911 call

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Dude CALL 911

“Right! Good idea!” Gumball got out his phone and did just that. “Hello, 911? Yes, there’s been another stabbing, my girlfriend this time. Thank you. We’ll wait right here.” 

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What if Jack was super allergic to dogs and he pretends that he isn't for like three months to preserve Gabriel's feelings but then the first time he goes to visit Gabriel's place his eyes immediately water and turn red, his throats is itchy, and he's sneezing up a storm

jack, hardly able to breathe, still petting gabe’s dog while gabe frantically calls 911: im fine… what a good dog… gabe i love him…

enchantedspoons replied to your post “How the heck do people write smut??? I can barely write about a…”

“And then she” *me the writter, redder than a glowing, 1000-degree knife* “Touches his hand” *Heart stops. I have just enough time to call 911 so they can rush me to emergency*

Okay this seems like an exaggeration but this is ACTUALLY me?? I can’t write anything even remotely romantic to save my life, I have to literally cover the screen so I can’t even read it


I was going to make this in story format but I liked the idea of a 911 call transcript more. And it’s a faster read so that’s a plus ;)

Btw I wrote “order class” when I meant order classification so don’t judge 

Wayne Harris 911 Call
Wayne Harris 911 Call

Wayne: My son is Eric Harris, and I’m afraid he might be involved in the Shooting at Columbine High School

Dispatcher: Involved how?

Wayne: Uh he’s a member of what they’re calling The Trench Coat Mafia 

Dispatcher: Have you spoken with your son today Mr Harris? 

Wayne: No I haven’t! Have they picked up anybody yet or..?

Dispatcher: Their still looking for suspects..Your son is with who, what gang?

Wayne: Well they’re calling them the Trench Coat Mafia.. I just heard that term on TV


Charleston Church Shooting 911 call by Jennifer Pinckney