I love you, like a lot.

hi im actually posting again! im obsessed w college exo and since baek is my bias… here we go. (p.s how cute is that gif i love my baby in glasses hes so cute!!!!!!!) also i set this in winter bc i love snow and its romantic ok, seasons don’t own our creative writing <3

plot: a cute date night thingy where he kinda proposes 

words: 910

I quickly shoved my text book and notes into my bag, zipped it and slung it over my shoulder. I let a sigh of relief leave my lips as I left the lecture room. A smile creeped onto my face as I remembered Baekhyun was taking me on a date this evening. When I got outside, the chilled wind caught me off guard and I shivered, tossing my scarf around my neck and pulling it up over my chin. 

On a bench sitting in the snow was my beloved boyfriend, Byun Baekhyun. He gave me a small wave and got up. 

“Hey, how was Art History?” He wrapped an arm around my shoulder and pecked my lips. His brown hair peeked out of his blue college beanie and his tortoise shell glasses adorned his features. I wanted to grab his face and squeeze his cheeks and tell him how much I loved him but I decided a quick kiss to the cheek would be more suited. 

“Not too bad, we didn’t do much. How was your day?” I smiled up at him. He grabbed my hand and we began to walk off campus. 

“I worked on an essay for my Graphic Design class but it’s hard to concentrate when you’re on my mind all day.” He gave me a cheeky smile and I giggled and gave him a playful nudge. The snow crunched under our feet as we made our way to a quaint road with a small café and a few shops. However Baekhyun had other ideas and lead me into a brightly coloured ice cream shop.

“Are you crazy? It’s snowing outside!” I held onto the sleeve of his tan coloured coat as we headed inside. 

“There’s never a bad time to eat ice cream, honey.” He flashed me a smile and we ordered our desired flavours and sat down at the cutely decorated tables. The waitress bought over our ice creams and gave us an ‘you two are crazy’ look. 

“Do you wanna know something?” Baek spoke with a mouth full of his chocolate ice cream. I hummed back and spooned my freezing cold mint choc chip ice cream into my mouth. “You’re really beautiful, especially when you’re eating the best food of all time.” I blushed and tried to hide my smile. 

“Thanks. You’re pretty handsome yourself.” I shrugged and finished up my ice cream. We talked for a while longer, ordered coffee and then when we were both done we headed back to the dorms to watch movies and cuddle.

“What d’you wanna watch?” He held up two DVD’s, one which read ‘Star Wars’ which I immediately dismissed and the other which read ‘Jurassic Park’.

“Jurassic Park, but only because it has Chris Pratt in it.” He gave me evil eyes before throwing Jurassic Park to the side and putting the Star Wars disc into my laptop. I threw on a t-shirt and some pyjamas and Baekhyun did the same.

“You’re such a baby.” I poked his butt as he rolled into my bed. He pouted as I slipped in next to him. I pressed my lips to his forehead and he giggled. He actually is a baby. I snuggled into his side and he wrapped his arms around me. I drifted off into a light sleep, waking every time Baek had a reaction to the movie. When the movie ended I slipped out of bed and made us some hot chocolate.

“You have whipped cream right? And marshmallows?” He watched me attentively like a puppy. 

“Baek we just ate ice cream, you’ll feel sick.” He whined and pouted, I playfully rolled my eyes and reached into the storage box filled with snacks and pulled out some mini marshmallows and popped a few into his drink. I handed it to him and got back under the covers.

“Hey honey?” He wrapped one arm around my shoulder and pulled me closer to him. I rested my head on him and he planted a kiss on the crown of my head, leaving his lips their for a few seconds. “You know I love you right? Like a lot. Like I’m really in love with you.” He rambled for a second.

“Of course, and I love you too, like really a lot.” I smiled and sipped on my hot chocolate. 

“Good. Because I’ve been thinking a lot about our future and what’s gonna happen after we’ve finished college. And I kinda like, wanna marry you.” He rushed the end, clearly nervous.

“Byun Baekhyun, you really are crazy. But I love your craziness, and I love you and I would be honoured to marry such a crazy person. So I wanna marry you too.” I smiled so big that you could probably see it from a mile away and buried my head into the crook of his neck. He wrapped his arms around me and squeezed me so tightly I could barely breathe. 

We eventually both drifted off into a deep sleep, wrapped in each others arms. I awoke in the morning with Baekhyun’s arms still wrapped tightly around my frame. I gently lifted them off and slipped out of bed. I grabbed my shower caddy and kissed his forehead, admiring his beauty for a second and then going to shower. 

I felt as if a new me had been born, an even happier me, who was so crazily in love with a crazy cute idiot called Byun Baekhyun. 

Aftershock (Jumin x MC)

ZombieApcoalypse!AU: As the day comes to an end, you find a rare moment of understanding. 

Word Count: 910

I just wanted to apologize for the late uploads lately! I’ve been extremely busy, thank you guys for understanding! Have a lovely day and enjoy!

This is an ongoing storyline, if you haven’t already, I highly suggest reading the previous parts before reading this

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The day had been silent. 

Hardly a word had been spoken, everyone in a simple quiet thought, the only sound being the distant one of the shower that went on through the halls. 

And eventually, that stopped as well. 

Jumin would occasionally hum things to you, his arms ribboned around you softly, Elizabeth 3rd eventually crawling out from the bag, curling up in your lap, emanating a gentle purr. 

Zen had moved as far as he possibly could from Elizabeth, huddled in the dining room of the kitchen, Jahee having made a cup of tea, pacing lightly between the two rooms. 

“What’re we going to do…?” You asked, sinking against him lightly.

“What do you mean?” He questioned, glancing at you.

“When…when this is over.” You explained. “Where will we go? What’re we going to do…?”

“We’ll find someplace safe,” He assured you, pressing a light kiss to your temple. “And we’ll build ourselves a place where we can truly live.” 

“Do you think we can even really do that?” You felt yourself weakening in your hope, letting out a deep breath. “How..how could we even do that?”

“We’ll find it, darling,” He cooed. “No matter how long it takes.” 

“I hope…” 

“We will.” 

“What about now?” You looked up to face him, folding your lips. “What do we do now?”

He hesitated. 

“I…I wish I knew how to make it all okay love.” He admitted. “To make it all okay and ease away the pain but all I…I can’t.” 

“I don’t expect anyone to be able to take it away…” You murmured. “But-b-but…”

You let out a faint huff, exhaustion lining your body.

You felt almost hollow.

Nearly empty. 

The only thing remaining to be a fond warmth, a sort of hope and happiness that came from your husband.

He was your lantern in the darkness. 

“No one is faulting you for what you did,” He told you. “This will pass. As much as it doesn’t seem so, it will my dear.” 

You took in a sharp breath, a shiver rushing down your back before you leaned closer to him, your head burying in the crook of his neck.

You hadn’t responded, yet Jumin seemed to know, holding you tighter, his fingers weaving through your hair, soothing you until you drifted off.

Yet when you woke, it was far different. 

Jumin had long since followed, his body tipping against your own, soft breaths slipping from him.

Elizabeth roamed aimlessly, kneading against the sofa cushions, utterly amazed by the new environment. 

Zen and Jahee had passed out as well, Elizabeth’s fur now drenching Jahee’s clothes, Zen himself curled up in a tight ball, recoiled back as far away from the cat as possible.

Yet the most peculiar thing was what you least expected.


He was making his way out of the house, a fragmented smile tugging at his lips as he saw Elizabeth, giving her a small wave, a shovel clamped in his other hand. 

The moment you caught sight of the shovel you knew.

You watched as he left the building, the door shutting behind him with a faint click.

And soon, you followed.

You rose to your feet, having to delicately move your husband’s arms away, his expression flinching and contorting confusedly before you pressed a kiss to his nose, your palm holding his cheek.

You eventually went after your friend, opening and shutting the door as timidly as possible, the tips of your feet drifting against the ground.

You listened as he shuffled along the ground, his figure approaching what was once his brother, lifting him up and carrying him further up, his features engraved with a sadness more obvious than you thought possible. 

And it only worsened as he began to dig.

He was muttering things to himself, shaking his head, his grip only hardening with an odd anger and frustration, almost smashing into the ground as he tore it up.

Yet as he came to managing his brother he immediately shifted.

He moved his body into the mound, pulling out what looked to be a small photograph, placing it in the brother’s hands, a hint of a smile on his face.

But as he came to cover it, he began to crumble, apologizing and whimpering as he could hardly carry himself.

And despite everything, you stepped in.

You came to him slowly, without speaking a single word, simply setting a hand on his shoulder.

And he shattered.

He broke out into horrid sobs, clinging onto you as he broke down, trembling with the despair flooding out. 

You wrapped around him, hugging him, attempting to calm him down, holding him as a parent may soothe a child. 

And throughout your calming assurances, you heard him muster a few crackled words, holding onto you as if he was dangling.

And in a sense he was. 

But his voice gave hints of a better future.

Perhaps not immediately, but one nonetheless.

“T-Thank you…MC…t-thank you.”