inaudible) Hello? Yes?

Dispatch - I need you to start CPR on your cousin, can you hear me?

Kaylan - I can’t… (Inaudible)

Dispatch - I will walk you through how to perform CPR.

Kaylan - (Inaudible)

Dispatch - Mam, I cannot hear you.

Kaylan - (Inaudible)

Dispatch - Hello, Mam?

Kaylan - (Inaudible) You don’t understand. We need help!

Dispatch - I understand that and I need… I need your cousin that is shot and not breathing… We need to perform CPR on him.

Kaylan - Yeah I don’t know how (Inaudible) I never tried it.

Dispatch - I cannot hear you, Mam.

Kaylan - I’m sorry. (Inaudible) police here. The police are here.

Dispatch - The police are with you?

Kaylan - Yes.

Dispatch - Okay, go with the police.

Kaylan - Okay, thank you. Good bye.

Miami Cannibal - 911 call


On May 26, 2012, a naked Rudy Eugene attacked and gruesomely maimed homeless man, Ronald Poppo, underneath a Miami tram bridge. The footage (which can be found here) shows Eugene beating Poppo unconscious before removing his pants and chewing the flesh off most of his face. The gruesome attacked ended when Eugene was fatally shot by Miami Police officer, Jose Ramirez, after failing to follow commands. It was highly speculated Eugene was under the influence of ‘Bath Salts’ but toxicology reports were only able to identify traces of Marijuana in Eugene’s system. 

Poppo was admitted to Jackson Memorial Hospital in a critical condition with approximately 75% - 80% of his face missing in which he received numerous surgeries to reconstruct his face . The attack has since left Poppo permanently blind and disfigured. Poppo now resides in a long-term medical facility where he enjoys playing the guitar and listening to the radio. He has since learned how to dress and feed himself, shower and shave after working with an occupational therapist. Poppo also had this message in regards to the overwhelming support he received. 

Ronald Poppo, before and after the grisly attack.


Yuri on Ice “With a WISH” Tuxedo Collaboration ★ Yuri Plisetsky
↳ See also: I’m dying and have ascended to a new atmosphere

  • <p> <b>Keith:</b> I'm not leading this fucking group without Shiro y'all can suck my dick if someone attacks you call 911 not my business lmao what is a voltron<p/><b>Lance:</b> Lead Voltron<p/><b>Keith:</b> Leading Voltron😳😮😲 me🙈🙊? Of course😍😍💯red🔴lion🐯?😩Don't know her😣😣we have to🤔believe👼🕊in ourselves😤✋👊that black⚫lion🐯better be👌🅱oneless👏👏<p/></p>

Transcript of the 911 Call made by Joseph Parker 2 days after he had shot his wife, Samantha Parker, and left her for dead. 

November 7th of 2014, Joseph Parker from Springfield, Tennessee, called 911 at about 2:45am on a Friday morning and told authorities that he had shot his wife and upon checking on her 2 days later discovered she was still alive.

Dispatch - 911 what is the location of your emergency?

Joseph - Yeah, 2-4-6 Clydesdale Lane.

Dispatch - Can you spell it for me?

Joseph - C-L-Y-D-E-S-D-A-L-E

Dispatch - You’re in Springfield?

Joseph - Yes, Springfield Tennessee, it’s right out by Oakland Farms.

Dispatch - Okay, what’s going on?

Joseph - Alright this is what’s happened. Uhh, we’ve been married 12 years. On… On the 4th which would have been 2 nights ago at 4am, umm… I shot my wife, in the temple of her head. I thought I’d killed her and uhh, I put her in the freezer, out in the garage.
I checked on her tonight and she’s not dead. Uhh, she’s umm… Got a big hole in the temple of her head and umm… Uhh, to get her body moved around in there I think I broke her wrist. You know, she was frozen from being in the, in the thing. She’s been in the thing for 48 hours now.
Uhh, this is no crank call, I need somebody to get out there and help her out. I’ve cleared the premises, I got away you know? I’m not gonna be there. Umm, but I promise you this is a legit call and I need somebody to get out there and help her cause I love… I still love her, it’s just hard, hard to believe that after that you know? But umm I need you to get somebody out there to help her.

Dispatch - Okay, what happened to cause you to do that?

Joseph - Umm… It’s a long story, don’t want to get into it just wanna get into getting somebody out there to help her. It’s… I left the front door open, I left all the lights on in the house… So it would be kinda easy to spot. It’s the last house on the right on Clydesdale Lane. Umm… But I left the front door open and she’s in the garage. You go through the kitchen to get in to the garage, you’ll see her once you get in the garage and she’s a mess. She can’t talk. I could get her to blink. Blink once means yes, blink twice means no and uhh… You know? Uhh… So I told her I’m going to go down the road 10 to 15 miles and I’m gonna call 911 and get you some help out here. I’ve… I’ve thought she’d been dead 2 days and when I checked on her she was still alive. She’s been frozen for 2 days. She’s frozen solid, it’s amazing she’s still alive. Umm… She’s got a big, a big hole in the temple of her head. I shot her with a 38 caliber hand gun and there’s a big hole in the temple of her head. I didn’t see an exit wound uhh…

Dispatch - What is her name?

Joseph - Samantha Parker.

Dispatch - Is she a white female?

Joseph - Yes.

Dispatch - Okay, how old is she?

Joseph - Uhh… 43 years old.

Dispatch - And how long ago did you leave there?

Joseph - Uhh… An hour ago.

Dispatch - And that’s the last time you saw her?

Joseph - Yes, that’s the last time I saw her.

Dispatch - And she’s still in the garage?

Joseph - Yes, she’s still in the garage. I made her as comfortable as I could make her. She tried to drink a little water. Uhh.. You know it’s been (Inaudible) leave her gone. She’s, she’s in bad shape. I really need somebody out there to help her.

Dispatch - And the address is 246 Clydesdale Lane?

Joseph - Yes, mam.

Dispatch - Okay, what is your name?

Joseph - Uhh… My name is Joe, I’ll just leave it at that, you know? I don’t wanna get arrested and all that so uhh… We don’t have a history of domestic disputes. You know, we never had to call the police or nothing, we just had a real bad night except for (Inaudible) the gun around uhh… Got myself in trouble so umm anyway, uhh I really need somebody to get out there and help her.

Dispatch - Okay, we’ll send somebody out there to her.

Joseph - Mam, it’s like urgent, you know? I mean I think she’s dying, you know? She’s got a a big hole in the temple… Where there temple of your head is, you know what I mean?

Dispatch - Right.

Joseph - Uhh, hopefully you know… I love her. I still love her so you know? I’ve loved her every day I’ve been married to her. We just had a rough stretch here and uhh… Anyway, checked on her and she’s still alive and I want… I want somebody to help her that knows what they’re doing. And I gotta say I (Inaudible) so…

Dispatch - Okay, we’ll send somebody out there.

Joseph - Aright. What was your first name?

Dispatch - I’m not gonna give you my name, Sir.

Joseph - Okay. That’s fine. Make a note on there that I left the front door open, and all the lights are on. And to go to the garage. She can’t yell for you, she cant yell, but if you go to the garage… That’s where you’ll see her, once you get to the garage.

Dispatch - Okay. We’ll send somebody out there.

Joseph - She needs you know, paramedics. She needs everything, she needs an ambulance you know, she needs… Trauma. She’s trauma. I mean she’s a trauma patient, she might need a helicopter umm… You know, so please get somebody to her.

Dispatch - Okay.

Joseph - Okay, thank you.

Dispatch - Thank you.

Joseph - Okay.

(Call ends)

*throughout the whole call Parker remains calm and collected and speaks in a matter of fact tone.*

You can listen to the 911 call here

When police arrived on the scene they found Samantha Parker dead in the garage. “She had been shot in the head and was partially dismembered and stuffed into a freezer.” 

Joseph Parker fled the scene before police arrived. After a short run from the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation and the U.S. Marshall’s Service, Parker was caught in a traffic stop near mile marker 12 on Interstate 65 in Kentucky where he pulled out a gun and shot himself inside his car and died instantly.

JonBenet Ramsey - Patsy Ramsey's 911 call
  • From www.statementanalysis.com/jonbenet-ramsey-murder/
  • 911: 911 Emergency.
  • PR: (Inaudible) police.
  • 911: What's going on...
  • PR: 755 Fifteenth Street
  • 911: What is going on there ma'am?
  • PR: We have a kidnapping. Hurry, please.
  • 911: Explain to me what is going on, ok?
  • PR: We have a, there's a note left and our daughter is gone.
  • 911: A note was left and your daughter is gone?
  • PR: Yes.
  • 911: How old is your daughter?
  • PR: She is six years old, she is blond... six years old.
  • 911: How long ago was this?
  • PR: I don't know. I just found a note and my daughter's missing.
  • 911: Does it say who took her?
  • PR: What?
  • 911: Does it say who took her?
  • PR: No, I don't know it's there... there is a ransom note here.
  • 911: It's a ransom note?
  • PR: It says S.B.T.C. Victory... please.
  • 911: Ok, what's your name? Are you...
  • PR: Patsy Ramsey... I am the mother. Oh my God. Please.
  • 911: I'm... Ok, I'm sending an officer over, ok?
  • PR: Please.
  • 911: Do you know how long she's been gone?
  • PR: No, I don't, please, we just got up and she's not here. Oh my God Please.
  • 911: Ok.
  • PR: Please send somebody.
  • 911: I am, honey.
  • PR: Please.
  • 911: Take a deep breath for me okay?
  • PR: Hurry, hurry, hurry.
  • 911: Patsy? Patsy? Patsy? Patsy? Patsy?
  • After Patsy terminated the call the line apparently stayed open. She may not have placed the phone properly in the cradle. The 911 operator thought she heard three faint voices in the background. Audio experts enhanced the recording to see if they could make out what was being said. They thought they may have heard John Ramsey say, "We're not talking to you." Patsy Ramsey say, "What did you do" and Burke Ramsey say, "What did you find?"
  • 911: What is going on there ma'am?
  • PR: We have a kidnapping. Hurry, please.
  • When the 911 operator asked Patsy Ramsey what was going o n she replied, "We have a kidnapping. Hurry, please." Notice that Patsy's plea for help lacks specifics. She does not tell the 911 operator who was kidnapped. We would expect her to say, "My daughter" or "Our daughter has been kidnapped." Most people do not want to lie and will avoid telling a lie. When people do decide to lie they will often not tell a direct lie. They will soften the lie. Saying, "My daughter has been kidnapped" may be a direct lie. Saying, "We have a kidnapping" may be a lie that lacks specifics.
  • The word "please" appears to be too polite. She does use it eight times in the 911 call. There is a chance she is not being polite but is using this word to add emphasis to the fact she needs help.
  • 911: Explain to me what is going on, ok?
  • PR: We have a, there's a note left and our daughter is gone.
  • At this point the 911 operator only knows there has been a kidnapping. She does not know who has been kidnapped. Therefore, she asked Patsy, "Explain to me what is going on, ok?" Patsy responded, "We have a, there's a note left and our daughter is gone." Patsy has an unfinished sentence; "We have a." It appears she was going to repeat what she told the 911 operator in her previous statement; "We have a kidnapping." However, this time she could not make that statement. Perhaps she could not lie twice.
  • She then said, "There's a note left." She referred to the three-page handwritten letter as a "note." Her use of the unique word "left" indicates she may have withheld some information. She could have avoided using this word by saying, "I found a note."
  • She finished this sentence by saying, "Our daughter is gone." Order is important. This sentence appears to be out-of-order. She first told the 911 operator about the note. Then she told her that their daughter was gone. The most important thing is that JonBenet is missing. That should have been the first thing she told the 911 operator.
  • Patsy said that their daughter was "gone." We will see how her personal dictionary plays out in regards to the word "gone."
  • This may be a truthful statement. There was a ransom note in the house and JonBenet was gone (deceased).
  • 911: How long ago was this?
  • PR: I don't know. I just found a note and my daughter's missing.
  • Some transcripts show the pronoun "I" is missing before the word "just." The missing "I" indicates a lack of commitment to the statement.
  • There are several ways you can use the word "just." The word "just" is often used to minimize things. If you walk into a restaurant by yourself, chances are the hostess will say to you, "Just one?" She is minimizing how many are in your party. When people minimize their actions using the word "just" it is an indication they may have done more than what they are telling you; "I just went to McDonalds and came home." There is a chance Patsy may be minimizing her actions that morning. However, she may also be minimizing time. By using the word "just" she is telling the 911 operator that her action of finding the ransom note was immediate.
  • She is consistent in using the word "note." However, she does change her language when she used the word "missing." Earlier she said, "Our daughter is gone." Now her daughter is "missing." Truthful people will usually use the same language. Something caused her to change her language. That something might be she is being deceptive. Then again, there may be a justification for the change in language. When she used the word "gone" she used the plural pronoun "our." When she used the word "missing" she used the singular pronoun "my." We can't read people's minds but we can recognize a change in language.
  • 911: Does it say who took her?
  • PR: What?
  • Answering a question with a question indicates the person was asked a sensitive question. It is often used as a stall tactic to allow the person to think about how he or she should answer the question. We do have to take into consideration that it is possible Patsy did not hear what the operator said.
  • 911: Does it say who took her?
  • PR: No, I don't know it's there... there is a ransom note here.
  • When asked if the note said who took JonBenet, Patsy said, "No, I don't know." In reality, the note said that a "foreign faction" signed by SBTC was responsible for JonBenet's disappearance. In her answer to the next question she will mention the SBTC.
  • Patsy had another change in language. She now calls it a "ransom note" and not a "note." As I look at this 911 call, I do not see a justification for the change in language. Therefore, it is an indication of deception.
  • 911: It's a ransom note?
  • PR: It says S.B.T.C. Victory... please.
  • The ransom note was signed "Victory! S.B.T.C." Patsy reverses the order and says, "S.B.T.C. Victory." If she had the ransom note in her hand while talking to the 911 operator, we would expect her to look at the ransom note and mention the signature in sequential order. If she did not have the ransom note in her hand and was relying on her memory from what she had read, that would be a reason for her to unknowingly reverse the order. It is possible she looked at the very last line in the ransom note, S.B.T.C., mentioned it and then look at the word Victory above it.
  • 911: Ok, what's your name? Are you...
  • PR: Patsy Ramsey... I am the mother. Oh my God. Please.
  • Notice that Patsy used the article "the" and not the pronoun "her." Saying, "I am her mother" makes it more personal. It shows ownership. Saying, "I am the mother" shows distance. If she knew JonBenet was dead, she may not have wanted to take ownership of a dead body.
  • 911: Do you know how long she's been gone?
  • PR: No, I don't, please, we just got up and she's not here. Oh my God Please.
  • Again she used the word "just." Is she minimizing her actions or is she minimizing time?
  • 911: Ok.
  • PR: Please send somebody.
  • The reason people call 911 is because they are seeking help either for themselves or for someone else. Most 911 calls begin with a plea for help; "I need an ambulance" or "Someone is breaking into my neighbor's send the police?" Patsy's plea for help appears towards the end of her call, "Please send somebody." She only asked for help after the 911 operator said to her, "I'm sending an officer over."
  • Towards the beginning of her 911 call, Patsy told the 911 operator, "We have a kidnapping. Hurry, please." Saying, "Hurry, please" insinuates the 911 operator should send the police to her residence. However, she does not specifically ask for the police. At the very beginning of her call, she did an inaudible statement, "(Inaudible) police." It is possible she said, "Send the police" or "I need the police."
  • There is one other odd thing with this 911 call and that is Patsy hung up the phone. The 911 operator is your lifeline. This is the person who is going to help you. They are going to send you help. They may get the word out to be on the lookout for a certain person or vehicle. You will want to stay on the phone with the 911 operator until help arrives. Once she reports the kidnapping, Patsy hangs up the phone.