Rather than dwelling upon things I can’t change, I’d rather develop the good things about me. So my dream isn’t to become the “best”, it’s to be someone who I’m not ashamed to be.

91.09.23 | Happy Birthday Kim Kibum!♡

“Key hyung is good at dancing, rapping, and singing.” – Lee Taemin

"Right from when we were trainess until now, the one who sings really well, dances superbly, gets angry only when it’s an occasion to be angry about, makes people feel that ‘this guy is really amazing!’ that person is Key.” – Kim Jonghyun

Happy 22nd (internationally 21st) birthday to SHINee's 만능열쇠 (Almighty) Kim Kibum "Key”.

Dear Key,

You’re all grown up now. You’ve been through thick and think, and you still smile your brightest smile. You have been a guiding light in my life even though we walk completely different paths. 

All your hard work and dedication shines through everything you do. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Don’t let society blur your vision of yourself, because you are one of the few in which I admire. You are the one who stands out in the crowd and it’s not because of your fashion or your weight or the fact the you are an idol. It’s because of your heart and soul. Your personality and your talent. It’s because you are who you are. Someone I am proud of. Someone you should be proud of. 

I love you Kibum, that will never change. You changed my life too much for that to happen.

God bless and happy birthday. I hope all your wishes come true and then some.


910923 ❤ Happy Birthday to the most amazing person to ever step on this Earth, our almighty, Mr Kim Kibum. Sweetheart, you are such a huge inspiration in my life and I’m so proud of everything you have achieved on the past years. You really are one of a kind and I wish you all the happiness and the success in the World. I can’t believe how fast you grew and it feels like it was yesterday that I found out about you and fell in love with everything that you are. I love how kind and sweet you actually are, I admire you so much, how you always stand up for what you believe in and how strong you are. You give me the strength to wake up and face every day, and for that, thank you. I owe you so much more than I could ever repay. And, baby, you are so talented, and so so beautiful. You are the best idol I could possibly imagine and I’m so happy to have the privilege of stanning someone like you. I love you so much!


i honestly would like to thank mr. and mrs. kim so much for blessing us with the perfection that is kim kibum.

kim kibum, i don’t know if you know this, but you truly are without fault. you’re almighty key (the triple-threat of shinee), a language master, fashion icon, the best “appa”, the missing member of every girl group, the “umma” of shinee, but most of all, you’re just kim kibum, the guy who’s not afraid to speak his mind and be himself. you truly are an inspiration.

happy 22nd (internationally 21st) birthday ♥