911 (930)

Story time! The story of the Blackbird is one of my favorite automotive stories, i’ll talk about it for a little bit but correct me if i’m wrong on some info. Alright the basis. back in the day the Mid Night Club’s head, who was also the fastest member, always took racing seriously. He was a practicing surgeon and always kept his serious demeanor everywhere he went. His car, now known as the Yoshida Specials 930, was originally black and his skill behind the wheel and ability to fearlessly speed through the expressway earned him the title “Blackbird”. From here is where the manga Wangan Midnight was inspired, the ongoing rivalry between the 911 Turbo and the ABR Hosoki S130 rattled the wangan’s late nights with them going head to head in top speed battles. The impressive thing is night after night these machines stayed at top speeds reaching 350 km/h for atleast 15 minutes at a time without overheating or breaking down. The black 930 and red Devil Z’s rivalry lasted for years but this is where the Yoshida Specials 930′s story ends along with the Mid Night Club (which is a tale of it’s own that can have an essay of it’s own). It’s legacy and story of the Blackbird continues in spirit with the vehicle used in the Wangan Midnight movie. The manga was heavily based on the real world men that drove these cars, down to their professions. As the Porsche was upgraded and tuned to match the specifics of the manga’s vision of the 930, the owner found it too difficult to drive when he got it back. The immense power radiating from it scared him so he ended up selling the car to a friend who continued upgrading it. It was torn apart to now recreate the final version of the Blackbird from the manga. Now with a tube frame and racing aerodynamics, it was fitted with one last thing. The turbocharger from Aryton Senna’s winning McLaren MP4/4 F1 race car. The turbo doesn’t even kick in at it’s maximum output since the Honda engine in the MP4/4 had an obvious higher redline. But this 930 is built with top speed in mind. The owner’s final goal is to achieve 400 km/h on the wangan with this set up. While it’s not the original Blackbird. the spirit of it continues in this car as it one day will stalk the expressways again to dust off and sit back on it’s throne as the fastest on the C1 loop.