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*winks* So...What is your snk OTP? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

I ship these two countries in Snk:

And the official ship name is Mid-East Allied Forces

Headcanons: The Middle Nation had rich oil resource while the Eastern Nation had advanced technology, yet they were both facing their greatest threat: the Big Bad Marley as he wanted to expand his territory and kept attacking the other countries. The Marleyans bullied those non-Eldians in the internment zones (*coughs* Easterners), thinking they were useless and forced them to leave Marley. 

The Middle Nation people rescued them and brought them to the Eastern Nation. And slowly the Middle Nation and the Eastern Nation became close friends (allies), thinking they must work together to deal with Marley, that they developed the Anti-Titan cannons in chapter 91 and other new weapons blah blah blah.

Perhaps in Snk 92 when the fortress soldiers are in danger, a group of air force or the navy will go to stop the Marleyan warriors—-or they do something to turn the tables on the Marleyans and forcing them to retreat.


That’s my Eren Jaeger Cosplay~ Sorry guys I don’t use tumblr very often so if you wanna se more updates go check out my instagram -> @juueger 

Thank you <3 

Potential Perks of the Time Skip

Ponytail!Levi, Goatee!Jean, but most importantly, Zackley having been deposed as Commander-in Chief. 

Imagine chapter 92 opening with Sasha violently hitting her head on the table while dive bombing for a piece of meat. She instantly gets a case of “Convenient Character Amnesia”. 

Just then Pixis walks by wearing all the trappings of the leader of the walled world. Sasha pauses mid-bite, looking confused. 

Connie notices. “Don’t you remember Sasha? Ohh! You must have a case of Convenient Character Amnesia! Let me tell you what’s happened during the last four years.”

“You see,  Zackley’s art exhibition upset basically everyone and caused the people to riot. He was Von Fersen’d in his carriage on his way home from the showing. It was ugly but thankfully, it ended quickly. And now we don’t need to waste anymore of the story on him! Pixis is in charge now.”

Sasha grabs another slice of ham and quickly regains all memories.

The end.

** from a conversation with @julystorms :D

A problem

The first time Andrew sees Neil, he thinks: this could be a problem. He thinks: threat. He thinks: warning. He thinks. 

Output: “I’m not a math problem.” 

He thinks: This boy is a problem that doesn’t add up. Or maybe Andrew isn’t as smart as he thought he was. 

He thinks: he’ll still solve him anyway

Partial answers. Half truths. Truth for truth. Truth=truth. Sunrise, Abram, Death. 

He thinks: “I am not your answer and you sure as fuck aren’t mine.” There’s a missing variable somewhere that they both lack. The answer can not possibly lie here.

He thinks: 90%. 91,92,93… This problem that keeps giving and these answers that keep changing

And suddenly the answer doesn’t fucking matter. Not when the problem itself is missing. Suddenly, he’s gone. And Andrew isn’t sure where to look for it.

He blinks and suddenly it’s there, just as it was. Waiting to be found. Hidden in the jumble of words and numbers and Thank you, you were amazing.

He thinks: 100. 

He doesn’t like the answer he gets. 

He hates it. 


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Snk 92 predictions

The Mid-East Union had secret weapons and turned some of the 800 Eldians into mindless pure titans.
The warrior children were shocked as they watched the titans devouring the Eldians and the Marleyan sergeants.
Up in the sky, the Marleyans ordered Zeke and Reiner to go to assist the Jaw Titan and Cartman Titan, yet after Zeke transformed into Beast Titan, he started to throw rocks and crushed all of the Marleyan planes and ran away.
The warrior children managed to escape the chaos, but suddenly a group of masked people appeared, said they were going to rescue the Eldians.
The young warriors were abducted to the East Sea Nation, where the Survey Corps—new allies of the Mid-East Union, were waiting for them.

Attack on Titan Chapter 91 Discussion !!! SPOILERS !!!



You are warned. Continue. 

The story begins at the place where a crying boy was found…….

I’d like to say, Hajime Isayama, congratulations. 91 chapters in and yet you’re able to smoothly introduce us to new characters and an entirely different setting. Everything is finally coming in place, and after the very pleasing chapter 90, where Armin finally saw the ocean, I do not feel like complaining about anything. 

To me, the new characters look like they have a link with the main protagonists. By example: Gabi. She seems to have as much strength both physically as mentally as Mikasa. She doesn’t mind giving her all and letting others count on her. But furthermore she has traces of Hanji’s craziness and Sasha’s looks. All the newly introduced side?characters have things in common with the youngsters who have fought inside the walls for so long. Some people will find that unoriginal, but I love that concept because it shows how on both sides of the ocean they are fighting, both humans and titans. I’d also like to mention that the artstyle has greatly improved over the months, years this manga has been going on. Just showing some appreciation. 

What do I expect for the next chapter? Well I think the point of view will go back to the brave soldiers who have “won” their battle so far. I’m expecting them to meet the new characters in the near future, but probably not immediatly. Also I’d like some more info on the situation with Ymir and Annie. Ymir has been mentioned in a letter before, but is she really dead? And yes, Annie is frozen, but can’t she just let it go and make sure it melts? (See what I did there?) 

I’d like to know your opinions on the latest chapter and your expectations for chapter 92, so let me know! 

I really do hope we will see the main cast next month.The fans are not as patient as Isayama thinks, I guess. XD


I assume the first pages will continue with Gaillard, Gabi and Falco, and they will put on end to the situation. After that I want to see a conversation between Reiner and Zeke (Reiner is on a plane, I don’t know whether Zeke is with him or not, but I just want any of them to talk about their current situation).

Ymir!!! Isayama you should better mention her or I will… :P *nothing*

ANNNNIIIIEEEE!!!! I hope she’s already out of the crystal and thanks to the information she provided they could have a better chance to prepare for the Marley’s attack (I don’t think it’s the other way around… Creating peace was already hard inside the walls,so bringing up the idea of attacking people on the other side would have lead to resistance, in my opinion. ) I guess Eren was one of the few who might had supported the idea of a direct attack, but there weren’t enough people who agreed with him. OR Isayama might surprise us and we’ll find out the navy of Paradis is one hell of a strong one, or something. XD

Some of our children are in a higher position by now. They have a lot of experience, so any recruits would respect and follow their orders, I’m sure about it.

What if Survey Corps isn’t existing anymore, but they created the Royal Army?

They definitely have infantry and navy, I’m unsure about air forces, but anything is possible.

I think we will see a bunch of new character in the SC (whatever it’s called now) as well.



I always considered Jean handsome, how does he look like now?

I imagine Sasha having such a short hair, she can’t even make a ponytail out of it. (she’ll be sooo cute… :3)

Connie is still not taller than Sasha. The same height maybe or an inch shorter, but he has muscles. ;) I can also imagine him having a mohawk. :D My imagination is wild, lol.

Levi with a ponytail XD What if he has a beard now? His bags are definitely bigger but aww I see a handsome ancient guy in front of me. XD

Eren and Armin to be taller than Mikasa!!! (Mikasa didn’t grow. A half an inch at most, elsewhere she’ll be as tall as Ymir or taller and I don’t want that…)

Historia to be to at least 2 inches taller. :D

All the girls are beautiful…

Mikasa has long hair again…

and so on… XD

The best show I saw of Green Day was at a punk picnic in Golden Gate Park. This was maybe in ‘91 or '92. They were maybe into their second song, and suddenly here came a whole bunch of cop cars, sirens, making their way over the meadow, and you knew they were gonna unplug us. Green Day didn’t miss a beat. They played harder and they played faster and they played better than ever. The whole crowd was watching the cops. But Green Day had their backs to them, didn’t know, didn’t care, whatever, playing their hearts out. I’ve never enjoyed a band more.
—  Matt Wobensmith

Frisk and Flowey, the determination duo, the perfect flower pals!! They avoided death!! And the pie! Most importantly the pie!! Frisk will put it in their inventory!

This is the last update for this weekend~ more next Saturday! ^^

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