911 call


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  1. Would you like the list alphabetically or numerically? 
  2. While extreme vitriol is indeed how “The Internet” tends to express its love, given the fact that that person did unfollow after replying, Imma go with they meant it. (But now they’re following again, so LIFE IS UPSIDE DOWN.)
  3. Apparently?
  4. If every Tumblr using a person’s name is actually that person, imagine how many Tom Hiddleston & Benedict Cumberbatch fans are now ecstatic; there must be an island of clones out there, just blogging away.
  5. Hey now. Clipping. may not use first person pronouns, but if Daveed sincerely started saying shit like, “well, the Clipping. show I went to…” and “I had the extreme pleasure of seeing Daveed in The 24 Hour Plays,” I’d be extremely concerned for that boy’s sanity. Call 911; Diggs is overworked and needs some “alone” time in a “meditation room”… 
  6. It literally says “Appreciation blog” on the Home page. So. I got nothin’.
  7. Hilarious or….terrifying? *weighs on hands*
  8. Well, thank you; that’s kind.
  9. To be fair, I kept deleting a lot before hitting post. I tend to get bitingly snarky when incredulous. Whoops.
  11. *waves hand* Sure thing, have at it, imagine away. While we’re at it, Imma pretend real hard that I have his abs. *mentally focuses on manifesting an 8-pack* *pokes stomach* Nope. Didn’t work. P.S. I’m also James Buchanan Barnes and a fire-breathing dragon that lives on a lush, green mountain located at the top of The Rainbow Of Dreams.
this isn't a poem but it's heavy on my heart

guys a year ago tomorrow I’d decided to kill myself and I spent three weeks in a drinking and drug frenzy at my university before finally over dosing one night and spending two weeks in a hospital and I’m not totally better yet and the memories of everything that have happened are still settling around me but oh my god, I’m glad I’m stayed. I’m glad someone found me. I’m glad someone knew how to put pressure on wounds. I’m glad someone called 911. I’m glad I’m alive. I’m glad I get to be here. I’m glad I got the treatment I needed: and it isn’t over but oh my god, I’m on my way. I’m on my way. I know I’ve handled a lot of what happened poorly but my god, I’m out of a bad situation, I’m safe, I am loved and loving. And it’s been said a thousand times and I can’t say it any louder or any different but I can say it again: please hold on. Please hold on. Someone you might not even know yet needs you. I need you. I’m glad I’m alive and I’m glad you’re alive too, and I am sorry that this is sappy and cliche but I don’t care. I love you all. Hold on, be still. We’re okay friends, we’re okay.

I hate when ppl are like “im sick of america victimizing themselves when they have it so good and are causing wars elsewhere” like bitch who has it good?? Whos causing wars?? White america has it good. White america is safe and white america is causing wars. Black america is so reliably killed by police that black teens have written suicide notes and then called 911. Mexican/latinx america is in danger of being deported and sometimes theyre legal immigrants or not immigrants at all. Muslim america faces terrorism from people on the street. Native america is being villified, attacked, and left to die because theyre protecting their drinking water. Its not even just race, too. Gay america faces the possibly of hospitals being allowed to turn them away or refuse to treat. Mentally ill america is largely ignored and stigmatized. Like? Don’t say all of america has it good. I have no doubt a lot of aspects of this country are revolutionary, but dont claim all of our citizens live in a safe haven. It’s white america who’s safe and free and making laws. Its straight america who’s safe and free and making laws. Don’t act like you know the ins and outs of this country’s treatment of its citizens if you dont live here to see it.

Wayne Harris 911 Call
  • Wayne Harris 911 Call

Wayne: My son is Eric Harris, and I’m afraid he might be involved in the Shooting at Columbine High School

Dispatcher: Involved how?

Wayne: Uh he’s a member of what they’re calling The Trench Coat Mafia 

Dispatcher: Have you spoken with your son today Mr Harris? 

Wayne: No I haven’t! Have they picked up anybody yet or..?

Dispatcher: Their still looking for suspects..Your son is with who, what gang?

Wayne: Well they’re calling them the Trench Coat Mafia.. I just heard that term on TV

911 Call
  • Operator: “okay, what’s your name?”
  • Justin: Justin…
  • Operator: Justin…?
  • Justin: hmm… Johnson.
  • Operator: “okay, what’s your phone number?”
  • Justin: “I don’t really know”
  • ....
  • Operator: And what car are you in Justin?
  • Justin: A Fisker. F-i-s-k-e-r
  • Operator: What does a fisker look like?
  • Justin: Umm.... a fisker.