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Since you lost your vision, he’s been anxiously sitting there the whole time…..

How can I make up for it…..Fuzzy?

I guess I’ll play ball with you!

The signs as 2016 anime
  • Aries: Boku no Hero Academia
  • Taurus: Tales of Zestiria the X
  • Gemini: 91 Days
  • Cancer: Watashi ga Motete Dousunda
  • Leo: Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu
  • Virgo: Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu
  • Libra: Yuri!!! On Ice
  • Scorpio: Erased
  • Sagittarius: Orange
  • Capricorn: Koutetsujou no Kabaneri
  • Aquarius: Bungou Stray Dogs
  • Pisces: Ajin
AU: Athlete Shawn

Note: Sorry for not posting yesterday. I’m finally home so yesterday was a lot of family time and food. But here is my apology: a really long imagine about Shawn as a basketball player at a University. It is definitely in the top five of any imagines I’ve ever written. I hope you enjoy it as much I’ve enjoyed writing it. 



It feels like the entire gymnasium is holding their breath. Looking up to the scoreboard, you see it, the score. It’s the same as it was when you checked a second ago, and a second before that, somehow hoping that if you kept looking that maybe it would change, but it hasn’t. Home: 89 Visitor: 91 with 3.1 seconds left on the clock. Shawn steps up to the free throw line, his teammates patting him on the back encouragingly as everyone lines up in their spots. The entire crowd is standing, silently. The game was almost over. It looked like it was over. Shawn was just trying to do whatever he could to give his team a shot at a win, even though the chances weren’t looking so good. You were already preparing yourself for a loss, for the way that Shawn would run his hands through his hair and walk off the court dejectedly. For the way that you’d offer him a smile and a tell him he did well when you saw him later on that evening, to which he’d only shrug in response and then painstakingly go over everything he could have done better at every point in the game.

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anonymous asked:

Sorry to bother you but are there any differences (or added scenes) between the second half of 91 days and the second novel?

Sorry for the late reply! It’s not a bother at all. My memory’s quite hazy since it’s been a while since I read the second novel, but in short: there are obviously no major plot changes, though the novel does (as the first did) flesh out a lot of important scenes, mainly in relation to Avilio’s thought processes. I’ve put a couple of points I thought were important below edit A WHOLE ESSAY HAHA but I did skip a bunch of parts

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miyuki kazuya is amazing - and here’s why

so we all know that all the characters in daiya no ace has evolved and kind of developed a lot since the first few episodes till now as the third years step down. one of the characters at least personally i loved their development the most was miyuki. 

he isn’t just the laughing, cheeky little twat that all of us have grown to love/hate. his character is a lot more third dimensional than you think. lets start from the beginning. he was just a first year catcher on the first string when we first met him in seido when eijun comes to look at seido. he offers to catch for eijun after eijun challenged azuma. 

to be honest from this point i kinda took a liking to miyuki. probably right after he convinced eijun that they were partners. I have extreme problems okay every single anime i watch i seem to like the twat like guy the most so stfu about my preferences kay?

I’m going to split this up into 2 parts. physical and mental development. we will mainly focus on where the anime has caught up to, which is until episode 91. but there will some side details of some manga spoilers, so keep in mind. There are 2 factors which develops Miyuki the most, which is the captainship he is given and his past so if you don’t feel like crying for him yet, come back later

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#105: The Boys Hate His New Girlfriend


This is a following part from my breakup preference that was based on If You Don’t Know:

Preference 91: Song | 5 Seconds of Summer - If You Don’t Know


“This is so weird to watch.” Ashton said as he was fixing the tie that was wrapped around his neck, having Michael on his right side and Calum on his left. “You don’t say.” Cal said before taking a sip of the drink in his hand, his eyebrows furrowing as he watched Luke opening presents in front of a massive pile of birthday gifts, having Scarlett behind him with her arms wrapped around his waist. Luke’s 20th birthday party was a blast to say at least, but not for every single person in the celebration local Luke had rented for this day. Balloons were everywhere, his family and friends had suited up in nice smoking’s and dresses to celebrate this off. For some odd reasons though, the boys weren’t enjoying everything as they probably should have. “Who invited the ostrich?” Liz asked as she approached the boys from behind, small chuckles coming from the boys by Liz’s rather rude comment about her new daughter-in-law. “I believe that would be your son.” Michael said with a chuckle as he wrapped an arm around Liz which made her look up at him wide eyed. “That? That is not my son. My son wouldn’t have such a formal party like this. The amount of guests would be decreased and people would be joining the sun outside at the beach in bathing suits with beers and barbecues. That, my friend is Robert.” Liz slurred the last part, and it wasn’t only her words that were slurred but also the class of wine in her hand. “Did you know that the more expensive the wine is, the bigger is the percentage of alcohol?” “You don’t say.” Ashton laughed, Calum taking a small sniff to the wine. “Snobbish piece of gold-digger.” Liz mumbled to herself as she took another sip. “Now Liz, don’t you think you could use some more appropriate nicknames for your daughter-in-law and be nicer?” Cal asked but that didn’t seem to please Liz. “Nicer? This is the first time she meets me and the first thing she says is: It’s so nice to meet Luke’s grandmother!” Ashton, Calum and Michael’s jaws were at the point of touching their shiny leather shoes, surprised to say at least. “Nicer is the last thing I wanna be.” She said, looking over at Luke and Scarlett. “I even had a plan but it seemed to fail.” “What kind of plan?” Michael asked confused, Ash and Cal looking just as interested as him. Liz looked back at the boys before whispering “I invited Y/N.” “You did not.” Cal almost said in a fear, but Liz only nodded her head with a rather evil chuckle. “She was supposed to celebrate this with him wasn’t she? I know she even bought at present. Would be a waste to throw out.” Ashton and Calum looked at each other wide eyed while Michael looked around at the crowd in a hurry of trying to notice you. “She’s not here sadly.” Liz said in a more timid tone, both hands now holding around the glass of wine. She took a look back at Luke for the last time before looking back at the boys. “I think I’m gonna go try get myself more wasted than I probably already am. See you later boys.” Liz slurred with a last wave, disappearing into the crowd again and leaving the boys in thought. “Have you guys thought what would happen if Y/N actually shows up?” Michael asked with a small smirk, already putting his hand down in his pocket to wrap it around his phone in a tempting manor. “I think it would end pretty ugly.” Ash said, not wanting drama to happen. “It can’t be uglier than the sight in front of us right now.” Cal said in disagree, Michael and him sharing a small wink as they took a glance over at Luke and Scarlett for the last time in disgust.


“You know, eating pizza in the morning is far from healthy for a boy like you.” Michael looked up from the pizza box in front of him to stare at Alison, his head cocking, “I mean, when I was educating myself as a fitness coach, we studied calories in fast foods and pizza were one of the worst ones.” Michael let out a hum in response, not really listening and taking a piece of slice in his hand. Calum had been gone for too long now to go pick up donuts breakfast for him and Alison and it was getting on his nerves. “Fruits and cripsbread are much healthier and you’ll get much happier by some good breakfast.” Michael’s eyes flicked between the pizza slice in his hand and Alison, his mouth going into a straight line. “I’m not trying to be rude or anything.” She commented when she noticed how Michael had changed into an awkward silence, just looking down at his pizza slice now. “You’re not rude.” He said as he threw the pizza slice onto the box, standing up from his seat. “Just a fucking cruel hemorrhoid.” He mumbled as silently as he could so Alison wouldn’t hear before he pressed the button open to get out of the backseat area, and stumbling towards the kitchen of the tour bus. “What’s happening man?” Ashton almost laughed by Michael’s sudden attitude as he sat down in front of the curly lad, a growl escaping his lips as he almost threw the piece of pizza into his mouth, chewing rather loudly as he stared at Ashton. “You know, pizza makes me happy?” Ashton nodded his head confused by Michael’s sudden exclaim, nodding for him to continue. “I want to enjoy my pizza without having facts about the massive amount of calories into my face. My life, my love, MY PIZZA!” “Michael, you’re yelling but I can see your concept. And I’m already concluding who this is about.” Ashton said, nodding his head towards the door that was now closed to the back area. “She even told me that if I keep on drinking alcohol, my body fat percentage will rise within months and I will be a chubby marshmallow.” Luke announced as he approached the boys from being at the front of the bus, but just as soon as he had heard their conversation, he wanted to join. “And she’s the one dating Calum.” Ash said in disbelief, shaking his head. “She was nice at first. But I guess everyone is that until you get to know their real self.” He added which made Luke nod, “Fun thing that Calum hasn’t noticed that yet.” “Blinded by love Luke. That’s what it’s all about. Calum lost something and he needed to get it replaced as fast as possible.” Ash explained, “The desperation was real.” Michael said as he finished off his pizza, closing the now empty pizza box. “He never really explained to us what happened that night between him and-“ The sound of the tour bus door opening made all three boys shut their mouths in shock, staring towards the entrance where Calum was now visible, with a bag of donuts in his hand. “Am I missing something?” Calum asked confused with an awkward laugh, looking between the boys and noticing the weird tension just as soon as he had walked in through the door. “No, we’re just chatting.” Ash shrugged, Michael and Luke nodding which made Calum glance at them a bit confused, yet he shrugged it off before heading towards the end of the bus. “We have to do something. I don’t know what but we’ll have to figure something out.” Luke mumbled in a more quiet voice in a fear of Calum hearing, looking between Ashton and Michael and they both nodded their head furiously, totally agreeing on Luke.  


“Where’s Mikey?” Ash asked confused, placing his beer on the coffee table in front of him to grab the joystick Calum was reaching out for him to take. “He’s up in his room.” Luke mumbled too tired of it to even care. “Why?” Calum asked, looking up towards the stairs where both Luke and Michael’s room were. “Sindy is over.” Luke answered in a small grumble, his mouth in a straight line as he locked his phone to focus on Ash and Cal. “Since when, it’s a boys’ night!” Ash said in almost a whine, his back hitting the surface of the couch cushion behind him. “I have no idea, she practically lives here.” Luke said in an irritating tone, playing with his fingers as he spoke. It took Michael faster than expected to sell your apartment so he had nowhere else to stay at the moment and Luke had a room free that he could use. Everything had sounded like an awesome idea for Luke to get more time with Michael. But now with the crow here as well, it almost sounded better for Michael to move out again according to Luke. “He’s even been skipping recording sessions because of her.” Cal’s mouth felt down to his jaw by Luke’s information which made him stand up instantly ready to go up and confront the two of them. “Don’t.” Luke warned, grabbing Calum’s arm and pulling him down again to the couch, “You don’t wanna do that. I’ve tried for a month now, it doesn’t help Michael won’t listen. Besides, I don’t think you want to interrupt them doing sheet gymnastics.” Calum let out a noise of disgust by Luke’s words, crossing his arms and looking over at Ash who had the same face as him. “Her perfume is everywhere, she freaks out when I don’t put the toilet seat down or clean the bathroom after a shower, so help me god I haven’t even seen Michael down here for video game in weeks!” “Sounds tragic.” Ash said in disbelief, running his fingers through his hair. Both he and Calum had been talking about the weird behavior coming from Michael but they had shrugged it off thinking that it might only had been a phase. It clearly wasn’t. “I just can’t stand her anymore. Just the sight of her makes me want to punch myself in the face so I can go blind.” Luke was not holding back with his words now, just wanting all of them to come out to Ash and Cal who seemed to agree on him, nodding their heads along and Ash adding; “She’s just changing him into something he’s not.” Silence felt over the boys as they looked at each other lost. “I don’t even know what we can do about it.” Cal said after some while, looking over at the screen where the game was still on, but never even started. “I don’t even know how to tell him that I don’t want him as a roomie anymore. I don’t feel comfortable in my own freaking apartment.” Luke grumbled, his fingers now fiddling around the controller in his hands. “The fans don’t like her either.” Ash added which made Luke and Cal look over at him, “How do you know?” Luke asked which made Ash shrug his shoulders. “I can just feel it. You can’t go to Tumblr, Instagram or Twitter without seeing comments about that Sindy needs to get discarded.” Luke nodded his head along but Calum furrowed his eyebrows, “When does the fandom accept one of our girlfriends?” He asked with a chuckle in disbelief, but from Ashton’s point of view, it wasn’t a question of sarcasm. “When Michael was with Y/N.” By the mention of you both Cal and Luke looked over at Ashton with wide eyes, lost for words. “You’re right man.” Cal mumbled after some while, his eyebrows furrowing even more now in thought as he looked back up towards Michael’s room.


Calum’s fingers strummed down the strings of his bass as his eyes flicked between it and his notes in front of him, practicing off some recording session notes to catch up some time while he and the other boys were waiting for Ashton to arrive. “He doesn’t answer his phone.” John said as he came back into the room with an apologizing look, but to the boys it wasn’t a surprise. “He’s probably with Gabriella.” Michael snickered which made John look questionable. “For how long does they have to be today per each day? There’s something called work or at least a break.” Without another word being said, John left the recording room again to do some other business. “John is not tolerating Ashton’s shit anymore.” Luke chuckled as the door was now closed, taking a sip from the can in his hand. “None of us does.” Michael answered, looking up from his phone to look at Cal and Luke. “Why would we?” Cal said in a tiring voice, moving the bass away to sit better on the couch, moving his legs up to rest on the coffee table in front of him. “He has become the most lazy, unacceptable, none caring and absent bandmember to date. I can’t even recognize him over the phone anymore and that’s mainly because Gabriella is the one answering!” Cal exclaimed which made Luke and Michael nod in agreement. “He doesn’t even tweet anymore. The last tweet was from over a month ago. It’s not very professional of him.” Luke mumbled, as he had noticed the lack of attention from Ashton the past months. “I just don’t get it.” Michael sighed, shaking his head in disbelief. “Which part of it? The fact that brocade has been broken and Ashton has chosen his chick before his dicks?” Luke asked which made Michael shake his head. “Not only that. More likely why he was so desperate to find someone else after Y/N that he didn’t even see what he picked up from the street.” “Of course he was desperate, he couldn’t even get himself to leave Y/N, that was the main cause of their fuckbuddies relationship.” “THEY WERE WHAT?” Michael practically screamed which made Calum’s eyes go wide and Luke almost jumping 5 feet in the air by his sudden outburst. “You didn’t know?” Cal asked confused, looking over at Michael, “Hey, neither did I!” Luke exclaimed, drying off some of the soda that was around the corner of his mouth. “When I think about it, it wasn’t Ash who mentioned it to me, it was Y/N.” Cal said after thinking about it, scratching his chin still in thoughts. “You guys still talk?” Luke asked in disbelief, looking over at Calum and he nodded his head. “Texts here and there it isn’t much but we’re still in contact.” “Does she know about Gabriella?” Calum let out a small chuckle by Michael’s question and nodded his head, “Oh she does. It wasn’t me who mentioned it though, the media spoke for itself at that point. Her first comment when she saw it was ‘How the hell did he manage to find her, on a landfill or something?’” Luke and Michael started to laugh by your rather rude quote, the two of them giving a high-five to each other. “She still doesn’t get a fuck.” Luke said with a smile which made the other boys nod. “Have you considered inviting her for our pool party next week?” Michael asked after some while which made Calum smirk. “I haven’t thought about that. But to me it sounds like a brilliant idea.” “Couldn’t agree more.” Luke said with the exact same smirk as Calum, the boys looking at each other with wiggled eyebrows before Calum grabbed his phone to open his Facebook app.

Where her rivals either underperformed or cracked under the pressure, Ennis-Hill was by contrast relentlessly consistent - a solid 12.91 seconds in the 100m hurdles, an equal season’s best with 1.86m in the high jump, 13.73m in the shot put and 23.42secs in the 200m.

While several women have come back from childbirth to win distance-running titles, no multi-eventer has ever come back to win a world title.

—  BBC